Naked in school


So this happened back when i was in 1st grade. It was early fall and it had been raining earlier and the playground was wet and had puddles, but the school let us out anyway. So me and my mates where playing tag and what not and then we decided to go down the slide (there was a huge puddle at the bottom, but as first graders we just wanted to go down the slide) So i went down first, and surprise, i get soaked head to toe. So when the monitors see me they take me to the nurses office  to undress and get dry. While i was doing that the nurse called my mom and told her to bring me a change of clothes, but my she was stuck at work and there was no way to get me clothes. Well the nurse came and told me this, and also said that there were no clothes i could borrow and that there was no way to dry my wet clothes so she said that, as embarrassing as it would be, i would have to attend the rest of school naked. (we were taking these state test that were mandatory and it was also the day right before Christmas break so we had no choice but to take them)  I tried to argue but she said that the principal would not allow me to skip these test, so a  finally agreed and was led through the school naked with everyone looking and laughing at me. When we finally reached my class the nurse explained to the teacher why i was naked and said that if anyone did anything to me they we to be put in detention. So after a million comments about me, the teacher finally calmed everyone down enough to start the test. I kept hearing whispers all around me, like “i still cant believe hes naked”, “I’ve never seen a boy naked before”, and other things like that. So after what felt like an eternity time was up and the teacher collected the test and we had some free time till the bell to leave rang. I asked if i could go back to the nurses office, but she said that no one was aloud in the halls for any reason while the test was commencing(because other classes weren’t finished) so i had to stay there. After hearing another million comments the bell to leave finally rang and the bus ride home was just as bad. When I got off my friend was coming over my house to play. When we got home my mom told me she had some bad news. She had decided to wash all the clothes today and that there was no clean clothes for me and that i had to stay naked for the rest of the night, but my friend(being the friend he was) said that he’ll get naked to so i wont be so embarrassed. My mom said that’s fine, so he striped and we went to the park. The kids all stared at us in all our glory. It was by far the most embarrassing, exciting, and craziest day of my life, so far. Because hey, you never know in life.