Naked in front of family


I was 18, a senior in HS, I had a funny habbit of staying out past my curfew. Anyway my mom ground me, fine whatever. Now then there was a party I really wanted to go to before my punishment was up, I told my mom I would do anything. She took a day to discus it with my grandma. She said “alright you can go but, you have to be naked for this last entire weekend.” I was torn it was a take it or leave it deal. I took it. I got home from school on friday my mom, sisters and grandma were in the living room. I walked in and my mom said “not so fast, we had a deal” she made me go infront of them and strip naked. I was appafently taking too long, I was. So she said “whoever gets his underwear off gets to shave him” so then my three little sisters Samantha, 16, kathrine, 13 and Emily, 11 and my grandma tackle me. Sam got my jacket and shirt off, my grandma undid my belt and button on my jeans. Katherine took off my jeans and Emily cut off my undershirt. Then Emily took off my boxers. I was there, stark naked in front of all the women in my life and then it dawned on me until Tuesday morning (it was a holiday weekend) I would be naked in front of them all. My sister decided not to shave me, instead she asked for the abilty to make me get naked 12 times anytime at home for the next five years. The weekend went on pretty well after the initial embarassment and jokes about it being cold or something. Sometimes I still just walk around naked, when they start going on or complaining I just go “you’ve seen it before” my little sister did make me get naked a couple of times. Once at each of my sisters birthday parties and once for my moms birthday and once Sam had some friends over and tgey wanted a nude model so my sister used it once there too. Another time we were in a hotel room while the house was being fumigated and she made me naked then, mainly because she thought it’d be funny b/c I was sharing a bed with our mom. and the last one she used was we were watching t.v. and chanel flipping and got a catch of magic mike and said “why don’t you do that?” I stood up and then started. I took off my socks, taking my time. I then lost my jacket and undid each button of my shirt. I took off my belt then pants. I rubbed each of my sisters hands over my body. I ripped off my undershirt then made them feel my penis through my shorts before taking them off.