Locked out

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I’m 14 and my name is Ashely. I shared my bedroom with my sister Carol that was two years older than me. She used to laugh at me, because I had a crush on one of the two boys that lived in next door to us. Carol was always teasing me because I was to shy to talk to him. I used to see Carol talking to them threw the cyclone fence of our back yard. I had the feeling she was talking to them about me, just to make me feel bad. One saturday, my mom had gone to the supermarket and my Dad had already left for work. Carol caught me with a towell around myself cuming out of the shower and lure me to the back of our house to help her with the laundry bag. I din’t know she had just been out talking to these two boys and it was just an excuse to push me out into the back yard. I was so shocked when she dragged me out the door and saw the two neighbor boys standing in the fence. Before I could react, I was locked out on the yard completly naked with these boys looking at me. Carol was looking out the window laughing her head off while I was panicking trying to get back inside. She left me out there to them get a good look at me before letting me back in. I’ve never felt so naked and uterly embarrassed in my whole life. Just the thought that those boys saw me with nothing on, made me wish I was dead. It was the most humiliating moment ever and so embarrassing I kept it a secret from everyone.


I let one rip

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A few months back, I must’ve eaten something that gave me some mad gas. I was in the supermarket, it was kinda late. I was the only one on the aisle, I was in pain, so I let one rip.

It was WAY louder than I expected, and some people on the next aisle over started laughing their a**es off. They couldn’t see me, though, so I felt fairly safe.


i accidentally farted

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i was at the supermarket where this cute guy i liked worked and then as i was buying something from a machine i accidentally farted! and to my dismay he was behind me!!!
i just ran out and never went back for like a month!

omg i just remembered this one

we were at a graduation and all of a sudden i felt sick and as i made a run for the door i puked on like 10 people that were standing by the door. I ran and drove off lol