Exposed completely naked in the street

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i had just came out a shower wen my mom pulled up and asked me to help her in with the grocery bags from the car , it was about 15:30hrs
so i says to hell with it i will just dash out with my towel around me, 2 secs it’ll take.So i goes out, gets to the car lifts about 3 bags in each hand and starts headin back towards the garden. When out of no-where, my 16 year old step sister runs up behind me whips my towel off runs passed me into the house and locks the door. It was quick as a flash and bcoz i had all the shoppin bags in my hands i cldnt do nothing about it. My mom seein wot had happened laughed and drove away somewhere. Then my sister and her two friends came out locked the door and put the keys thru the letterbox i had to wait another 1hr for my mom to return with my step sister and most of the residents of my street laughing at me