Tighty Whities

Wedgie during gym class

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This story happened when I was in 6th grade. My day started out like no other. But when I went into my underwear drawer and I noticed that I only had Spider-Man tighty whites. And I had gym today so I had to get changed in front of everyone. But I thought the day wouldn’t be so bad. When I went to my first period, I heard some people quietly laughing at me. Soon I noticed that my undies were showing. But that wasn’t the end. One of the students from period 1 was in my gym class so he grabbed my undies and gave me a hanging wedgie. They also took pictures and sent it to some girls. What an embarrassing day 🙁


Caught with my pants down

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So this happened when I was in fifth grade. At the end of every school year, the school would host this thing called Field Day for all the students.


When it was my class’ turn to file out onto the field, I needed to pee. Unfortunately we were passing through a hall of a lower grade (maybe first or second graders?) And when I went in the bathroom there was a small group of like 10 younger boys using the urinals and toilets.


Here’s where it started to go wrong: the toilets were occupied (and had longer lines so I couldn’t wait) and all the boys at the urinals were peeing with their pants ALL the way down. Even the ones waiting in line already had their pants and undies down!


Being the nervous wreck I was and wanting to fit in, I got in line, followed suite and pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. This wouldn’t have been so bad had another kid from my class not walked in also. He ran out laughing and ended up telling everyone that I still wore tighty whities (which was unfortunately true). I ended up getting a lot of teasing, especially from the girls. It was so embarrassing!! I ended up not talking to anyone but my best friend for the rest of the day. Thankfully it was the end of the year so mostly everyone forgot over the summer!


Spiderman puts you to Shame!

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This one time when I was in 4th grade, we were on a field trip with the whole class, and we would sleep in a community center with rooms rented out for us. 4 people in each room. Boys and girls were separate. More


Pantsed in tighty whities…

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Hi im josh age 14. It was a normal day in high school. This past week a trend started in school, pantsing in p.e. luckily my friends pantaed others not me. We got back from the mile run. As i walking to the water fountains i got pantsed. I was wearing dinosaur briefs. I was teased by my friends. Now they try to pants me every day cause i wear cartoon tw’s.


Paying off the bet

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When we were still living at home, my older brother and I were expected to mow the yard every week.  We had a push mower and a weed eater, so we switched off jobs and then cleaned up flower beds and stuff.  We had a big yard so it took a long time to get it all done, and we both hated it.  One year we were watching a basketball game with our Dad.  We were both for different teams and were ragging on each other pretty hard before the game.  We decided to make a bet on the game.  The loser had to take care of the yard by themselves all summer, and they had to do it wearing only tighty whities and shoes.  My team won, and I wasn’t about to forget the deal.  The grass grew enough that it was getting time to start mowing and I kept reminding my brother about the bet, and he kept being resistant.  He intended to do the mowing, but he wasn’t about to do it in underwear.  I got our Dad involved, and he took my side because he was there when the bet was made.  “You don’t make bets you’re not willing to pay off”.  Saturday morning came and he whined and whined but he finally gave up and came out in a pair of small tighty whities and work boots. Of course the whole family was waiting for him and we made a big deal of it.  His face was beet red.  He went on outside and started the mower.  Of course we had told all the neighbors, so they were sure to be outside to add to the embarrassment of the bet payoff.  I will give him credit.  As much as he whined about it, once he resigned himself to it he was a good sport about it and didn’t act like it bothered him too much from then on.  That included at least one time when his girlfriend and her mother stopped by.  


gym in middle school

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in the sixth grade i was pretty popular, but would get picked on constantly by several bullies because i wassnt very strong, a little chubby, and pretty dorky, making gym hell for me, especially in the locker room. they would constantly give me wedgies, and try to pants my tighty whities, which i did not understand put a bullseye on your head for torment. , anyway i could usually joke myself out of he worst of it, but one the time i was in my underwear and they were being harsher than usual, pushing me around a little and mocking me, then two of them start joking back and forth going, “ill hold his arms and youll pants him” . so i bolted but the one grabbed my underwear and i tripped and they came down. i hadnt hit puberty and was very small for my age, though at the time i didnt know it. the whole room was laughing and the guys were coming up on me so i ran out the door with my briefs around my knees. i opened the door to a group of girls going into their changing room and the gym teacher in nothing but my tighty whities. It took a while for me to live that down.



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In the 6th grade this girl named Donna Jo liked me and asked me to be her boyfriend. I didn’t like her like that and told her no. She was hurt and mad. Her friend, this girl named Jeri, was even more mad… only I didn’t know it yet.

