Showering with a female classmate

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I see there are a few shower stories here. Do you mind one more?

When I was a boy of 13, my family moved to a new town. I had only a few friends, and there was not much to do of interest on a Saturday night. I learned that the local YMCA was open Saturday evenings, and since I like to swim and few came by Saturday nights, I figured it would be a chance to get some serious swimming done. So this one night I am there and the only other person is Jeff, a senior at my school who works as a life guard, and two old guys who came in just as I was leaving. I got in two hours of swimming.

So I go back to the locker room, take off my trunks and go into the showers. After five minutes, I hear a female voice say, Mind if I join you? I turn around and see May, a girl from my school who is wearing nothing but a towel. I am wearing nothing period. I quickly cover my manhood with my hands. Dont be so shy, she says. I have three older brothers, so I know what boys look like. I ask what she is doing in the mens showers. She said she was playing tennis with a friend and got all sweaty. She didnt like to go home all dirty, and the womens showers were out of service. I didnt think there would be anyone here, she said. So if you dont mind. . . . Before I could say anything, she takes off her towel hangs it up, and walks naked into the shower taking the spot next to me. Its OK if you look, May said. Just dont touch.

She did ask me to wash her back, though. And I started getting a boner, which I tried to hide. May noticed and said she had seen her brothers hard ons as sell, so dont worry. I finished up quickly and went to get dressed. I was ready to leave when May came by. She had left her clothes in a locker nearby. She asked if I had happened to ride my bike to the Y. I said I did, and she asked me to stick around until she got dressed. She didnt like riding her bike home alone at night. I said I would, and I watched as May once again removed her towel, dried off, and proceeded to put on first her panties and then her bra. This will be our secret, OK?, May smiled at me. I said OK.

I rode with May back to her home. She thanked me and gave me a little hug. I wanted to ask if she went to the Y often, but chickened out. It seemed she liked me, but I was shy at 13. She did show up the next Saturday and joined me in the pool, but not in the showers. The womens showers were working by then.

At the time it was a bit embarrassing and I was too shy to pursue it further. But now it is a pleasant memory. May was sure nice to look at.


Skinny Dipping Girls

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The summer I was 13, my parents sent me to a co-ed sleep away camp for kids 12-14. It was for both girls and guys. (Im a guy.) The sleeping, shower and toilet facilities were separate, but we did everything else together. Several kids from my school were there, so I had some friends to begin with. It was pretty fun. We had sports, hiking, nature classes, swimming, and so on. To my surprise, I caught the fishing bug. We were taught how to make our own fishing poles with bamboo. Anything we caught would become part of that evenings supper. Not much got caught since we all made too much noise. But we heard that at night the fish were more active. So me and three other guys planned to sneak out of our bunkhouse one night when everyone else was asleep and go fishing.

Going out on our own at night was against the rules. And wouldnt you know that the other three guys chickened out? So I went out alone determined to catch a few fish. I didnt think what I would do with them. If I showed up in the morning with fish, the counselors would know that I broke the rule. But I didnt think that far ahead.

I didnt get to fish either. When I got to the lake, I heard some voices. When I got close, there were four of the girls skinny dipping! Three of them I knew. Two I knew from school and one from church. When they saw me, they screamed and tried to hide. But soon they realized I was just as embarrassed as they were. I was pretty shy when it came to girls back then and easily embarrassed. Once the girls smelled blood, they became aggressive. They came out of hiding and began teasing me, showing off their boobs, butts and even their pussies. The moon was bright enough for me to see everything, and for them to notice a bulge in my shorts which made them even more aggressive.

But this soon came to a stop when we heard someone approaching. We all dashed behind some small trees and bushes to hide me and four naked girls! I forgot my pole by the water and the girls forgot the pile of clothes. The person approaching was Ed, one of the counselors. He saw my pole and picked it up noticing my name on it. Somehow he did not see the girls clothing. By now I was more concerned about getting caught than anything else. My bulge had totally disappeared.

Ed took my pole and left. The girls said they had enough excitement for the night and proceeded to get dressed. They asked me to promise not to tell anyone. I told them it would be our little secret.

