It was hilarious.

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Thankfully, it didn’t involve me but I was there to witness the humiliation.
So my co-worker was making out with a girl at his desk, who was not his girlfriend. It was getting pretty hot and heavy. Then, our boss and her husband walk in. He gets scared and introduce her as his girlfriend although we had all met his girlfriend and knew that she was not her. It was hilarious.


The Japanese CEO

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The Japanese CEO of my parent company was down(Bombay) and I vaguely remember his name having something to do with the saying ‘my home is your home’. So I confidently greeting him with a bright smile,”Good Morning Mr. Mikasa…”
Turns out his name was Tsukasa. The T is silent.
….. Unfortunately the ground refused to swallow me.


Caught masturbating at work… twice!

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Okay, so my last job was in this really small office.

The office was split into three rooms and I shared my room with two women, both in their early 40’s (I’m 25). These two women are insanely hot, too. Fitness freaks with very toned bodies with a tendency to wear low cut tops and tight trousers.

It had been quite a while since I had last gotten any, so I had really started to obsess a little over my colleagues. OK, a lot.

I guess it evolved over time, I had a corner-desk that shielded my lower half from view of anyone in the room, so it started with my just rubbing it through my trousers. That then turned into rubbing it through the pocket, to putting my hand inside, to eventually whipping it out and jerking it almost every day at work.

The biggest problem was that the longer I went without getting caught, the less cautious I got. I was even trying to push it, a little further.

If nobody was looking, I’d unzip and take it out while standing up, and then start beating off as I started to sit down. I’d even let out the occasional quiet moan, here or there.

Never get cocky. Okay, maybe just never beat off at work but also don’t get cocky.

How’d I get caught? Well, one of the women in the office went over to my desk to ask me a question. Normally I’d stop as soon as she got close enough to see my arm moving, but this happened just as I started to blow my load, and something like that is hard to stop.

She laughed a lot. A hell of a lot. She told the other woman in the office, and then I got questioned as to whether or not it was over the two of them. I admitted that it was, since it seemed like the least embarrassing part of all this.

They didn’t report me to any higher ups, but they ripped on me mercilessly. I took it and figured it was worth the humiliation to keep the job.

The other woman (not the one who caught me but the one who she told) used it quite a lot to blackmail me. I had to do her work for her, cover for her if she had to run out and take the blame for any of her fuck ups.

One day, she approached me and told me that I had done so much for her that I deserved to be cut a little slack. She took me into the office where both the women explained that they were okay with me wanking at work, as it gave them a confidence boost, on two conditions.

1. I had to do both their work for them
2. I had to tell them when I was about to

I actually didn’t do it, for the longest time. It felt kinda weird telling two people who I knew were going to rip on me that I was about to beat off. Plus, the extra workload would’ve killed me.

But of course I ended up buckling, after a night out where I came THIS close to getting laid, and failed spectacularly thanks to me utterly misjudging the strength of Sambuca.

I told them I was going to do it, and started beating off. They were laughing and calling me pathetic but I won’t lie, that didn’t really kill the mood.

I finished up and they ripped on me some more, then I was faced with the mammoth task of doing their work, too. BUT I kinda liked this, now.

The next day, I did it again. I told them I was gonna beat off, I got started and this time they didn’t really rip on me, they were laughing but that was it.

I was getting fairly close to orgasm when, all of a sudden, they rushed me.

One held me in place (not a difficult task as I am skinny and have no body strength to speak of) and wheeled my office chair from behind my desk. The other pulled out her iPhone and started filming me and my twitching, rock hard member.

They called me tiny, they ripped on me some more AAND then they posted the video to Facebook and tagged me in it.

I don’t know if there were any repercussions for the two of them, but I walked out of that job quicksharp.


Caught watching porn at work

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I share a cabin with a female colleague at office. Usually no one can see my computer screen and I watch porn when she is not around or if she was at her table and on any movement, I just brought my excel or other work related application to the top so that she could not see the browser.

One day, while I was working our boss called and I left forgetting to close the browser. This had happened a few times and i was sure that no one will even bother to go to my corner. This time when i returned I saw her sitting at my PC and I panicked and did not know what to do. She did not look at me and just asked about some report she was searching in my pc and i came around to my pc with sheer terror. I noticed that she had closed the browser and she had a naughty smile and asked why my fingers were trembling.

The next time i was going out of the cabin she calmly said “Hope you closed all your important work…..”


Mistletoe Mishap

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This happened during the Christmas season at my work. We had just had a sensitivity training seminar in which all coworkers were instructed to not do anything that might offend a member of the GLBT community. Anyway, one time while walking at work during this season, I had a lot of papers in my hand and I didn’t see that a mistletoe that had been put in an area that I had to frequently walk through. The one who “happened “ to be the one to point it out to me while being under it at the same time I walked under it was a gay guy at my work. He was gay and I wasn’t. He told me to pucker up for a kiss, but I said no. He said that he would report me for offending him if I didn’t, and so, since I didn’t want to get into a big hassle, I said okay. Since he was three inches taller than me, he grabbed his left arm around my neck and slightly dipped me while my hands were still full of the papers I was carrying. He then gave me a French kiss while he was holding me with his arm. He continued to dip me further down while kissing me and I ended up dropping the papers that I was holding and reached my arms around his upper torso neck area in order to pull myself back up. As I was doing so, with his right hand he grabbed my crotch area, but since I’m small down there, he ended up grabbing around until he found it. He then pulled me back up while I was still kissing him and we both felt from my crotch area that I had gotten aroused from the passionate kiss he had just given me. He then let go and said that he hoped we could bump into each other again under the mistletoe, but he had to get back to work. He just left me there, knowing I had gotten aroused by what he had just done.


Embarrassing Moments – Can you beat mine?

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I was running late for a meeting and ran into the bathroom really quick. Unzipped and started – I felt warmth on my thigh and noticed that the edge or my shirt (tucked in) was out my fly and I was grazing it with the stream. I had on khaki pants so it was more than obvious. I was the one who arranged the meeting and our CFO was there so I had to show – that was a pretty fun day.