Shaving with twin brother?

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This happened about 2 weeks ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, this one day in the middle of the summer it was burning hot out. it felt like 105 degrees outside. fortunately, we have a pool in our backyard. its a pretty big pool, perfect for a hot day. Let me give you a little backstory first. My name is Sam, and I’m a 14 year old guy. the only people in my family are me, my mom, and my twin brother, Jack. This week our mom was on a work trip, she wouldn’t be home for 2 more days. She said Jack and I can go swimming, but only if we were together, so we don’t die. when we got home from school, we agreed to go swimming right away. we took turns changing in the bathroom (we are both fit, but I am very self-conscious when it comes to nudity. we got in the pool and relaxed for a while. we got out later, and went on with our day. The next day, it was even HOTTER out. we wore tang-tops to school (we hate tang-tops, because they expose our new armpit hair, we don’t have much). Like every other day though, we did everything else normally. When we got home, we couldn’t wait. We didn’t even change in the bathroom, we just ran for our bathing suits and brought them outside. we took our tops off as quickly as we could, not saying anything. We got down to our underwear. we weren’t facing each other. when I’m in a bathing suit, I hop in the pool, but then I see Jack. he was already in the pool, but his bathing suit was still on the side. I was like, whatever, so I got naked and we laughed. we haven’t seen each other naked for years, but we didn’t care. after all, we are brothers. we swim around for at least an hour. the I get out, and dry off. Jack stayed in. He didn’t look at me changing though. he knows I am very self-conscious when it comes to nudity. I saw his from underwater, its the same size as mine. he isn’t gay, he is just curious, I know because I would have starred to. I went inside and got a drink. I came back outside and sat on a chair relaxing. then Jack started to get out. I didn’t care that he was naked anymore. The I saw something WEIRD. on his penis, he had ABSOLUTLY NO HAIR. our cocks were the same size and our testicles hung just as low, but he was hairless. Stupidly, I blurted out “omg, do you shave?” he said, “oh, yeah I do” I had no idea why he would shave. I asked him why he shaved. He said that he mostly does it because he is on the football team, and they have one big shower room. The other players said they shave every week, so I started to do it. He brought me inside and showed me his razor. he asked if I wanted to use it. I said ok. let me mention my pubic hair is at least 4 inches long and very dark. I have never taken pubic hair off in any way. He said to me in the bathroom “ok, get in the tub. we don’t want hair getting everywhere. he was still naked. I was only in my boxers though. he said to me, ok. get naked. I told him that we are dry now and not under water, so I wasn’t that comfortable with him seeing me naked. He tried to talk me into it, so after a while I gave in. I took them off, and he stared at my pubes far A WHILE. he said “what the hell why are they so long?” I told him that I don’t know and just give me the razor. he said he was doing it, since it was my first time. I said “you can see my naked, but I reallllly don’t want you touching it.”. he told me his friend did it to him his first time, it was hard to do. so I said fine and he started at the top, then did the sides. when he was don’t with that, he did my testicles, which he said hung even lower that his, and it would be harder. he did it though, and I looked brand new. he even showed me his shaved armpits, which are usually hairy. he said he just started doing them, so he did mine too.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

at first, it was REALLY embarrassing, but now we see each other naked all the time, never with pubes or pit hair.


I Got My Borther Good, But He Got Me Better

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I have been reading stories from here for a couple of years, but I haven’t had anything truly embarrassing happen to me until now. First, a little back story. I’m a 20 year old girl and I have a brother who is 10. Despite our age difference we have a very good relationship. We constantly mess with each other, and always get a good laugh. About a week or so ago we went to the community pool and my brother decided to wear a speedo. I’ve read a few of the speedo-napping stories on here and I’ve really wanted to try it. I pointed out a group of girls that were around his age and suggested that he should do a dive off the side to impress them. My brother has always been kind of a showoff so he obliged. I stood behind him as he got in position. When he launches off the side I reached forward and grabbed the side of his speedo, and he slid right out of them! I couldn’t believe my eyes. In my hands I held my brothers speedos! My very first speedo-napping attempt and it was a complete success! My brother emerges from the water and yells at me to give them back. I told him if he wants them he had to come and get them. His face was so red, but he didn’t hesitant. He climbed out and I started running. I had always been faster than, so he couldn’t catch me. I could see the group of girls had their cell phones out and were probably taking pictures and video. My brother looked so funny because he was using his hands to cover his genitals, but not his ass. I made sure to run passed the girl so they could get a good view. After circling the pool once I threw his speedos in the water. He jumped in and after a minute he climbed out wearing them again. We left the pool and on the ride room he was really quite. After the adrenaline had worn off I started to worry that I had damage our friendship and I apologized. He said it was okay and that he wasn’t mad just embarrassed, but that he had very intend of paying me back. This got me a little worried because when my brother says his going to do something he does it.

