Shaving with twin brother?

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This happened about 2 weeks ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, this one day in the middle of the summer it was burning hot out. it felt like 105 degrees outside. fortunately, we have a pool in our backyard. its a pretty big pool, perfect for a hot day. Let me give you a little backstory first. My name is Sam, and I’m a 14 year old guy. the only people in my family are me, my mom, and my twin brother, Jack. This week our mom was on a work trip, she wouldn’t be home for 2 more days. She said Jack and I can go swimming, but only if we were together, so we don’t die. when we got home from school, we agreed to go swimming right away. we took turns changing in the bathroom (we are both fit, but I am very self-conscious when it comes to nudity. we got in the pool and relaxed for a while. we got out later, and went on with our day. The next day, it was even HOTTER out. we wore tang-tops to school (we hate tang-tops, because they expose our new armpit hair, we don’t have much). Like every other day though, we did everything else normally. When we got home, we couldn’t wait. We didn’t even change in the bathroom, we just ran for our bathing suits and brought them outside. we took our tops off as quickly as we could, not saying anything. We got down to our underwear. we weren’t facing each other. when I’m in a bathing suit, I hop in the pool, but then I see Jack. he was already in the pool, but his bathing suit was still on the side. I was like, whatever, so I got naked and we laughed. we haven’t seen each other naked for years, but we didn’t care. after all, we are brothers. we swim around for at least an hour. the I get out, and dry off. Jack stayed in. He didn’t look at me changing though. he knows I am very self-conscious when it comes to nudity. I saw his from underwater, its the same size as mine. he isn’t gay, he is just curious, I know because I would have starred to. I went inside and got a drink. I came back outside and sat on a chair relaxing. then Jack started to get out. I didn’t care that he was naked anymore. The I saw something WEIRD. on his penis, he had ABSOLUTLY NO HAIR. our cocks were the same size and our testicles hung just as low, but he was hairless. Stupidly, I blurted out “omg, do you shave?” he said, “oh, yeah I do” I had no idea why he would shave. I asked him why he shaved. He said that he mostly does it because he is on the football team, and they have one big shower room. The other players said they shave every week, so I started to do it. He brought me inside and showed me his razor. he asked if I wanted to use it. I said ok. let me mention my pubic hair is at least 4 inches long and very dark. I have never taken pubic hair off in any way. He said to me in the bathroom “ok, get in the tub. we don’t want hair getting everywhere. he was still naked. I was only in my boxers though. he said to me, ok. get naked. I told him that we are dry now and not under water, so I wasn’t that comfortable with him seeing me naked. He tried to talk me into it, so after a while I gave in. I took them off, and he stared at my pubes far A WHILE. he said “what the hell why are they so long?” I told him that I don’t know and just give me the razor. he said he was doing it, since it was my first time. I said “you can see my naked, but I reallllly don’t want you touching it.”. he told me his friend did it to him his first time, it was hard to do. so I said fine and he started at the top, then did the sides. when he was don’t with that, he did my testicles, which he said hung even lower that his, and it would be harder. he did it though, and I looked brand new. he even showed me his shaved armpits, which are usually hairy. he said he just started doing them, so he did mine too.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

at first, it was REALLY embarrassing, but now we see each other naked all the time, never with pubes or pit hair.


Pantsed By Big Sister

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It was when I was 9 years old. I know, getting pantsed by my big sister sounds embarrassing, but it was even more embarrassing then it sounds!

That day I was coming on home with my friend named Bill More


OMG my brother saw me naked

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It was last week Friday, i had just gotten out of the shower and walked into my room. When i bent over to get a thong out of my drawer i heard, “Holyshit!”, when i turned around i saw it was my my brother More


Naked infront of cheerleaders and my teacher!

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One time my parents went out for the day and they wouldn’t be back until the next day in the afternoon. It was about 11:00 am and they had just left. My sisters are twins they are 16 and their names are Nicole and Christina. I’m 14 and my name is Ryan…not that it really matters but yeah…soooooo my parents left them “in charge”. So they wanted to have some boys over that they liked. Justin and Will. So when they were over I was really bored and I walked downstairs and said, “hey Nicole, Christina. You guys having fun with your crushie wushies??” They all stood there in awkward scilence for a second and then they dragged me outside and into the car and drove me to the girls cheer leading pratice with Justin and Will there also. So they got me out and they pantsed me right away. I thought that was embarrassing. Well then they decided to call over the girls while their coach was inside talking to a teacher. Then my sisters said to the 15 or so girls there, “so you guys probably all know Ryan, right?” and they were like yeah why? So my sisters screamed, “PAYBACK!” and ripped off my boxers. I wasn’t that embarrassed about my size, because I’m like 5 and a half and that’s not too bad for 15. But they were all laughing at me. So my Christina says, “it’s cute right?!?” and they were like “yeah hahaha!” so then my sisters ran back to the car leaving me there surrounded by all the girls. One of them was like, “can I touch it?” so I was like, “what the hell? No!” but of. Course my sisters came back and said, “yeah! Touch all you want girls!” so they all started pulling on my dick while I was trying the best to cover up but my sisters held my hands back. So then one girl sat on top of me and started to give me a hand job. She got me really hard and they were making fun of my boner and kept touching me. They made me cum all over my dick and my legs. The. My English teacher Was just about to walk into the building to go to them meeting when she saw me. She is like 27 and she is pretty and really nice and she has a great body. She walked over and yelled at the girls to go back to pratice. My sisters ran back to the car and she bent down to me while I was crying on the floor trying to cover up and hide the cum. She said in a very motherly and sympathetic tone, “come on sweetie, lets get you cleaned up.” so she grabbed my wrist and took me into the nurses office while I was trying to cover up. There was no one in there so she opened the door and got a towel and told me to sit down. So I sat on the bed and she walked over to me and started to clean my legs. She said, “How did this happen, Ryan.” and through sobbs I said, “My sisters took my clothes and let the cheerleaders touch my dick and they made me hard and I cummed on myself and i started crying because I was so embarrassed a d then they all laughed at me and then you came.” she started to rub the towel on my penis and she cleaned all the cum off me. She went to the closet and got me extra boxers that they have for emergencies and I put them on and she told me to call my mom and tell her to pick me up but I told her that they weren’t home so she had to drive me home because I live like a mile and a half away so she wasn’t going to make me walk in my underwear and she got to my house and I thanked her and she said that she can go talk to my sisters but I said that’s okay and she left. Every day is sooo awkward and it is really weird when I talk to her or when she looks at me because every time she does I am always embarrassed and thinking that this lady saw me naked….

