Saving my “drowning” brother

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I’m a girl of 18. This happened last year. It’s a long story leading up to an embarrassing moment for my kid brother, but wait for it.

Last summer, as well as this summer, I worked full time at the YMCA as a lifeguard. It’s a fun job where I meet lots of new friends. Anyway, they ask me to teach a lifesaving course for teens. I think it sounds like fun, so I say OK. There will be four sessions. Three in the pool, and one in a classroom teaching artificial resuscitation and CPR. Only for the pool I needed some help. Someone to play the role of a drowning victim. I choose my then 13 year old brother Danny. He’s small enough to handle, but is a strong enough swimmer that he can handle himself if something goes wrong.

So I ask for his help. First he plays his little game. He teases me by saying no. I beg while he gives me that cute smile of his. Then I lay the guilt trip on him by reminding him of all the things I do for him. He finally agrees to help telling me, “You knew I would say yes all the time.” Of course I did.

Now for my class. The ages were a greater range than I thought. Some had taken lifesaving before, but wanted a refresher so they can get pool jobs. Some wanted an introduction before taking a more complete course. Some I don’t know why they were there. The oldest was this girl who was 16. Then there were two 15 year old guys, a 14 year old girl, and three 13 year olds. Two were girls and one was a guy named Henry. Henry is not too smart. Remember that. It is important later on.

So the first session comes. Everyone lines up. Danny comes in last out of the locker room wearing a black speedo. I introduce him jokingly as our “test dummy.” The three younger girls all gush. One says, “Ohmygod! He’s gorgeous.” OK. I can see I am going to have a problem.

We begin at the shallow end of the pool. I demonstrate on Danny a hold which would allow them to control the drowning victim. I let each class member try it on their own. The three younger girls take the opportunity to rub their hands on Danny’s smooth bare chest. Danny is enjoying every minute of this. I tell the girls to stop playing around while silently praying that Danny goes not get aroused in that speedo. The girls only listen temporarily. It’s like this over the next two sessions as well. Even when we go down to the deep end, even when Danny puts up a fight (so we can practice saving a panicky victim), even when I have Danny swim down to the bottom and make the students go after him, the girls still flirt and can’t keep their hands off my brother!

Now we are coming to the embarrassing part. Danny won’t be needed for the final class. (The girls all asked for his phone number after class three!) The last class was in CPR and artificial resuscitation. For that we had this practice dummy. But when I got to the Y, the dummy was nowhere to be seen. I had no time to find it, and as far as I knew someone either stole it or threw it out. So I called Danny and told him to ride his bike down here at once. It was an emergency. This time no games. Danny could tell I was in a serious bind, and he never lets me down. So Danny was to be our living life saving dummy.

Danny laid on a table while I showed the class the proper way to perform mouth-to-mouth. I tilted his head back, pinched his nose, but just pretended to blow. I told everyone in the interest of health, not to make mouth-to-mouth contact with my brother. Most complied, but not the three younger girls. They all put their mouths on Danny’s giving what was more like deep kiss. I had enough and told them to take this seriously.

Now remember Henry, the dim witted 13 year old? He wasn’t exactly the star pupil to begin with. He saw what the girls had done, and figured he was supposed to do the same. He didn’t figure out why the girls were being scolded. So when Henry’s turn came, he put his mouth right on Danny’s!

Danny pushed Henry away, and began spitting and whipping his mouth. This was just too funny. Even I had to laugh. Danny got a kiss from a guy! And poor dumb Henry couldn’t figure out why everyone was laughing.

Well, it didn’t kill Danny. Those girls started coming over to our house a lot. Danny would hang with them. I was a bit concerned, but Danny assured me there was nothing to worry about. He wasn’t going to get involved with any of those three. He preferred a more serious girl for a girlfriend, and those three were just too silly. He said he was just hanging around with them for fun. I am not too sure I should not be worried.


Showering with a female classmate

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I see there are a few shower stories here.  Do you mind one more?

When I was a boy of 13, my family moved to a new town.  I had only a few friends, and there was not much to do of interest on a Saturday night.  I learned that the local YMCA was open Saturday evenings, and since I like to swim and few came by Saturday nights, I figured it would be a chance to get some serious swimming done.  So this one night I am there and the only other person is Jeff, a senior at my school who works as a life guard, and two old guys who came in just as I was leaving.  I got in two hours of swimming.

So I go back to the locker room, take off my trunks and go into the showers.  After five minutes, I hear a female voice say, “Mind if I join you?”  I turn around and see May, a girl from my school who is wearing nothing but a towel.  I am wearing nothing period.  I quickly cover my manhood with my hands.  “Don’t be so shy,” she says.  “I have three older brothers, so I know what boys look like.”  I ask what she is doing in the men’s showers.  She said she was playing tennis with a friend and got all sweaty.  She didn’t like to go home all dirty, and the women’s showers were out of service.  “I didn’t think there would be anyone here,” she said.  “So if you don’t mind. . . .”  Before I could say anything, she takes off her towel hangs it up, and walks naked into the shower taking the spot next to me.  “It’s OK if you look,” May said.  “Just don’t touch.”

She did ask me to wash her back, though.  And I started getting a boner, which I tried to hide.  May noticed and said she had seen her brothers’ hard ons as sell, so don’t worry.  I finished up quickly and went to get dressed.  I was ready to leave when May came by.  She had left her clothes in a locker nearby.  She asked if I had happened to ride my bike to the Y.  I said I did, and she asked me to stick around until she got dressed.  She didn’t like riding her bike home alone at night.  I said I would, and I watched as May once again removed her towel, dried off, and proceeded to put on first her panties and then her bra.  “This will be our secret, OK?,” May smiled at me.  I said OK.

I rode with May back to her home. She thanked me and gave me a little hug.  I wanted to ask if she went to the Y often, but chickened out.  It seemed she liked me, but I was shy at 13.  She did show up the next Saturday and joined me in the pool, but not in the showers.  The womens’ showers were working by then.

At the time it was a bit embarrassing and I was too shy to pursue it further.  But now it is a pleasant memory.  May was sure nice to look at.