Our class was doing a play on Greek mythology. We all had to wear flip flops and togas made from bed sheets. All the boys had to wear white t shirts and I was told that later on(due to my experience) they were instructed to wear short pants underneath their sheet. On the night we did the play for our parents Jeri had a plan to get me. When I started on stage she came up behind me and said, “This is for Donna Jo”. Then she started pushing me until we were moving pretty fast but then she stopped, while holding on tightly to my sheet. The safety pins came undone as she gave me the bum’s rush right out of my toga. I was propelled out on stage in my flip flops, t shirt and tighty whities! All the parents, kids and teachers burst into laughter.

I felt like I was going to faint. Over 600 people were seeing me in my underwear! I tried to run off stage but flip flops aren’t made for running. I slipped and fell flat on my butt. The laughter grew louder and now there were hoots and howls. I was completely humiliated. I finally got up and ran off stage,leaving the flip flops behind. I bolted past all the other kids, pointing and laughing at me. I hid in a storage closet until my mom and teacher came to coax me out.

All Jeri had to do was apologize to me and got a week’s detention. I took a lot of teasing and it took me a longtime to live it down.



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This happened about 30 years ago, the summer before my senior year in high school. I grew up in a rural farm town. My grandparents owned one of the farms, and every year for the Fourth of July, they hosted a picnic where a lot of the people from the community attended, including a lot of the kids from my school. There were probably 100 to 150 people there.

I was trying to help out by organizing a kick ball game for some of the younger kids. One of the kids kicked the ball into the , so I went in after the ball and surprised a skunk. You know what surprised skunks do. I booked out of there, but it was too late, it had gotten me good. I ran back to the house and thought I could find some of my Grandpa’s clothes to change into. Well, Granny met me at the door and would have none of that because her house would smell like a skunk for a week. “We’re going to have to clean you up out here”, so she called my Mom and went over to the faucet by the back door. This was right in plain sight of most of the people there.

She had my sister go get an old tub. “Now I’ve been through this before. You’re gonna have to take off the clothes that got sprayed and put them in the tub. We’re going to have to round up some tomato juice and soak those clothes, and we’re going to have to wash you down with the hose, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll have to use tomato juice on you”. I was always a little shy, to the point that it felt weird for me to even take off my shirt in gym class when I was on the skins team, so it was really embarrassing to think about being in my underwear. But, stinking as I was, I stripped off everything but my tighty whities, which is what guys wore back then. This began to draw attention. Then, my sister helpfully noted that it had soaked through to my underwear. “I’m sorry honey, but you gotta take those off too then”. I tried to beg my case that I couldn’t be totally naked around all these people, but even my Mom said I had to do it. “This is one of those things that just happened and you’ll just have to deal with it. Everybody’s seen a guy naked before, and it’s not like you’re the first that’s had to do something embarrassing”. I knew this was one of those things that I couldn’t get out of, so I just did it to get it over with. I turned my back to everyone and peeled off the last shred of my modesty and threw them in the tub.

I can’t describe how mortified I was standing there totally exposed being soaked with cold water. I couldn’t remember the last time anyone besides my brother had seen me naked. To my further embarrassment, I couldn’t even pretend to preserve any modesty, because I had to scrub with both hands, and they kept making me turn around to keep spraying me all over. I don’t think my sister had ever seen me naked, and here she was having to focus on me to spray water. A lot of people were watching at this point, and I just felt like I was going to puke or pass out. I was shaking all over, more from embarrassment than from the cold water. Granny saw how embarrassed I was, so she told my sister to stop spraying for a minute, and came over to talk to me. “Listen to me. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You didn’t do this on purpose, and to be honest, most of the men here would give their eye teeth to be built like you. No one is embarrassed but you. This is going to go on for a long time yet, so just grit your teeth and get through it”. Then she tried to joke a little. “Besides, the girls look to be enjoying the show, and since you’re my grandson that kind of makes me proud, so if they want to look, let them look and have some fun with it”. That helped a little, and when I looked around, she was right. No one was freaking out. No one was calling me a pervert or anything. The girls did seem to be enjoying it, and I guess that was ok, maybe even a little flattering. There wasn’t much I could do about it anyway. By that point, the worst was over because everyone there had seen everything there was to see, so I relaxed a little and just let things happen.

It did go on for a long time because soap and water weren’t working and we ran out of tomato juice. Someone had to go to their house to get some more, which took like forever. My sister traded off the spraying job to my brother, who then traded off with my sister’s best friend, which kind of brought back the major embarrassment for a while from her close scrutiny. More people kept coming, and the first thing they saw when they came around the back of the house was my shiny wet dick or butt. Eventually, we did all we could, but the smell still wasn’t completely gone. The clothes I had been wearing were a complete loss and had to be burned. My dear mother decided there was no point in ruining more clothes, and didn’t want the car stinking, so to go home I had to ride in the back of a friend’s pickup. Mom didn’t want me in the house yet, so she had Dad put a tarp down in the backyard, and make a tent out of a blanket and some clothesline and stakes so I could “air out”. The next morning I had “aired out” enough that I could get into my own shower and keep scrubbing.

