O my god I did it with my brother

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Well this was Monday, it was 7 in the morning and I was changing for school when my brother ( 13 like me ) walks in on my ( we share a room ) and says why are your boobs so big it was embarrassing plus More


Eahh!Eahh!Eahh!Eash!Eahh!Ah, harder!

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This happens last night when i was having sex with my best friend, Yohanes, 14(We’re gay and had have teenage gay sex together since we learnt our secrects last year at summer camp and had becomed best More


Embarrasing gay

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This happens when i was 14.I had my best friend Yohanes who was a year younger than me over at my house after school so we’ll be able to play games together.Yohanes was a really sweet person to girls and almost every girls in our school think hes really hot.When he got into my room, we locked the doors and went online.While my computer was booting up, Yohanes stripped down to his boxer and told me that he was really hot and sweaty and he would really use some air and he told me to do the same as it was relaxing.so i’ve also stripped down to my boxer briefs.We then sat next to each others boxer-stripped in front of our my computer and went online for an hour on twitter.Then we went on to porn websites watchin sex videos.while we were watchin it, Yohanes suddenly touches the top of my boxer andbegan rubbin it.even though it was beneath my boxers, i felt that it was meant for my penis.i’m nt gay but that feelin has suddenly turned good and it made my penis erect into a boner.At first, i was irritated and told him tostop but he insisted on and tells me that its fine and he just wanna feels hows its like havin sex with a boy.after rubbin for about 2 minutes on my boner.he shoved his hand into my boxer and wrapall of his fingers round my erected dick and began shakin it up and dowwn and boy that feels sooo good.he then got off his chair and pulled down his boxers, revealing his erected penis and pulled off mine too.He then pushed me onto the bed and lie above me with his dick touchin mine and shake it hard.we did this over and over again with me shakin above him and he above me.We also tried suckin each others dick and have sex so hard till our sperm spilled out.Since then, we’ve always have sex together whenever we had the chance.


Striped Naked And Wedgied

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I was out playing with 3 girls and 2 boys Their names are Lisa, Laura, Amy, Toby,Stan

Anyway we where in my house on the xbox and then Lisa and Laura went over to me when i was walking in my room they would pin me so i cant move and then Lura took of my top and my boxers then Lisa picket me up and then hanged me from my boxers i was hanging their for 30 mins and then they finally ripped. After my boxers had ripped the came back to me and then took my boxers off and i felt my penis coming out and then after 1 min my penis got hard. I was starting now to get Embarrassed even more but this was the worst Toby decided to ask the girls and boys to wank me off and they did and they did not stop doing this until sperm came out and they kept me naked until they went home the only time i got a new pair of boxers back was when we went up to eat and when we where back they took it off aging and to make matters worse they all recorded this.

This was Embarrassing but it was fun really and i glad it happed.