Step Sister

Me and Step-Sister Undressed

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I’ve been reading stuff on this site for a few weeks without commenting.† I thought I would add my own story.

Most of my life I spent growing up in an all male household. There was my older brother and my dad who raised us as a single father. When I was 15, brother went off to college and father remarried. She was divorced with a 17 year old daughter named Candi.

It got some getting used to having females in the house. For one thing, I had to remember to lock the bathroom door. I usually did, but this one time I did forget. It was early on a Sunday morning. I was just getting out of the shower. Candi had just woken up and planned to shower herself. She was not totally awake. As I stepped out totally naked, she came in. But she didnít notice me standing right in front of her. She undid her robe and let it fall to the floor. Now she was just as naked as I was.

I was so startled, I froze. I didnít even bother to cover myself. Candi looked up and suddenly woke up. She gave out a scream, grabbed her robe and held it over herself. Then she turned and ran butt naked to her room with her rear in full view.

I quickly grabbed my towel and ran back to my room before anyone else would notice. I heard the door to Candiís room slowly open, and then I heard her run to the bathroom and slam the door shut. At breakfast we could not look or talk to each other.

At the end of the day, we were still both embarrassed. But Candi came up to me and said, ďLook. If we are going to live in the same house, this will not be the last time one of us will see the other naked. Letís agree not to make such a big deal over it and to just let it pass.Ē I agreed and we shook hands.

Candi and I became good friends eventually.†† Itís been two years. As for catching each other naked, she did catch me once more. She said to excuse her, and then left the room. I caught her topless once in the bathroom. I said sorry. She covered herself and said it was OK.

Another time Candi had a friend over. They just got finished playing tennis and got back. Candi had showered in our bathroom and the friend used our parentís. Mom told me to tell them dinner was ready. I knocked on the door to Candiís room, but they didnít hear me. So I opened the door. The girls were about to get dressed, but were still naked. I said sorry and closed the door. The friend was upset, but Candi told her, ďItís OK. Itís just my step-brother. Heís cool.Ē

We catch each other in our underwear all the time, but thatís no big deal. We show more skin when we are at the beach or pool, so we donít even cover up for that.


Evil Step Sister Saw my Internet History

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I fell asleep on the futon. I woke up to see my step sister and her frirnd doing something on my phone. I said “What the hell are you doing?! Gimme my phone!” Then I looked over my step sister’s shoulder More


My step brother saw me naked!

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Okay so my mom re-married a couple months ago and I’m 13 and my step brother is 14, Ryan and my real brother is 11, Jonathan and my step sister is 7, Ava so my mom, step dad and Jonathan went to my Ava’s More


Exposed completely naked in the street

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i had just came out a shower wen my mom pulled up and asked me to help her in with the grocery bags from the car , it was about 15:30hrs
so i says to hell with it i will just dash out with my towel around me, 2 secs it’ll take.So i goes out, gets to the car lifts about 3 bags in each hand and starts headin back towards the garden. When out of no-where, my 16 year old step sister runs up behind me whips my towel off runs passed me into the house and locks the door. It was quick as a flash and bcoz i had all the shoppin bags in my hands i cldnt do nothing about it. My mom seein wot had happened laughed and drove away somewhere. Then my sister and her two friends came out locked the door and put the keys thru the letterbox i had to wait another 1hr for my mom to return with my step sister and most of the residents of my street laughing at me