Mom Forces Nudity

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This happened when I was 14.  My cousin Shelia, then 12, came for an extended visit during the summer.  She stayed with my sister Connie, also 12, in her room.  One day I got a bit bored, so I thought I’d annoy the girls.  I entered their room when I knew they were getting dressed catching them both partially clothed.  They screamed and told me to get out.  Later they went swimming, and when they came back I again entered their room.  I saw Shelia in her panties from the back, while Connie was still in her two-piece.  Again they screamed at me to get out.

Now I really was not trying to catch them naked for the sake of seeing them naked.  I just wanted to annoy them for fun.  I didn’t think they would try to get revenge.

That night I was taking a shower.  When I turned the water off, I heard some giggling.  I realized Connie and Shelia were in the bathroom waiting for me to come out and catch me naked.  I told them to leave, but they tried to grab the shower curtain and fling it open.  I grabbed the curtain and wrapped it around me.  There was screaming back and forth as we fought for the curtain.

Dad was away at the time, but Mom was home.  She came into the bathroom to see what was going on.  I complained that the girls were trying to see me naked.  They said I had tried to catch them naked earlier in the day.  I said I was only trying to have a little fun and really was not interested in seeing the girls nude.

Mom told us all to shut up.  Then she dropped the bomb.  She told me to let go of the curtain and let my sister and cousin see me naked.  I protested, but Mom said if I did not I would be grounded for the whole summer.  Embarrassed I let the curtain go covering my penis with my hands.  The girls were standing there with big grins on their faces.  The grins got bigger when Mom told me to move my hands and stop covering myself.  So I let my hands down letting them all see my dick.  Then I had to turn around so Connie and Shelia could see my butt as well.  They giggled and smiled enjoying every inch of me.

Then Mom said to the girls, “OK, now it’s  your turn.”  The girls’ smiles suddenly disappeared.  They weren’t sure what Mom was saying.  “Come on,” Mom said.  “Strip!  You got to see Johnny.  Now he gets to see you.  I want all your clothes on the floor now!”  Now the girls started to protest.  Mom told them they could either get naked now, or I could watch them shower later.  I guess the shower is a bit private, so the girls figured it was better to put on a show now than later.

They protested again as they slowly took off their clothes.  I guess they figured the slower they went, the more likely they would not have to go naked.  When they got down to their training bras and panties, I started feeling a boner coming on.  Mom must have noticed and figured that would be too much humiliation for me, so she gave me a towel, and told me to dry off and put the towel around me.  Connie and Shelia were too concerned with their own embarrassment to notice.

Eventually both girls were naked.  They too had to show me everything and cover up nothing.  They also had to turn and show every inch of their nude bodies.

Eventually Mom said it was enough.  We were all to get dressed.  She said, “Now that you three know what the others look like naked, you don’t have to go around acting like perverts trying to get a peek at each other.”  Mom was right.  For the next week, I could not face Connie or Shelia, and they could not face me.  It took even longer before we were not embarrassed to talk to each other, and even then we were uncomfortable.  But we did learn our lesson.  I was more respectful of their privacy from then on, and they were more respectful of mine.