Gagging and blushing

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I was totally humiliate my ex-boyfriend Barry, because I found out that he kissed another girl while we were dating. It started out with me talking him into putting on a pink pair of my thong panties. More


O my god I did it with my brother

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Well this was Monday, it was 7 in the morning and I was changing for school when my brother ( 13 like me ) walks in on my ( we share a room ) and says why are your boobs so big it was embarrassing plus More


Wet underwear

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I was in the lockeroom changing after gym when some guys thought it would be funny to steal all my clothes leaving me in only my tight White boxerbriefs.
Next one decided to pull them down but they were shocked by my size but it was still embarrassing. I pulled my boxerbriefs up but they weren’t finished. They grabbed me and carried me out into the corridor which was full of people. Then they brought me to tge swimming pool in the school threw me in. Lotsbof people were watching now but I wasn’t getting out cause I knew what would happen. Eventually they pulled me out and just as I feared my white boxerbriefs had turned nearly transparent and because they were tight there wasnt a lot left to imagination. Eventually I managed to get dressed again but it was all very embarrassing


The dress was a tight suede

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brothers wedding((part of the wedding party))
shopping for black suede shoes to match my dress
mother locates pantyhose in the front of the shoe store
she sends me up there to pick out a pair
as im looking at the different shades
she yells form the back of the store
“make sure you get the ones with the cotton crotch if youre not going to wear any underwear !!! ”
((the dress was a tight suede, didnt want any lines))