Worst 3 weeks ever

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When I was 12 I was going to my grandma’s for a week my mom said to make sure I had everything to take to my grandma’s house I told her I would just wear the same thing the whole time because my grandma cleans clothes all day.(everyday) so my mom and dad left and I was home alone for a good 4 hours in like a hour I started packing Then my grandma called said my grandpa wasnt feeling good so it was just her. Then she said her washer and dryer was broke so bring extra clothes so I looked all around the house for clothes the only thing I was minssing was the most important thing underwear I had only one pair (red boxer briefs) and I had then on for a day so I took them off and put them in the washer at my house my grandma called again said she was 40 min in I tol her ok and started looking for more underwear Then my mom called said she took all the clothes with her to donate them to goodwill (my mom always donates) she said she was going spring clothes shopping when she got back I told her ok and then my grandma pulled in I grabbed my clothes and got in.She asked how things were I told her I had no underwear so She pulled into Walmart and she said she would buy me some I told her my waist size and she went in and came out   and she asked if I had any underwear on I told her no and she gave me the bag and told me to go in the back and put them on then I took out the first bag I looked very hard at them and told her they were for little kids (they were Ben 10 briefs) She said they were they were one of the  pair out of 3 that fit me so I looked at the other ones and she had plain white briefs and camo briefs So I went with the camo (I refuse to where tighty whiteys) so we got to my g-ma’s house she told me to go unpack when I got inside I could not breath my 3 cousins where there Andrew (13) Caleb (12) and Hunter (13) I was so scared cuz I thought they would go through my stuff and see the briefs my g-ma bought so that morning my g-ma was visiting my g-pa in the hospital for 3 hours so I woke up went down stairs and saw my cousins Hunter and Caleb so we knew that during weekends Andrew sleeps in till 12:00 so We decided to do somthing funny my cousins always pull pranks on me and each other but the fact that I was wearing camo briefs I was not comfortable . we sneaked in his room and pulled the sheets off and he only had his underwear on (priceless) he always said he only wears boxer briefs but we now know he lied so we got all his clothes exept his briefs and put them in the washer and when he woke up he yelled for us to bring him his clothes now we told him they were being washed so he came down in his white briefs and we laughed so hard then he looked in the washer and took out his clothes Hunter took them from him and threw them outside (you think they were wet they weren’t)and Andrew ran outside to grab them then our Neighbors dog Sweetie grabbed his clothes by his mouth and took them to his dog house and and he was locked outside in  his white briefs we died laughing. So eventually we let him back inside and he got his clothes back from Sweetie and he chased us all to pants us he did to my cousins not me I out ran him but funny thing my other two cousins who say they wore boxer briefs were wearing briefs. anyway my grandma’s dog Bentzly took the white and camo briefs that I had under my bed and tore them to shreds when I look at him he just shook his tail. So I was stuck in Ben 10 briefs all week but the last two days the worst thing happened I was jumping on the trampoline and my grandma had took my clothes to a laundry mat to get them clean so I had no other clothes except what I had on so I jumped of the trampoline and my shirt ripped off no big deal but then my cousins wanted to go fishing and I said why not but I really did not want to go because I was in Ben 10 briefs so I hopped my pants wouldn’t become undone and fall down or the dog bites them and rips them off or my cousins pants me.So we got on the boat so far so good and then my cousin Andrew was told by My cousin Hunter that I was the one hat pranked him so he hooked his fishing rod on my shorts on pourpos and we in the middle of a large lake on the same boat so then he threw the line out and my pants went with it and I was so super embarrassed so then they tried to give me a wedgie and since they were stretchy they went all the way over my head but Still i am short so yeah they would go over my head and my cousins would not let me live through it . That night I got a call from my mom and she said she was going to be two weeks late so she told my g-ma to buy me more underwear  the day my grandma wanted to go buy my underwear I got sick and was asleep the whole day but what I did not know was my cousins went WITH HER!!and bought the most embarrassing briefs ever Spongebob Briefs TightyWhiteys and ironically they bought new underwear too boxer briefs!!! and they gave me all their briefs(we had the same waist size) and I was so embarrassed and one night I went into my cousin Andrew’s Room and stole his new pair and so in the morning if they pantsed me  they had nothing to laugh at and so I had an even better plan I took my Spongebob briefs and Put it on them while they were sleeping (I didn’t look at their areas) but in the morning I walked down stairs and I saw my cousin Andrew around the corner getting ready to pants me then I didnt care cuz I wasnt wearing Spongebob Briefs they were and I got down the stairs and my cousin pants me They were laughing but then I looked down and what was I wearing Tighty Whiteys that means they new I switched and I pulled their pants down what do you know the were wearing boxer briefs. So thas the end of my story hope you laughed a little


My virtual boner

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Well, this happened when I was 12, or 13, I can’t remember exactly (I’m 24 now). Our class was scheduled to take a group photogrph. The main thing is, that the event was right after PE, so so we had just a bit of time to change our clothes.We went to the lobby (that was the place where the photograph was taken), and stood in lines. I was standing at the last row in the middle of the left side of the picture, everything went smoothly. At least that’s what I thought.

A few days after that we got our copy from the photo, and guess what: because of the fast changing my trousers looked like I had had a boner. It was perfectly visible between two people in the secod row. And on the top of it my hair looked so wet from my sweat; I looked like a total jerk. All my classmates had a copy of the picture, so they teased me with it for weeks. It was horrible.



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Ok Im a male and im 15, and im acctually supper small down there for my age…(only about 2 and a half inches) :(

So one day my friends(about 5 boys and 7 girlz) decided to have a party because the school year had just ended. One of the girlz decided for us to play strip poker and I (stupidly) accepted! boys vrs girlz, we were winning as one of the boys had lost his shirt and all or the girlz (exept one who still had her shirt and undies) were down to undies and bras! We were having a fun time until I started a losing streak. I was down to only my boxers when the insults started…

When I took off pants and was only in boxers the girlz took a look under the table to see if there was a big bump down there or not. They couldnt see any bump and they said giggling that I must wear extra padding:(

Then I lost the next time and I had to take my boxers off! I slowly took them off and tried to cover as best as I could(It wasnt very hard considering my sise). All the girlz and some of the boys started laughing and they all shouted NO COVERING!!!!. I was really embarassed by then and things were about to get worse. They forced me to keep my hands by my side and they all started laughing hystaricly!!!!! They said WOW is all you got?!?!? Then one of my friends pushed me down and wreseled me to the ground, I fell and he held me down while the girlz laughed and took pictures of my super small thing. I was super sad embarassed and mad at the same time!
Then the girl I had a crush on Jenn, got even closer and first flicked my thing while I was trying to get up and then while another girl HELD MY THING IN HER HAND Jenn compared it to her finger! They laughed soooo hard! Of course when she held my thing I got an erection and they all laughed SUPER HARD! At this point my “friend” was laughing soooo hard that he let me go. I quickly put my clothes back on and ran all the way home, the last thing I heard at the party was my crush Jenn saying now its the right sise!!!