Skinny Dipping Girls

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The summer I was 13, my parents sent me to a co-ed sleep away camp for kids 12-14.† It was for both girls and guys.† (Iím a guy.)† The sleeping, shower and toilet facilities were separate, but we did everything else together.† Several kids from my school were there, so I had some friends to begin with.† It was pretty fun.† We had sports, hiking, nature classes, swimming, and so on.† To my surprise, I caught the fishing bug.† We were taught how to make our own fishing poles with bamboo.† Anything we caught would become part of that eveningís supper.† Not much got caught since we all made too much noise.† But we heard that at night the fish were more active.† So me and three other guys planned to sneak out of our bunkhouse one night when everyone else was asleep and go fishing.

Going out on our own at night was against the rules.† And wouldnít you know that the other three guys chickened out?† So I went out alone determined to catch a few fish.† I didnít think what I would do with them.† If I showed up in the morning with fish, the counselors would know that I broke the rule.† But I didnít think that far ahead.

I didnít get to fish either.† When I got to the lake, I heard some voices.† When I got close, there were four of the girls skinny dipping!† Three of them I knew.† Two I knew from school and one from church.† When they saw me, they screamed and tried to hide.† But soon they realized I was just as embarrassed as they were.† I was pretty shy when it came to girls back then and easily embarrassed.† Once the girls smelled blood, they became aggressive.† They came out of hiding and began teasing me, showing off their boobs, butts and even their pussies.† The moon was bright enough for me to see everything, and for them to notice a bulge in my shorts which made them even more aggressive.

But this soon came to a stop when we heard someone approaching.† We all dashed behind some small trees and bushes to hide Ė me and four naked girls!† I forgot my pole by the water and the girls forgot the pile of clothes.† The person approaching was Ed, one of the counselors.† He saw my pole and picked it up noticing my name on it.† Somehow he did not see the girlsí clothing.† By now I was more concerned about getting caught than anything else.† My bulge had totally disappeared.

Ed took my pole and left.† The girls said they had enough excitement for the night and proceeded to get dressed.† They asked me to promise not to tell anyone.† I told them it would be our little secret.

The next morning, Ed gave me my fishing pole back telling me to be more careful.† He didnít say anything else.

It has been a few years.† I still have those two girls as classmates and see the third in church.† Sometimes I remind them of that summer night.† I am no longer embarrassed, but they are.