One thing that I most regret.

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My name is Julie and I am an 14 year old girl. I have very small boobs so I wear a padded bra. One day, me and 2 of my friends Susie and Jenny went for a swim in the woods. I couldn’t find my bikini top so I wore a normal bra on the top and wore a white t shirt over it.
When we got to the river, we jumped in and I guess Jenny thought that it would be funny if she untied my bra. So me and Susie had a competition of who could hold their breath longer and while I was underwater, Susie held me down while Jenny unhooked my bra.
When I resurfaced, I was completely unaware that my shirt was transparent when wet and my small boobs were showing. I soon caught on and ran away to hide in a bush, crying. A while later, Jenny and Susie found me and dragged me out of the bush where my crush Jason and his two friends Josh and John was waiting.
Jenny and Susie took some scissors that she told the guys to bring and cut my shirt off, exposing my small boobs!
Then they cut my bottoms off too, exposing my pussy! Then I was forced to walk all the way to the park where apparently the entire grade had gathered. I was tied to a tree and they laughed and took nudes as I stood there crying.
Jenny told me that I couldn’t tell anyone or the nudes would be on the internet.
Luckily, a month later, our family had to move far away because of my dad’s job. I later found out that they had post my nudes on the internet anyway.


I was at the beach

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I was at the beach (I go there quite regularly since I live near there). I was wearing this brand new white bikini. I went to go for a swim in the ocean. Then I went back ashore to sunbathe. And, to me it’s normal, but I fell asleep while I was sunbathing. When I woke up (I think about 10 minutes later), I discovered people looking at me. I hadn’t a clue why. Then this boy shouted “nice tits!” to me in front of everyone there! So I looked down and saw that EVERYONE could see my boobs. I mean seriously! Cos the bikini was white, and it had gotten wet, it became see-through! I was SO embarrassed!