The next morning, Ed gave me my fishing pole back telling me to be more careful. He didnt say anything else.

It has been a few years. I still have those two girls as classmates and see the third in church. Sometimes I remind them of that summer night. I am no longer embarrassed, but they are.


Boyfriend caught me naked

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Im a girl who has always been shy around boys. The reason why I think is obvious. I grew up in an all female household. There was my mom and my two sisters, one three years older than me and one two years younger. Our dad left when I was 4.

Still when I was 14 I had my first boyfriend, Alan. He was willing to put up with my shy quirks. He didnt pressure me for sex. He really liked me a lot. He would often come by our house just to hang out with me.

So this one Saturday, I was home and Alan stopped by. The only other person home was my older sister. She let Allan in and told him I was in my room and that he could go up. What she did not know is I just took a shower and was naked. So I hear a knock on my door. I figured it had to be my sister, so I told her to come in. I may be shy around Alan, but I have no problems being naked in front of my mom and sisters.

So my back is to the door, so I do not see who is there. Alan enters to get a full view of my naked backside. I wonder why my sister is not saying anything, so I turn around to see Alan. He is frozen with surprise. His mouth is wide open in shock. I also freeze, now giving Alan the full frontal view of everything. I finally realize what is happening, so I scream and try to cover myself with my arms. I could have easily grabbed a pillow off the bed to hold over myself, but I wasnt thinking. Alan suddenly wakes up and starts saying Im sorry. Im sorry, over and over again. He leaves my room and hides behind the outside wall so he would not see me. Im crying and screaming.

My sister hears the screaming and runs up the stairs. She can figure out what happened. She tries to calm me down saying it was her fault because she did not know I was nude. I keep yelling for Alan to get out of here and I did not want to see him again. I was too embarrassed and angry. My sister tells Alan hed better go home because I was too upset just then. Alan calls later that night to apologize, but I refuse to talk to him. He comes by the next morning, but I tell my mom to tell him to go away. My mom and little sister know what happened. Mom said I was being silly.

The whole next week I try to avoid Alan as he tries to talk to me. I know he feels badly about seeing me nude, but I dont care. I am just too embarrassed. He also calls my home to talk to my mom and sisters asking them to help him patch things up.

So its the next Saturday. I am in my room listening to music when Mom comes in. She tells me Alan is here again. I tell her I dont want to see him. Mom says, This has gone on long enough. Hes really sorry about what happened, even if it is not his fault. He wants to apologize so the least you can do is give him the courtesy of listening. This has got to end one way or another. Tell him you forgive him or break it off.

So I follow my mom downstairs to the living room. I dont see Alan, but my two sisters are there on the couch with big grins on their faces. My mom calls out for Alan to come into the room. Alan walks around into the room from the kitchen. He is totally naked! There is not a stich of clothing on him!

I am shocked. My mouth drops open and my hand covers my mouth as I get a full frontal view of Alan. My sisters are giggling. Mom leans over to me and says, Any boy who is willing to go through this sort of humiliation just to get a girl back may be worth hanging on to. Alan tells me that he is sorry about seeing me naked, and that he figures the best way to make things even was to let me see him naked. He asks for my forgiveness.

I tell Alan I should ask for his forgiveness. I realize his seeing me nude was an accident and I reacted like a spoiled bitch. I tell him I want him back and I give him a hug. Then I tell him to put his pants on. I dont like my mom and sisters looking at my boyfriends dick.



Embarrassed by beach date

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Have you ever been embarrassed by the behavior of others?  I have.

This took place when I was 15.  My older sister and her best friend Ada were planning to go to the beach the upcoming Saturday with their boyfriends.  Ada had a cousin named Randi visiting from out of town, and who was coming with them.  She did not want Randi to be the odd person out, and since Randi was my age Ada asked me if I would come along as Randi’s date.  She said Randi was kind of cute, so I said yes.  I wasn’t expecting any long term relationship with a girl from out of town, but I still liked talking to cute girls – especially at the beach when they are in their bathing suits.  Ada did warn me that Randi was somewhat shy, but that didn’t concern me.  It should have.