After a couple of days he didn’t do anything, and I kind of forgot about it. He then asks if we could go swimming again. This surprised me because it had only been a few days since the incident. Then again my brother isn’t the type of person who stays embarrassed for very long so we went. I was wearing one of my favorite bikinis, yellow with flower designs, and not to brag or anything but I look hot. Curiously my brother was wearing his speedo again as if daring me to take them, and believe me I was so very tempted. I had been swimming for a few minutes still thinking whether or not to speedo-nap my brother again when the front of my top pops open! I quickly cover my breasts and then inspect my top. The middle threads holding it together somehow broke, but I didn’t have time to think about it because the shoulder straps snap off too! I couldn’t hold my top together so I let the pieces flow away. I was swimming back the the side of the pool when the right side of my bottoms breaks! Soon the left side does the same and I was naked! My brother had something to do with this, but I couldn’t figure out how he did it. I tried not to draw attention to myself, but people started looking my way. When I get to the side I see my brother standing there with a smirk on his face. I ask him if he could hand me my towel, but he said if I wanted it I was going to have to get it myself. I should have known it wasn’t going to be easy. I climb out and all eyes were on me including the group of girls that were there when I took my brothers speedo. I rush over to the chair with my stuff, but my brother had other plans. He snatched the towel off the chair and out of my reach! Apparently he was determined to keep me naked just a little bit longer. I chase him around the chairs until he tosses the towel to me. I wrapped it around myself, gathered up the rest my of stuff, and run out of there. While driving home I assured him that like him I wasn’t mad just embarrassed. After all it’s not like I didn’t deserve it. I asked him how he had managed to do it. He said the other day when I was at work he went into my room, found my bikini, cut out the threads, and then replaced them with water soluble threads. He said it took a few hours, but afterwards you couldn’t tell they had been tampered with. I busted out laughing. I can’t help but feel proud of him. That was the most creative prank I had ever seen even though I was on the receiving end of it. So I don’t think I should speedo-nap him again, but I’ll put it to a vote. Do you guys think I should speedo-nap my brother again and deal with the more than likely embarrassing consequences, or should I seek out other people to speedo-nap?


Caught Skinny Dipping

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As a child, I used to go skinny dipping with my sister and younger brothers during the summer. Our pool was right in our back yard, but it was set back on a hill and fenced in, so the neighbors were completely More


Ball Versus Balls

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Back in my junior year of high school I was the soccer team’s goalie. And just a heads up, I never wore cups after I first ried them out. I found them a bit uncomfortable and they made it just a bit More


The Bus Mishap

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I was hanging out after school when all of a sudden the minute hand on the clock hits the 7. I rush outside to catch my bus, only to find that it was trailing along happily, two other buses following it. More


babysitters story

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This isnt really my story but its what happened to me. so when i was 16-17 my moms went to a 4 business trip and left me my young brothers (one was 12 and the other was 9) and my younger sister (she was 5). what i planed was to secretly go to my bestie’s party when my mom left. BUT my mom was mean and told me that i cant handle all my siblings at once so she hired a babysitter. -.-” i was so unhappy….until i actually met the babysitter! he was soooo hot i believe he was 19. lemme have a moment to describe him 😀 ok so he was in shape pretty buff actually. he had beautiful brown eyes and lushious brown hair. he is white and his name is dave. he was gorgeous like i swear he was perfect. ok anyways …. at about 9pm my siblings were sent to bed leaving a perfect opportunity for me to make a move >:) just as i approached him he said hey shouldnt you go to bed too. as an excuse i flirtatiously “oohhh your right i should sleep im exhausted…but i cant sleep and leave you here taking care of all of them….” then he said “its ok you should get some rest theyre all sleeping anyways.” so without hesitation i took his advice and slept (or at least i pretended) at about 12am-1am i sneaked downstairs not seeing him there… i decided to find him without him really noticing. i slowly walk back upstairs checking all the rooms finding all his stuff in my moms room(where he was staying). i sneak in looking for him wanting to scare him… but once i turned over i see a figure in the corner of my eyes and i scream….turns out it was dave…like a normal person would react when a psycho screams in dead silence, he jumps up in the air kicking what seems to be a bath towel used to cover himself up after what seems to be a shower….:) i quickly rip the towel off my face getting a full glance of his rock hard abs and … everything else ;). omg


Skinny Dip Disaster

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These are a few disasters iv had. Mostly due to my brother. You have to hate older siblings..

So anyways, this happened when I was like 10, about two and a half years ago. I was on vacation in France with my older brother. We were vacationing by a beach my brother told me about. So one day while our parents were going to some other place to do something I can’t remember, we walked about 20 minuets to it. The beach was mostly empty when we got there, with people just getting there. I went to go swimming immediately, and he went to talk to some hot girl.

Anyways, so we were there for like 1 and a half hours, and i was just getting out when all of a sudden I feel my swimsuit yanked down past my feet, leaving me completely naked and left me a little shocked, which let this big wave wash me up on shore completely naked. Some people looked at me, and some laughed a little. That’s when I (finally, I’m not that good at noticing things) realized that I wasn’t the only one naked. Apparently it was a clothing optional beach. However, I was still completely embarrassed, and looked back only to see my brother holding my swimsuit. He quickly ran and picked up both of our stuff and ran back to the hotel. Finally realizing what happened, I ran after him, still naked. As I ran after him, and as I turned a corner, there was this one girl he was talking to earlier took a picture of me with his camera. She gave the camera to him, and he continued running, making me chase him even more.

