Small Boobs

One thing that I most regret.

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My name is Julie and I am an 14 year old girl. I have very small boobs so I wear a padded bra. One day, me and 2 of my friends Susie and Jenny went for a swim in the woods. I couldn’t find my bikini top so I wore a normal bra on the top and wore a white t shirt over it.
When we got to the river, we jumped in and I guess Jenny thought that it would be funny if she untied my bra. So me and Susie had a competition of who could hold their breath longer and while I was underwater, Susie held me down while Jenny unhooked my bra.
When I resurfaced, I was completely unaware that my shirt was transparent when wet and my small boobs were showing. I soon caught on and ran away to hide in a bush, crying. A while later, Jenny and Susie found me and dragged me out of the bush where my crush Jason and his two friends Josh and John was waiting.
Jenny and Susie took some scissors that she told the guys to bring and cut my shirt off, exposing my small boobs!
Then they cut my bottoms off too, exposing my pussy! Then I was forced to walk all the way to the park where apparently the entire grade had gathered. I was tied to a tree and they laughed and took nudes as I stood there crying.
Jenny told me that I couldn’t tell anyone or the nudes would be on the internet.
Luckily, a month later, our family had to move far away because of my dad’s job. I later found out that they had post my nudes on the internet anyway.


Skinny Dipping With Cousins

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My name is Kelly and I’m a 16 year old girl. I’m really underdeveloped for my age and I have small boobs and very little hair on my pussy. One March Break, my cousins Susie, Jessica, and Jenny came for a visit. Susie is 15 and Jessica and Jenny(they are twins) are both 16 like me.
We were out for a walk in the woods and it was really hot. We came by a river that wasn’t too deep but not too shallow. Susie then had a idea to go skinny dipping. Jessica and Jenny agreed but I wasn’t too sure. They said that it would be fine because we are family and girls anyway. So we pulled off our clothes(we weren’t wearing anything under out shorts and t shirts) and went into the cold water.
We swam around for a while. Then, I heard voices coming near. We hid near some bushes that would cover us. Then I saw three popular girls from our school: Julia, Alice, and their leader, Felicia. I’m not exactly the most popular girl in my grade. They saw our clothes and threw them in the river and they all washed down stream away from us!
We tried to go after it when the three girls started to laugh. They came in the river in their bras and panties, pulled us out and got a rope from a old tire swing by the river and tied us to a tree!
Felicia told us that we had to stand and pose for them while they took pictures of us or they would not untie us so we agreed. They made us stand in positions that would expose our boobs and pussies while they took pictures. They also found out which school my cousins went to and sent the pictures to a friend of Julia’s who went to that school!
After a while, they let us go and we had to walk back home naked! Whenever a car or a person came by, we jumped into nearby bushes but I think a couple of people, including my crush Joshua saw us! When our parents asked us about our clothes, we said that we fell into the river and our clothes got swept off us.
When March Break ended, everyone in our schools had seen the pictures and constantly made fun of me. Thanks to that, I was once forced to walk around the neighborhood naked or they would post our nude pictures on the internet!
Now, me, Jessica, Jenny, and Susie only go skinny dipping or go naked when we are sure that no one would ever come by. I like being nude now and I even walk around my house nude when no one’s home.


Halloween Disaster

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My name is Lisa and I am in my first year of high school. It was Halloween and that night there was a big party and everyone I knew were invited. There was a boy at the party that I kinda liked so I decided to wear a bikini and be a surfer. By the way, I’m really underdeveloped. I have small boobs and there is almost no hair on my pussy so I were a bikini top that made my boobs look bigger.
Right before I left for the party, me and my mom were arguing. “You are NOT wearing that to a party!” my mom yelled. “Well, I’m old enough to show my body off!” I yelled back. That was the wrong thing to say. My mom said, “Fine, show your body off.” and with a swift motion, she untied my bikini top and and my bikini bottoms. She then dragged me into the car without anything, not even shoes, to wear!
I protested, “Mom, what are you doing? I can’t go like this!” mom replied “If you want to show off your body, then go naked! You can say that you’re Eve from the Bible!” She dragged me out of the car, rang the doorbell, and went off in her car.
The door was opened and everybody started laughing. I tried to cover my boobs and my pussy but they taped me to the wall and started laughing and taking pictures of me, making fun of my small boobs.
The next day, everybody was making fun of me and posted my nudes on the internet! Now, I don’t wear big bras because everybody knows that I have small boobs.


Dragged Naked Through the School Hallway

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This story happened when I was 15 and just starting high school and it was the worst, most humiliating incident in my life.
I was painfully shy and didn’t have any friends at my new school. I was especially More


Female Coaches Saw Me Nude, Laughed at Me

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I live in the midwest & couple years ago went to a baseball camp for a couple weeks.There were two women coaches cuz of all the girls taking up sports now. They were in there early 20s in college & kind of pretty. One was a redhead the other a Latina with small boobs. But anyways I was only 13 then and wasn’t really into girls yet.Thats changed over the past two years when I got into high school. Most of the boys got two guy coaches but all the girls and half the boys including me got the two women coaches.They seemed ok and could really play ball and stuff. felt kinda weird at first having two women teaching you & showing you how to field, bat and stuff but they knew what they were talking about.The girls and boys took turns showering & changing. The coaches office was right next to the showers with a glass window and glass door.Not very private so the two women coaches went & bought some of those slatted plastic blinds and hung them up to give us privacy.On the third day I was showering near the windows when boom, the blinds came crashing down. Guess they didnt hang them good or somethng.But I was standing under a shower head just a few feet facing the windows.They were both standing there & could see everything.Time sort of froze and they just sort of looked at me for what seemed like forever but was just a few seconds.They both started giggling, the redhead coach at least putting her hand to her mouth.I tried to cover myself then I guess realized how stupid I must have looked standing there, so I turned to run back to the lockers but slipped and fell on my ass.I could hear both of them laughing as they tried to rehang the blinds.It was even more weird the next two weeks cuz every day I had to see them knowing they saw everything. They never said anything or teased me or anything but they grinned a lot at me which just made me blush all the more around them.