So Saturday morning I am helping my sister and her boyfriend put together some food we would be taking with us.  Ada’s boyfriend’s minivan pulls up.  Randi is sitting in the back.  I go and sit down next to her.  Ada introduces us, and Randi sort of edges away without saying anything.  I try to talk to her, but all the way to the beach she speaks not a word.

So we get to the beach a bit early and find the best spot.  We lay down the blankets, set the coolers down under our beach umbrella, and strip down to our bathing suits.  Except for Randi.  After some urging by Ada, Randi slips out of her shorts and top.  She’s wearing this lime colored two-piece which really shows off her shapely body.  Her bod is cute as well.  But Randi then sits down away from everyone else.

While the others run into the surf, I stay behind to watch our stuff and to try to talk to my date.  She pulls her legs up close to her body holding them with her hands and then hides her face.  I finally give up.  I figure I can watch our stuff from the water since we are not too far away, so I go for a quick dip.

Eventually everyone is back.  Ada is still trying to get Randi to open up to me.  Even though we have our own food, she suggests we go together to get ice cream for everyone.  Randi finally speaks up.  Sort of.  She cries out, “I just want to be left alone.”  Then she goes running off to the parking lot.

Ada runs after her.  I think to myself, “Shit.  I’m supposed to be Randi’s date.  I should also go.”  We find her by the minivan crying.  Ada asks what is wrong, and Randi answers she just wants to leave.  We try to explain we can’t just leave now with the whole day in front of us.  And this sets Randi off crying and screaming she wants to be left alone.  Naturally she is heard by half the beach.

So soon we are surrounded by a crowd looking and pointing at us.  It seems most of them think Ada and I are picking on this poor little girl.  Suddenly a beach cop shows up and demands to know what is going on.  Ada tells him.  The cop asks Randi if this is her cousin, and Randi nods yes.  The cop then tells us we’d better get her out of here.

Ada asks me to stay with Randi while she goes to the others to tell them we have to leave.  I was afraid that Randi would start screaming again, and told Ada it might be safer if she stayed.  Otherwise passersby would think I am some sort of pervert picking on a girl.

Either way, the day is ruined.  We all leave before we even had time for lunch.  Randi sits in the back seat again, but this time alone.  It was better for everyone that way.

Ada later apologized.  She said she knew Randi had some personal problems relating to others, especially guys.  Randi had been getting psychological treatment.  Ada said she should have told me.

Well, the next year Randi is back for a visit.  She stopped by our house with Ada.  She told me she wanted to apologized for the beach incident.  I said it was OK, and I asked how she was doing.  “Better,” she said, “but I have a way to go.”  I did notice how nervous and ill at ease she was.  Still I got her to let me take her out for an ice cream.  She thanked me afterwards saying little things like that helped her a lot.

We keep in touch with the occasional e-mail.  I let her vent to me.  She is doing better.  She was here over Christmas and we spent a little time together.  She said when she comes next summer, she would like to try the beach again.  I look forward to that!


Passed out on toilet!

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So I was at this HUGE party for all the seniors in my high school. I am usually a very shy and polite person, but not afraid to drink. So I guess I did too much, and I passed out on the toilet!!! I wasn’t bent over, able to cover my privates, but instead leaned back with my legs spread apart! Basicly, I was in a way everybody could see my vagina without much trouble. So when I woke up to a bright flash and laughing, I kneecaps something was wrong. I was still dizzy by fainting. “Wha-?” I finally realized they were taking pictures of my vagina! When I recovered, I blocked the sight with my hands. I ran out of the bathroom and then out tog the house right away. And they actually took a video and now it’s online! I was super embarrassed!


Nude Modeling for a Shy Girl

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I was always the shy girl.  I wore modest swimsuits, never showed much cleavage, and showing any skin to boys was out.  So the summer I was 16 was somewhat of a surprise.

