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Having kids can be interesting.  It is true that they are all different.  My 3 daughters for instance are each quite unique in their own ways.  From the earliest age, we have taught the children to knock on our bedroom door before entering.  This has been met with limited success, by varying degrees.  The oldest has experienced enough embarrassment upon entering prior to being bid welcome, for example, that she finally gets the point!  Our middle child seems to have always grasped the concept and awaits permission…  the youngest, now she’s different, of course.  Rebecca will knock, sometimes while entering, perhaps after entering or occasionally she may just announce her presence after entering.  This applies to any room in the house.  Thus far, with her at least, embarrassment isn’t an issue.


Having had a rather harrowing experience with one daughter (and friend) previously, regarding household bathroom usage.  I have attempted to restrict access to the Master bath to only myself and my wife, however, this “Rule” is often blatantly ignored when I am traveling, which is most of the time.  The girls prefer using our shower over their own.  My older 2 daughters have settled into a routine of adjusting when I am home and it isn’t a real issue for them, ‘Becca though… Perhaps she is simply wired differently?


As a father, when my girls were very small I occasionally bathed them.  Then, as will happen, they reached an age where they no longer wanted help nor required supervision.  Sadly many children become insecure about their bodies not long after this point of development.  I begin to wonder with my youngest.


I have found myself either discovering her in some stage of undress in my bathroom or having her walk in on me in such a state personally more times than I can count.  She remains seemingly unfazed by anything that has happened to the point that she is apparently comfortable with my nudity as well as being naked.  Though she is in her teens she will occasionally shower with me when time and space is limited and circumstances are pressing.  I personally am torn as to whether it should be discouraged as it seems she has a healthy body image and is not embarrassed easily.  She certainly has no need to be embarrassed around me and I am rather used to her seeing me naked, though I doubt that I would be so open with either of my other daughters.


I suppose that seems strange to feel embarrassment based on other peoples feelings yet knowing that my older daughters are not comfortable, makes me uncomfortable.  While knowing that my youngest is OK with it, I think I am too.





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A couple of years back when I was 14 we went for a vacation. One day while on vacation I was having a bath and suddenly saw a cockroach crawling on the floor. The sight of cockroach freaked me out and in panic I ran out naked in front of my whole family. No one said anything but when I explained the reason for running out naked they all had a good laugh at my expense but I was still scared and for the rest of vacation bathed with the bathroom door open.


Coach embarrassed in the locker room

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I am a male, highschool gym teacher who also coaches the basketball team. Most days after teaching five PE classes during the day I have about a 45 minute break in between my last class, and the start of practice. I often shower at this time. Earlier on week we moved one practice up by 30 minutes, this detail slipped my mind on the day of the practice. That day after my last class I had to file a few things on the computer, and then take my shower. About five minutes into my shower. The entire boys basketball team comes in. I have my back turned and shampoo in hair when the noise I turn to see my whole team staring at me. Hiya coach, the captain said. Hi… I responded, boys give me a minute to finish up here. The all laughed and let me be for a while. It was not too bad just a little embarrassing.


Her Little Boy…

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This happened when I was 17.

I was taking a shower in the upstairs bathroom. Since I thought I was alone in the house I didn’t bother bringing clothes in with me. So I dried myself off and went to the hall. And as I turned the corner, to my surprise my mom was walking towards me and saw me. I quickly covered myself and she had a slight look of surprise on her face.

“I’m sorry mom. I thought I was home alone.” I awkwardly said to her.

“That’s okay dear. And stop covering up, I have seen your penis before.” she said to me. I than uncovered my dick for her to see.

“Awww it’s so cute.” she said as I turned beat red.

“Cute?” I asked in dismay.

“I mean it’s so small and hairy, it’s just adorable.” she said as if it was a fact.

“You got to be kidding me” I said in disbelieve.

“Oh relax. There is no shame in having a small penis. Now go to your room.” she said to me. As I she walked pass she gave me a pinch in the ass.

From this day forth my mom calls me her “little boy”.






