Pantsing brings criminal charges

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This happened the summer I was 16. Me and my friends Alicia (age 17) and Millie (age 18) were all bored. There was a part near where I lived, and to show you how bored we girls were, we decided to go over there to see what was going on. We saw several kids there playing with no adults in sight.

Alicia says she had a great idea to have some fun. We pick some little boy and totally pants him exposing his butt and little thingy to everyone there. It would be fun to see how embarrassed the boys would be, plus the girls there would enjoy it. Millie was at first not so keen on the idea, but I said why not? So she went along.

We picked out one little boy about 9 or 10. I got his attention while Alicia went behind him and pulled his pants and underpants to the ground. Everyone laughed as the boy’s face went totally red trying to pull his pants back up. Millie suggested we do another one. Some of the boys tried to move away, but I caught one, and Alicia yanked his pants and undies down with the same result.

But we weren’t finished. One boy started to leave, but Millie pointed him out to us. (For someone not so keen on the idea of pantsing, she was really getting into it.) Millie blocked his way. The boy pleaded, “Please, not me!” This time Alicia grabbed and held him. He started screaming, “No! No! No!” But he was too little to fight back. I grabbed his shorts and undies and pulled them right off, then throwing them aside. The boy just stood there and cried as everyone watched. The little girls who witnessed all this laughed.

But then some lady butts in and yells at us, “What the hell are you doing?” She tries to comfort the boy. She asks for his pants, but no one knows where they are. So she takes off her jacket and wraps it around him asking where he lives.

Well, this lady was certainly a buzz kill. We girls had enough and left. But it was not over.

That night after dinner, two cops came by. One was a man and the other a woman. They wanted to talk to me. I was very uneasy about being questioned by the police in front of my parents, brother and sister. They asked me about the pantsings. I said we were only having some fun. “Do you realize you’ve confessed to child endangerment and sexual assault?,” the lady cop asked. My parents immediately said they did not want them to talk to me without an attorney. The man cop said I was a minor and different rules apply. He also said the mother of the crying boy was pressing charges. I was not arrested then, but my parents were told they would be notified if I had to appear in juvenile court.

The parents of the other two boys also decided to press charges as well, and me and Alicia got summons to juvenile court. Millie being 18 was an adult. She was arrested and faced trial in criminal court. Alicia and I got off lucky. The sexual assault charge was reduced to assault. We were found guilty on that and child endangerment, but we were given suspended sentences. The judge said if we got into any more trouble, we would go to wherever they put juvenile delinquents. If we did not get into any more trouble, when we are 21 we can have our records expunged.  Even so, with this on my record it did make it hard to get a summer job. I wanted a job working at a summer kids camp, but they checked into my background and said no. I ended up working as a cashier at a gas station. Shitty job that.

Millie got the worst of it. She really did not do much more than cheer us on, but she got locked up for 30 days and is now a registered sex offender. No shit! This is all true! Her life is screwed.

Anyway, until I turn 21 this is the greatest embarrassment of my life – having a juvenile criminal record just for having a little fun.


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