Eventually we got back to the hotel, but he locked me out. He made me promise to never tell our parents. He also made me walk there and back naked everyday we went there for the rest of the vacation.

There are some more, but you won’t hear about those yet. 😛


Awkward Work-Out

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This happened just yesterday, I decided to work out, outside and since it was about 5 am an no one was around, I thought hey I just put on my shorts (which are way too big) and go do a quick work out. As I got outside it hit me I didn’t put on any boxers, but who cares I’m in my yard, with a fence it won’t matter, as I started to warm up with some jumping jacks, my shorts kept falling off, so I just decided to take them off, so there I was working out butt naked, just then I heard it.. giggling, I turned around and it turned out my sister had left the fence gate open and the neighborhood girls had been gathering around watching me for minutes, I turned around so I was facing them, and them remembered, I was naked, so I tried to cover up as best as I could, but it was too late, to make things worse, my brother had seen me outside as well, taken my shorts when I wasn’t looking, locked the door and recorded the whole thing. My brother poked his head out and said the front door was unlocked all I had to do was make it there, but that would mean passing all the girls, and being visable from the street, I went for it, but I ended up moving rather slowly since the girls did not want to let me through, as they did this my brother locked the front door and the fence gate, so by the time I got to the door it was locked and I had no way to make it inside, and this was early morning so everyone was starting to head off to work & school he waited for about 2 hours to let me in before he decided I had enough, needless to say I don’t work out naked outside anymore.

From the author of Evil Siblings


Evil Siblings

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One day about 9 years ago, my cousin was visiting us, and as he was getting ready to leave, he gave me a massive wedgie, then my sister gave me a wedgie, then my other sister gave me a wedgie, then my brother gave me a wedgie, and my neighbor who had snuck over seeing what was happening to me, and asked if she could give me one too, not only did they say yes, but they held me there so she could, but right after she gave me the wedgie she pantsed me, my siblings were suprised but they kept holding me, then she pulled my underwear down, they lifted me up out of my pants & underwear, then they took my shirt off, duck taped my hands behind my back, and taped my feet together, pushed me over and ran inside and locked me out, worst of all, when I was finally let into the house after like 3 hours of being naked, I discovered they had hidden all of my clothes from me, it took me 4 hours to find them. The next day at school I discovered they had taken pictures and posted them all over the place, but the students at the Middle School decided as funny as the pics were they wanted a live show, so my siblings & neighbor who all happened to go to the same school stripped me butt naked, and tied me up to the flagpole, and many more.


you’ll have to close the door!

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Well, my embarrassing moment happened in the summer of 2003 on a road trip from Chicago, IL to Denver, Colorado with my family and best friend Roxanne, who is also from Denver. Our family is so close, we’re sisters and she stayed with us during the vacation.

On the way, long during the trip, we stopped at Burger King so my little siblings could get a bite to eat and use the bathroom. At the time, I didn’t feel I needed to do so, and plus, I was playing music, and basically, enjoying myself with Roxanne. Once the little kids were situated, we continued the trip without any interruptions.

About an hour or two later, my uncle needed to get gas, so he stopped at a 24-hour rest stop gas station. During this time, the little kids didn’t have to go obviously, but Roxanne and I were dying to. The women’s bathroom was out of order and a huge line was front of the men’s room. It was a long line, and thankfully, after it was over, Roxanne and I were the last remaining people. When she came out, it was my turn, and she went back to the van.

Then, while I was still on the toilet, the next thing, I knew, some lady opened the door, fidgeting in need to pee. With a new fair number of people lined up and watching me, I demanded her to close the door. Surprisingly, she had enough nerve to yell at me, saying “Hurry up.” I responded, saying something like, “Well, I will, but you’ll have to close the door!” Then, I remembered, most people were laughing at me, while a few were telling her too close the door, and I could remember being REALLY embarrassed. Seriously, I wanted to disappear.

To stop the girl from actually, well, ‘protesting’ for me me to come out by keeping the door open, the clerk came near the bathroom to get her to move, also getting a good look at me. It was so mortifying, I couldn’t look anyone in the eye after coming out, not even the clerk. I could hear some people snickering and making comments. Thankfully, my brain is more mature now because I know if something similar happens again, I wouldn’t be embarrassed because strangers aren’t a part of my life after I leave their site, so really, it would matter. Sure, they can tell people they know, but I wouldn’t know about it, and the people they tell don’t know me personally. Well, I’m just glad it isn’t on the internet. lol. By the way, the lock was broken, so I couldn’t lock the door.

I have many more embarrassing situations and oddly, most of them are bathroom related. lol. I don’t know why it happens, but it just does. In November, a lady opened the door on me in a Chinese restaurant that was rather small, and everyone got a good look at me, but nonetheless, she did it by accident. Sometimes, I still wish people would knock.