A dare to far

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This happened to me two weeks ago at sleep away camp. (I am a seventeen year old guy). Now that I am in teen division of camp counselors don’t stay in the cabins with us, the stay in a cabin together and then the campers stay in a cabin. We are unsupervised because the expect to be responsible enough to supervise ourselves. So occasionally stay up late play truth or dare. We had been play for a while when it was my turn I said dare like an idiot. So one guy in my cabin decided that the next morning I would have to take a shower in the counselor bathhouse before wake up call. The counselors bathhouse is near ours but it was recently renovated so it’s a lot nicer than ours not that ours is awful or anything, just there’s is fancier and for counselors only. So the next morning at six am I had to figure out a way it the bathhouse the door hasn’t to be opened with a counselors ID card so I came around to the back of the build saw an open window and climbed in. When I got there I realized it was pretty nice. Lovely tile work, and what not. So no one is there and I think I can take a short shower finish the dare and get out.
I took a quick shower but savored the heat and water pressure when I was done I shut off the water. As I opened the curtain there were three male counselors in different states of undress. One was wrapped in a towel, one had on his boxers and the last was complete naked. And mid grab for my towel when I saw them, I hadn’t heard them come in and they thought I was another counselor. We quickly covered ourselves and they told me I had to leave or I would be in serious trouble. We were all pretty embarrassed because it was awkward and we were all kind of naked.


Me and Step-Sister Undressed

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I’ve been reading stuff on this site for a few weeks without commenting. I thought I would add my own story.

Most of my life I spent growing up in an all male household. There was my older brother and my dad who raised us as a single father. When I was 15, brother went off to college and father remarried. She was divorced with a 17 year old daughter named Candi.

It got some getting used to having females in the house. For one thing, I had to remember to lock the bathroom door. I usually did, but this one time I did forget. It was early on a Sunday morning. I was just getting out of the shower. Candi had just woken up and planned to shower herself. She was not totally awake. As I stepped out totally naked, she came in. But she didnt notice me standing right in front of her. She undid her robe and let it fall to the floor. Now she was just as naked as I was.

I was so startled, I froze. I didnt even bother to cover myself. Candi looked up and suddenly woke up. She gave out a scream, grabbed her robe and held it over herself. Then she turned and ran butt naked to her room with her rear in full view.

I quickly grabbed my towel and ran back to my room before anyone else would notice. I heard the door to Candis room slowly open, and then I heard her run to the bathroom and slam the door shut. At breakfast we could not look or talk to each other.

At the end of the day, we were still both embarrassed. But Candi came up to me and said, Look. If we are going to live in the same house, this will not be the last time one of us will see the other naked. Lets agree not to make such a big deal over it and to just let it pass. I agreed and we shook hands.

Candi and I became good friends eventually. Its been two years. As for catching each other naked, she did catch me once more. She said to excuse her, and then left the room. I caught her topless once in the bathroom. I said sorry. She covered herself and said it was OK.

Another time Candi had a friend over. They just got finished playing tennis and got back. Candi had showered in our bathroom and the friend used our parents. Mom told me to tell them dinner was ready. I knocked on the door to Candis room, but they didnt hear me. So I opened the door. The girls were about to get dressed, but were still naked. I said sorry and closed the door. The friend was upset, but Candi told her, Its OK. Its just my step-brother. Hes cool.

We catch each other in our underwear all the time, but thats no big deal. We show more skin when we are at the beach or pool, so we dont even cover up for that.


Showering with a naked girl

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This happened when I was 9 or 10 when I went to our community center indoor swimming pool over winter break. Do you know how some fathers bring their daughters into the mens locker room? Thats what this story is about.

So I was just swimming by myself in the pool. I had some friends with me, but they left early and I wanted to get more swimming in. It was cold outside, but not too cold so we rode our bikes there.

