Two Boys

Galrabbed then stripped

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I’m a girl just so you know I’m a girl. This happened a couple of weeks ago I was dodderling after soccer training and every one had left I went in to go and get my bags. When I went into the change room and all of a sudden I was grabbed by two boys. They pulled off my clothes. I was humiliate naked in front of two guys. One of them pulled his hand of my mouth and I screamed. The only teacher left who heard me Was a male and he was 24. He came in and I felt anougher wave of embarrassment crash over me. A least he got the boys off of me. I was so embarrassed that I was crying and shaking. ThE teacher helpped me get my clothes on and sat with me for a while to make sure I was ok then he called my parents to come pick me up. That is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. I get really shy around that teacher and the two boys got expelled from school.


Embarrassing Family

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I am male this happend when i was 10, i went to my cousins house they were having a bbq, they have a nice yard a pool and my cousin is 16 and very hot, and my other cousins are two boys that are both 13, they dont have a fenced of yard. Ok so heres the story…..I went to the bbq there were about 20 people there are there neighbors were also having a party, after i went swimming my penis was very very shrunken, since it was hot i was walking around in only my trunks, one of my cousins that was 13 distracted me while the other ripped of my bathing suit and ran away i thought that i shoudnt chase him and i just stood there in shock…everyone started laughing and my hot cousin came over to get a closer look and she giggled and told me i had a tiny little baby penis, and after she laughed i got a raging boner and all her friends came to look to and the people having a party were like so happy….ill never forget this…and just to let everyone know when i was 10 i hadnt started puberty so i had no hair and a quarter inch dick, so after i came out of the pool you can imagine how small it had to be…


Tied and Naked

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This happened to me when I was about 15. We all used to hang out at lunch times round the back of the school canteen, at the edge of the school field. There were these two guys who used to go round trying to pants people and one day they got this boys trousers off and another time I heard that they’d got another guy’s trousers and boxers off at the bus stop. Well of course one day it was my turn. I was standing there with my friends, when suddenly the two boys came up behind me and grabbed my arms and legs and carried me over to a wall with a bit of plastic cord tied to a pipe on it. I struggled but they managed to tie me up with the cord. Unfortunately my struggles had attracted everyone’s attention so now they were all looking on and laughing. With my arms and legs now tied up, I was helpless as the two boys pulled my trousers down, revealing my briefs that I had on because all of my boxers were in the wash. I could feel my cheeks burning red as one of them shouted ‘Hey, look! Kurt wears briefs!’ and starting laughing, quickly joined by everyone else. But I knew the worse was still to come. ‘Who wants to see Kurt’s cock?’ he asked, as the other guy ripped off my briefs and threw them away. Then he lifted my shirt up so that everyone could get a better look at me. I must have been bright red by now, but of course that wasn’t what everyone was laughing about. I was so embarrassed, I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. The first guy then got his phone out and took a video of me tied up, my trousers round my ankles and my shirt completely open and twisted round the cord that they’d used to tie my wrists with. Other people then got there phones out as well and everyone was laughing at me and taking pictures and videos of me naked. It was the worse day of my life.


Locked out

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I’m 14 and my name is Ashely. I shared my bedroom with my sister Carol that was two years older than me. She used to laugh at me, because I had a crush on one of the two boys that lived in next door to us. Carol was always teasing me because I was to shy to talk to him. I used to see Carol talking to them threw the cyclone fence of our back yard. I had the feeling she was talking to them about me, just to make me feel bad. One saturday, my mom had gone to the supermarket and my Dad had already left for work. Carol caught me with a towell around myself cuming out of the shower and lure me to the back of our house to help her with the laundry bag. I din’t know she had just been out talking to these two boys and it was just an excuse to push me out into the back yard. I was so shocked when she dragged me out the door and saw the two neighbor boys standing in the fence. Before I could react, I was locked out on the yard completly naked with these boys looking at me. Carol was looking out the window laughing her head off while I was panicking trying to get back inside. She left me out there to them get a good look at me before letting me back in. I’ve never felt so naked and uterly embarrassed in my whole life. Just the thought that those boys saw me with nothing on, made me wish I was dead. It was the most humiliating moment ever and so embarrassing I kept it a secret from everyone.


you’re sitting on someone

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once I went to a fair and they had one of those blow up slides. there was a massive queue all the way up the stairs and I was at the bottom. and these two boys started pushing eachother at the top. then they both knocked down the person behind them and then it was a bit like dominoes until it got to me. there was this really fat person infront of me and she knocked me down onto the grass where she then sat on my head ! so my face was getting pushed into the soil but I could hear someone going “Jess you’re sitting on someone, get off her!”. I couldn’t breath and started screaming. when she got off me my face was covered in mud and grass. I looked pretty stupid all day!