Tricked into Skinny Dipping

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When I was 12, I was over at my friend’s house. He was having a sleepover with a few other guys from school. Anyway, he had this pond behind his house and he said we should go swimming.  All of the guys agreed. All of the guys took turn in the bathroom changing into our bathing suits. Once they got dressed they ran out to the pond. I was last to change. I was the last to get down to the pond.  All the guys were saying I should skinny dip. I said “Yeah Right.” They insisted and said they, themselves, were skinny dipping. “Look at the pile of swim suits.” I looked and saw a pile of wet swim suits. I guess they really were swimming. So I nervously took off my trunks and jumped in. That’s when they got out of the water, and to my shock WEARING SWIMSUITS!  I hurried out of the water to try and grab my trunks but it was too late! “Hey give me back my trunks!” I shouted. They were teasing me a little, they caused so much commotion that my friend’s 16 year old sister came out and saw me completely naked. She thought the whole thing was funny, they started playing monkey in the middle with my shorts and so there I was, prepubescent balls bouncing for this laughing girl. Finally, I caught my shorts and quickly put them over my naked butt. I laughed about it later, but it sure was embarrassing then.


Locked out

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I’m 14 and my name is Ashely. I shared my bedroom with my sister Carol that was two years older than me. She used to laugh at me, because I had a crush on one of the two boys that lived in next door to us. Carol was always teasing me because I was to shy to talk to him. I used to see Carol talking to them threw the cyclone fence of our back yard. I had the feeling she was talking to them about me, just to make me feel bad. One saturday, my mom had gone to the supermarket and my Dad had already left for work. Carol caught me with a towell around myself cuming out of the shower and lure me to the back of our house to help her with the laundry bag. I din’t know she had just been out talking to these two boys and it was just an excuse to push me out into the back yard. I was so shocked when she dragged me out the door and saw the two neighbor boys standing in the fence. Before I could react, I was locked out on the yard completly naked with these boys looking at me. Carol was looking out the window laughing her head off while I was panicking trying to get back inside. She left me out there to them get a good look at me before letting me back in. I’ve never felt so naked and uterly embarrassed in my whole life. Just the thought that those boys saw me with nothing on, made me wish I was dead. It was the most humiliating moment ever and so embarrassing I kept it a secret from everyone.