Anyway, I see Janet who is a girl from my class in school. She is there with her father. We say hi to each other and talk a bit then go do our own thing. I finally decide it is time to go home, so I go into the mens locker room to change and shower. I didnt mind using a public shower, and I hated all that chlorine on me. So I have the hot water running over me and enjoying it. Then I hear a girls voice say, Hi! I turn around and it is Janet. I cover up my front with my hands. She is still in her swim suit. I ask her what the hell she is doing in the mens shower. She said her daddy didnt like her to go into a locker or shower room by herself, and he wanted her to shower off before going home.

She then asks if I am uncomfortable with her being there while I am naked. I answer, What do you think. I tell her to get out until I am at least finish, but she says her daddy wants her to shower now. Then she says something unexpected. Janet says if I am so uncomfortable, then she will get naked herself. Janet then strips off her suit and goes under a shower near me. She doesnt even try to cover up. I finish up quickly and get out.

Later she catches up to me just before I was leaving and asks if I am OK. I said yes, but asked her why she didnt feel weird being naked in front of me. Janet said, It did feel weird, and a bit uncomfortable. But I thought it would make it less uncomfortable for you if everything was equal. That was considerate of her, in a way. We agreed to tell no one else. We did start to become good friends after that, but Janet and her family moved away about a year later. We kept in touch for a while, but the letters and e-mails slowly came to a stop. We never saw each other naked again.


First time in a communal shower

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When I was 13 I went with my family (mum, dad and 2 brothers) to a festival where we stayed at a makeshift campsite. There were toilets at the campsite but no showers – we were told that we could use the local secondary school facilities during a certain time each day.
On the first day we were coming back from the beach and I headed straight up to the school to get a shower. The rest of the family were going back to the tents to get their towels but I had mine with me. I got to the school and went in to the male changing rooms. It was then that I realised that the showers were communal, where everyone showers in one big room. There were a few men in the room and I went back out and kept lookong around, hoping that there were some other showers somewhere. But then someone came along and told me that that was where the changing room was, so I had to go back in.
I felt completely embarrassed and knew that I couldn’t have a naked shower, but thankfully I still had my swimming trunks on from the beach so I was able to shower in them. I got an erection almost immediately with the other naked men around but it was easy to hide with my swimming trunks on.
I was able to get out the shower and changed before my dad and brothers came in which was a relief as that would have been extremely awkward.
The next day I was kind of excited by the thought of being naked in the showers but still worried that I would get an erection if I went completely naked. I managed to get up to the showers in plenty of time before my family were ready. I stripped off and went into the showers and there were about 3 or 4 other guys there. Then a dad and son (who was about 10) came in and the boy was obviously very embarrassed too.
I managed to keep my mind focused on something boring and was able to wash without getting hard but then I needed to wash my penis. As soon as I touched it it began to get hard. I very very quickly washed it then got out of the showers, covering myself up. A guy seemed to laugh as I walked past him but he might have just been talking to a friend.


My best friend and little brother

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First the background. I am the second of four children in my family. Im a girl. I have an older brother Adam, a younger sister and a younger brother. Our father left right after my younger brother Andy was born. My mom often had to work long hours to support us, so my older brother sort of took over as the male authority in the house. Me and the younger kids looked up to him. When Adam went away to college on a scholarship, he told me it was my turn to look after the younger ones.

So I had a friend named Louise. She was boy crazy at the age of 12, and lost her virginity at 13 to a boy in our class. Within a year she had slept with half the boys in our class and a good deal more in our school. As she grew, her taste in boys did not change. She liked them young. I should have kept her away from Andy.

So I was 17 when this happened and Andy was 13. Louise was at our house to work with me on a school project. I didnt know Andy was home taking a shower until he came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Louise saw him and said she was going to grab that towel and rub her hands all over Andys smooth body. I told her not to. Actually I said something like, If you touch my brother, Ill break your arm. Andy ran into his room.

Later I talked to Andy all about Louise. I told him to stay away from her. I not only thought he was too young for sex, but Louise was my age and too old for a boy of 13. Besides, if there was anything I learned from Adam, it was that sex was something special to be shared by two people who have close feelings for each other. I waited until I was 17 and found the guy I knew I would spend my life with. We are now engaged. My first experience waswith a boy who truly loved me was the most magnificent experience of my life. I wanted the same for my younger siblings. I thought my message to Andy got through.