1 of my 5 Worst days ever!

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So anyways, I’m a boy, 11, and this is just one of my embarrassing moments. Also I’m extremely shy sometimes too. Anyways, so this was during the summer. Our house was next to a beach that was fairly private. My parents were going on errands and it was just me, my friends Jacob and Christine, who were staying with us while their parents were out of town, and my twin brothers, who are 9. So anyways, it was a very hot day, and me and the twins literally felt like we were melting. So we decided to go swimming.

I looked for a swimsuit, but naturally I couldn’t find one, except for two in the laundry, and neither of my friends had brought one. Anyways, the beach was fairly private, and we were too hot to not swim, so we decided to go without suits (although I was kind of against it at first, I was really hot and I couldn’t find the suits). We took some towels and and began walking there. The twins, not being really that old yet, and probably braver then me sometimes, dragged their towels behind them and left all their clothes behind. Now, naturally, them being younger, I didn’t want my friends to actually know I was more shy then my twin brothers, so I just took my towel, against the screams of my brain. I tried wrapping my towel around my waste, but one of my brothers managed to snatch it and made me chase him, and even ran around the front yard, and then all the way to the beach.

Anyways, we finally got to beach, and we quickly got into the water (I was even hotter due to before). Anyways, so we had fun in the water for awhile. However, after while it began to get dark and really cold, so we got out, only to find our towels gone.

So anyways, we ran back to the house, and we found the backdoor locked. There was also a note saying to use the front door. It was dark, so we thought it would be safe, except all the lights were on. I finally went up to open the door but it was locked. So, I rang the doorbell, and covered my area. My dad opened the door, asking if we liked our swim (my dad loves to pull pranks whenever possible, and my mom loves to help). I asked if we could come in, and why he took our towels. He told us that if we wanted to come in, we had to put our arms on our sides and we needed to have dinner immediately, and something later that’s a surprise.

After a few failed attempts, we finally sat down at the counter (our kitchen has a counter with stools) and ate dinner. I noticed all of our clothes were gone, and the basement was locked. Anyways, after dinner, we had to take a picture. I went to cover my area, but my dad grabbed my arms and held them out and back, making me fully reveal my area.

Thant basement remained locked for the rest of the week. However, that wasn’t


Prank war the day after the sleep over

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go to the link for part one of the war

the rest of the night was full of minor pranks. then the next day, i woke up early and started my next prank. i had invited a view of my neighborhood friends over. some of them knew nothing of the prank war so they havent seen any thing before. any way back to lmy prep. i had gotten some of that dissolvable thread and went through my sister drawers until i found her favorite bikini, that had already seen many cuts and fixes. i cut the strings and sewed it back to gether with the new thread.

everybody that morning decidd on a swim for the day. you can see how im getting her. my friends had come over and all the girls were shocked but decided to let them swim. my friends were shocked that there were a bunch of older girls in bikinis at my pool and jumped in imediatly. now the good part. my sister dived into the pool and as you can tell she came up naked with out knowing it. she got out of the pool and the other girls were laughing and teh guys stared.

then my friends left laughing after i made them promise not to say anything (yes they were as trustworthy as my other friend). then my sister was pissed.

now my sister wants to type the rest. so here she is.

Yeah, as he said i was mad. my revenge came next. i called the next door twin girls (who went to my bros school) and got them all agree not to say anything. so. we had all gone inside and my brother had gone to take a bath in our kind of hot tub bath tub because a. it was late and b. he hates the way pool water makes your hair feel.

well anyway he always fills it (and today he took a bubble bath incase we broke in for a prank so he would still be covered) and he goes to get his pjs. that was when we acted. the twins were in bikinis and they were breathing through snorkles. the water and bubbles had bloocked them out and he got in. then the two rose up out of the bath and scared him. they stayed there with hi and wouldnt let him leave.

that was our second day. the last one will be posted separtly for space reasons. anyway bye



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i was 15 when i had huge crush on the 1twin girl next door my friends knew about it so they tied me to a chair naked put me in her back yard knocked on the door and ran she came outside, pulled me inside and started on me with oral for 10min then untied me and i went to town fucking her until i blew my load ever since then we had sex 3 or 4 times a month the 1 day her sister walked in on us i was scared because i thought it was her mom but then was embarised but it ended quick because she joined in


BB Twins Sam and Amanda reveal their embarrassing moments

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Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda Merchant reveal exclusively to Now Magazine Online their most embarrassing moments …


BB Twins Sam and Amanda reveal their embarrassing moments

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Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda Merchant reveal exclusively to Now Magazine Online their most embarrassing moments

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