I noticed that a couple of things happen when you’ve been that naked for that long in front of that many people from a small community. The first is that most everyone assumes you just don’t care any more about being naked since they’ve already seen you for an extended period. This started immediately when I got in the shower. I shared a bedroom with my younger brother who was 15. We shared a bathroom with my sister. My brother and I were used to sharing the bathroom and being naked around each other, but my sister never came in while we were in there. The next morning, she came waltzing into the bathroom while I was in the shower. We had a shower with a see through door, BTW. She said she was tired of having to wait to do her hair and makeup, and after yesterday, there wasn’t any point in her not coming in. That apparently applied to my mother too, who was in the bathroom in a few minutes to see how the scrubbing was coming and hung out talking to my sister. That also apparently applied to my sister’s friends too. She had a sleepover the next weekend, and they thought it would be ok to come in with her while I was showering since they had already seen me naked for so long the weekend before. I didn’t have much of a choice in any of this, they just assumed, and this became the norm because it kept happening. My brother was a little freaked about this at first, but it carried over to him to. Everyone called us Pete and Repete because we looked so much alike, so I guess they thought if you’ve seen one you’ve seen the other. They probably though it was me for a while the first time they walked in on him and I don’t think he realized they were there at first, but then they made the same assumption that since they had seen him naked it wouldn’t be any big deal to keep doing it. He was embarrassed for a while, but we eventually adapted to the new norm and didn’t think much of it. It eventually got to the point that we could walk around the house naked whoever was around and no one seemed to care. We were amazed that our parents were this open minded, and decided one day to see how far this would go. Mom had a couple of friends over to do some canning. I got out of the shower, and my brother got in. I walked out to the kitchen, pretending that I didn’t know anyone was there yet, walked to the refrigerator to get a drink right in front of everyone, and no one batted an eye. So I hung out and chatted and got pulled into helping until my brother walked in naked too. He got pulled into helping. We even got sent to the storage building in the back yard to bring in some boxes of jars and stopped to talk to our neighbor before going back in. Not a word was said, so it became the new norm that if we wanted to be naked, we were naked.

The other thing I noticed after something like this is that you get dared to do a lot of things naked. You know how guys are at that age anyway, and the girls who hadn’t been there were curious, so when things got a little boring hanging out on a Saturday night, daring me to do something became the entertainment. I had my limits. I wouldn’t do anything that could really get me in big trouble, like the dare to streak at a basketball game, but the word “chicken” got me to do a lot of stupid things. It started with the “incident” coming up at a party and then being dared to get naked in front of the people who hadn’t been there. I didn’t really want to, but I would get talked into it. This happened several times, and it got easier each time. During all of these times I’ve described, I had managed to never have an erection in front of anyone, so at one smaller party, after stripping again, some of my friends started teasing me about that, saying that something must be wrong if I had been seen naked this much and no one had ever seen a hard on. I was embarrassed to do it, but more embarrassed not to, so I gave in and worked up an impressive boner. Then, since I had already gone this far, they dared me to just go ahead and jack off in front of everyone. I didn’t think I could do that because I thought that was beyond my limits, but I had already been slowly stroking anyway to build up the boner, so I made them a bet. We drew a target on a piece of paper and hung it on the wall. If I came and missed the bullseye, I would jack off for any of the girls any time they wanted me to in front of anyone they wanted me to for the next three months. If I hit the bullseye, all the girls had to strip, and pick two guys to strip and jack off for them one at a time, and the girls had to stay naked the whole time. They took the bet and I won, so for once I was not the only one naked that night, and the two guys that got picked got to be mortified. There were other stupid things that were more public. I climbed a water tower in broad daylight when stone cold sober, and I did a couple of naked laps at roller skating when I was a little drunk. I fully expected to get thrown out and banned, but the manager just laughed and waved me on. Stuff like that happened all year.

In the spring, the editor of the yearbook asked me to do something that he said the advisor said was ok. I was a little nervous about this, but I agreed to do it because I thought it would be the perfect way to end this year. We went outside the school with the photographer (who was a girl), and I went behind some bushes and stripped – this was in the middle of a school day BTW, but everyone was in class. She took some pictures of me standing there looking embarrassed. We took some trying to use the bushes to hide behind, but the advisor said they showed too much. The photographer sneaked in some that showed everything, so those were definitely not used. In the one that was used, I had my hands in front of me, but it was obvious that I was very naked. And that is now preserved in my senior year yearbook.