About a week later, I came home. I thought I would be alone. Mom had to work late. Sis was at a friends house working on a school project. I thought Andy had something going on after school. But I heard voices, one female, from Andys room. So I went up and opened his door. There was Andy with Louise, naked in bed. Andy pulled the sheets up to his neck. Louise got out of bed and stood there smiling and naked. I made your brother a man, she said. I told her to get the hell out of my house. I then told Andy to get dressed and I would talk to him.

When he was dressed, I went into his room and we both sat down. I tried to explain that he met nothing to Louise, and that she has had many boys in the past who mean nothing to her. Andy didnt care. He just wanted the sex. So I had to use another angle. I asked him if they used protection, and Andy said Louise said they didnt need it. I told Andy that Louise has had at least one abortion I knew of, and I know of two occasions where she was treated for STDs. Andy didnt believe me, so I told him to ask Louise. I dialed her number on my cell phone and gave it to Andy. Andy asked, and then his face turned white. After he hung up, he said Louise said, Yeah, but dont worry about it. He knew she was hiding something.

That weekend, I took Andy to the health clinic to be tested. It game back negative for everything. Andy promised he would wait to have sex until he was older. It was embarrassing for both of us, but I hoped Andy learned something.


Locked ourselves outside naked at the camp

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I was 12 years old when this happened and it was early June. We had a few days off from school and we decided to go to a camp. Just me and 3 of my friends (they were also 12) and we booked a camp in more of the countryside. There was no coaches or our parents, just 4 of us staying in the camp for 3 days. We just wanted to play there and kinda explore the country part. There wasn’t much people in the camp and lucky enough, we could have one of the apartments all by ourselves. An apartment wasn’t that bg, it was just a two-storey house containing 2 rooms on the bottom storey (each can holds 8 people at most) and the showering facilities on the upper storey. There was also a toilet on the bottom storey.

So we played for nearly a whole afternoon and we are all sweaty. We came back to our apartment and decided to take shower. We went upstairs and realized that there was nothing much in the shower room. There were just some seperate showers but nowhere to put our towels and clothes. If we put our stuff on the floor it will be all dirty and wet. So we thought we’ll just stripped naked in our own room downstairs and went upstairs naked to shower. After that we’ll went back downstairs to dry ourselves and change our clothes. In this way, we didn’t have to bring anything upstairs so we won’t get our things dirty. We thought this plan was perfectly fine because no one else but us were in the apartment and we’ve been friends for a long timeand we didn’t really care about seeing each other’s privates. So we all went naked with nothing but our slippers and then went upstairs to shower. We actually showered in the same shower so that we could go back to our room the same time.

And then when we went back to our room, BAD NEWS. We tried to open the door put it won’t open. We didn’t lock the door and we only slammed it when we headed for the shower. No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t open the door. Even worse, our luggages, towels and clothes are all in the room. We were naked and only wearing slippers, all 4 of us! The door lock seemed to be broken and we accidentally locked ourselves out of the room!

We had to inform the office of the camp but we were naked. So we walked out of our apartment, took a 5 minutes walk NAKED and reached the office.

The office said they will try calling a locksmith to help and they could give us the key to the other empty room of our apartment. However as it was already 8 at night and it was far from the city, no locksmiths were willing to come. We had to passed the night naked with nothing at all. Not to mention how embarrassing it was explaining to the office naked.

Then the next morning we went to the office again naked and asked them, and they said they were still trying to contact locksmiths. On the way back and fourth a lot of people in the camp saw us naked. The office told us if we didn’t mind we could use the facility naked as it was ‘special situation’. We were alreay starving and so we went to the canteen to have breakfast… naked.

It turned out we were so boring staying in the room waiting for locksmiths to come that we couldn’t stand it and went outside to play naked. People of course stare at us but we didn’t really mind. We spent the whole day naked and finally the locksmith came at 4 in the afternoon. Finally.