My older brother just finished his freshman year at the local college.  He is majoring in art.  He and about four other students would get together and take turns modeling so they could get their practice in.  But all four lived out of town, so when summer came brother was without a model.  He asked some of his female friends, and they were not willing to pose nude.  So as a last resort, he asked me.

My brother has not seen me naked since I was about six.  Plus I am incredibly shy.  But my brother needed my help and he was always there for me.  Mom said it would be nice to help my brother out, and he is only my brother so nudity was no big deal.  It used to be a big deal for Dad, but after getting used to some of my brother’s work, Dad figured if it was for art it’s OK.  So I reluctantly agreed.

The first day I posed it was in the little studio my brother set up in the basement.  I came down wearing only my bathrobe.  He asked me to recline on a love seat he had picked up cheap.  I was nervous as I took off my robe.  Hell, I was shaking.  I was showing everything to my brother.  I was so embarrassed, but my bro didn’t seem to notice my embarrassment, or didn’t care.  He just posed me and began sketching.  He asked me how my school year went, and I told him without moving a muscle.  It helped to calm me down, but damn!  Not moving was tiring.  After an hour, we took a break and I was not so embarrassed as before.

By the end of the summer, any embarrassment being naked in front of my brother was gone.  He told me I was a great model for him and to thank me he gave me a nice little necklace, which I immediately wore for his next sketch.  When his friends returned from summer vacation, I even posed for them a few times.  I was starting to feel more confident with my body.  Sometimes they would pay me a few bucks, but they didn’t have much money to begin with.  I was willing to do it for free, or for the occasional dinner out.

But there was one embarrassing encounter to come.  During the school year, there was an art competition for the university’s art students.  Up to that time, none of the drawings of me had been displayed anywhere.  Now my brother wanted to enter two charcoal drawings of me – a front view and a back.  They were quite good, but it was still me naked and with everything accurately drawn.  I wanted to say no, but brother would have been disappointed.  Since it was highly unlikely anyone I knew would see the pictures, I agreed.

My whole family attended the opening.  My bro won second place!  People complemented me on being such a lovely model, which was a small embarrassment.  But now the big embarrassment!  You know I said no one who knew me would be likely to see the pictures?  At one point, I turned around to see three guys from school looking at my brother’s work.  This included Alex, the school hunk who I had a crush on!  I decided to quietly make my way to the exit, but I did not get far.  One of the boys saw me and called my name.  I decided it was better to get the embarrassment over as soon as possible, so I walked over to them ready to get a helping of humiliation now that they all knew what I looked like naked.

But that did not happen.  They all said how impressed they were by my brother’s talent, and they complemented me in a tasteful way.  They were all impressed and told me how proud I must be.  What a turn-around!  And to make things better, my crush later joined me at the refreshment table where we could talk.  I found out he actually had an interest in art having worked part time at his cousin’s gallery.  And then he told me he would like to call me sometime!

I am still modeling for my brother.  Alex and I are dating.  Alex even sat in on one of our sessions.  I joked to my brother to make my boobs bigger, but Alex said they were perfect the way they are.  He has that drawing framed in his room.  I’ve met my brother’s art professors.  One said I could earn extra money next year at college by modeling for his classes.  I also met Alex’s cousin who told me he could introduce me to artists who would be willing to hire me.  I turn 18 real soon, so I already have a way to earn extra spending money for school.

And I am no longer that shy girl embarrassed by her body.



Puked and fainted in front of the class

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well im very standoffish, timid, quiet, shy and introvert type of guy.2 years back i wrote the best essay in my was about a girl buried alive by her uncle because of property and inheritage. so my english teacher told me to read the story in front of the whole class.since it had a very nice title.everyone wanted to listen.when i got in front of the class my hands started trembling that i couldnt see the voice choked.i felt weak in the stomach rumbled and i placed my hand of my forehead.everyone laughed so hard seeing my trembling hands and stomach rumbled hard that i puked on my english teacher in front of me!! everyone laughed so much that 3 guys were litterally rolling down laughing.3/4 of the class drooped from their save my skin i pretended to faint.i was shaking so hard that everyone got to know that i didnt faint but just shivering with fear on the floor.