Embarassed at the beach

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Every year my family has a reunion in Connecticut, we all go down to a picnic area that’s pretty close to a beach. One year when i was 14 we did just that, and me, my sister(17), and one of our female cousins (24) went down to the beach. The beach was quite crowded as usual but we decided to stay for a while. After about 2 or so hours it was getting to about dinner time so we figured we’d go for a quick swim and walk back to my uncles house since the picnic was over. The water was kinda cold but it was nice, but the waves were kinda high and rough. We went out at least 30 yards and one wave was too high and knocked me down under the water and my swim trunks came off! I got my head above water and tried to reach around for them, but nothing. I was too scared to tell my sister and my cousin, so we started to swim back and i was quickly trying to think of a way to get to a towel first but i remembered that we hadn’t brought any because we didn’t have a long walk back, it was only about a mile and a half. I finally called over to them and told them and they just started laughing and laughing. My cousin then said i could either get out now and “bare it all” or hope later that night some good Samaritan would give me something to wear. I wasn’t going to take my chances, i got out and shamefully covered up. We had things we needed to carry, like chairs and their purses; so of course they mad me carry the 2 chairs so there was no hope of me covering up, i argued and pleaded but they wouldn’t give in. We had to walk what felt like hours along the beach to leave and i got so many stairs from little kids, teenage girls and even old people! It was the worst day of my life, and i still had to walk a mile and a half just to face THE REST OF MY FAMILY. The cold water of the ocean and the cool summer winds did not help me look to well endowed either! We walked along the road for a few minutes and a truck pulls up, and its another one of my cousins! My sister hopped in the bed of the truck and as i took a step up i got nailed in the balls by my cousin causing me to crumple to the ground in agonizing pain! My sister then got back out and duct taped my hands behind my back and they drove off together. And there i was naked and unable to save myself from the embarrassment of passing cars seeing my penis and balls. I passed at least 5 people who were walking dogs who never even looked me in the face and just stared at my dick or gave me a look of empathy. But i did reach my uncles house and when i walked into the backyard i heard multiple laughs and roars of laughter, i even heard a camera click a few times! It was the most embarrassing ting that’s ever happened to me!