Shower Curtain

Mom Forces Nudity

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This happened when I was 14.  My cousin Shelia, then 12, came for an extended visit during the summer.  She stayed with my sister Connie, also 12, in her room.  One day I got a bit bored, so I thought I’d annoy the girls.  I entered their room when I knew they were getting dressed catching them both partially clothed.  They screamed and told me to get out.  Later they went swimming, and when they came back I again entered their room.  I saw Shelia in her panties from the back, while Connie was still in her two-piece.  Again they screamed at me to get out.

Now I really was not trying to catch them naked for the sake of seeing them naked.  I just wanted to annoy them for fun.  I didn’t think they would try to get revenge.

That night I was taking a shower.  When I turned the water off, I heard some giggling.  I realized Connie and Shelia were in the bathroom waiting for me to come out and catch me naked.  I told them to leave, but they tried to grab the shower curtain and fling it open.  I grabbed the curtain and wrapped it around me.  There was screaming back and forth as we fought for the curtain.

Dad was away at the time, but Mom was home.  She came into the bathroom to see what was going on.  I complained that the girls were trying to see me naked.  They said I had tried to catch them naked earlier in the day.  I said I was only trying to have a little fun and really was not interested in seeing the girls nude.

Mom told us all to shut up.  Then she dropped the bomb.  She told me to let go of the curtain and let my sister and cousin see me naked.  I protested, but Mom said if I did not I would be grounded for the whole summer.  Embarrassed I let the curtain go covering my penis with my hands.  The girls were standing there with big grins on their faces.  The grins got bigger when Mom told me to move my hands and stop covering myself.  So I let my hands down letting them all see my dick.  Then I had to turn around so Connie and Shelia could see my butt as well.  They giggled and smiled enjoying every inch of me.

Then Mom said to the girls, “OK, now it’s  your turn.”  The girls’ smiles suddenly disappeared.  They weren’t sure what Mom was saying.  “Come on,” Mom said.  “Strip!  You got to see Johnny.  Now he gets to see you.  I want all your clothes on the floor now!”  Now the girls started to protest.  Mom told them they could either get naked now, or I could watch them shower later.  I guess the shower is a bit private, so the girls figured it was better to put on a show now than later.

They protested again as they slowly took off their clothes.  I guess they figured the slower they went, the more likely they would not have to go naked.  When they got down to their training bras and panties, I started feeling a boner coming on.  Mom must have noticed and figured that would be too much humiliation for me, so she gave me a towel, and told me to dry off and put the towel around me.  Connie and Shelia were too concerned with their own embarrassment to notice.

Eventually both girls were naked.  They too had to show me everything and cover up nothing.  They also had to turn and show every inch of their nude bodies.

Eventually Mom said it was enough.  We were all to get dressed.  She said, “Now that you three know what the others look like naked, you don’t have to go around acting like perverts trying to get a peek at each other.”  Mom was right.  For the next week, I could not face Connie or Shelia, and they could not face me.  It took even longer before we were not embarrassed to talk to each other, and even then we were uncomfortable.  But we did learn our lesson.  I was more respectful of their privacy from then on, and they were more respectful of mine.


Dragged Naked Through the School Hallway

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This story happened when I was 15 and just starting high school and it was the worst, most humiliating incident in my life.
I was painfully shy and didn’t have any friends at my new school. I was especially More



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When my wife and I bought our first house, we didn’t realize that the neighbors had a bunch of kids (like 9 or 10).  The parents were working all the time, which left the older kids supposedly watching the younger kids, which meant that they all pretty much did whatever they wanted to.  Not long after we moved in I was home by myself one day doing yard work.  Two of the kids kept coming over while I was outside.  The older one of the 2 especially seemed to be making himself at home.  Later I told them I needed to shower before my wife got home because we were going out.  When I finished my shower I pulled back the shower curtain and about jumped out of my skin – one of the kids was standing there waiting for me, and did not at all seem to be disturbed that I was standing there buck naked.  I was embarrassed as hell and creeped out too.  Despite my repeatedly saying how much I did not like them wandering into our house, that was not the last time I got walked in on.

We lived there for several years before we sold the house and moved.  One of the last nights we were there, my wife and I had just finished having sex.  When she went to the bathroom, I heard a giggling noise outside and I realized that someone was standing outside our window.  I realized later that even though the shades were drawn, if you stood close to the window you could see through the cracks and holes enough to get a pretty good view of what was going on inside.  Anyway, I wanted to try to catch them, so I got up and pulled on the shorts that I had closest to me which were a pair of skimpy jockey type underwear.  Our bedroom was in the front of the house, so I went out the back door so I could sneak around the side to catch them.  It was dark out so I wasn’t too concerned about the neighbors seeing me.  I peeked around the corner and there were 2 of the neighbors kids standing there peeking through the blinds into our bedroom.  I was furious, so I took off to try to catch them.  They saw me coming and ran toward their house.  Just then, the mom pulled into their driveway and saw them running from our house and me chasing after them.  I was furious so I walked right over to her car and started yelling, and it never occurred to me until later that I was standing there in underwear that were so skimpy I might as well have been naked.   It wasn’t long before the whole family was standing in the driveway watching the crazy naked guy yelling at their mom about her peeping tom kids.  I made her walk over to our windows to show her where they were, and that’s when we discovered how easily you could see in when standing right there.  She was furious with the kids at that point.  When my wife came out with a robe I realized how little I was wearing and I must have gone 4 shades of red.  The kids got in big trouble, and that was about the last time we had to deal with them.


Truth or dare gone wrong!!!

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I’m a 14 year old girl by the way. A friend named Lucas invited me to his party. I accepted and I thought there were going to be a couple of girls who were my friends there. Well I was tricked! I was the only girl at the party. Lucas said it was a sleepover also. His parents were out of town for the weekend and they’d be coming tomarrow (Monday) afternoon. When everyone at the party was in Lucas’ room Gabe suggested we play truth or dare ao we did. When it was my turn I asked for dare (such a mistake!) The boys dared me to strip naked, pour water on me and put dog food on myself. So I stripped my face hot with embarrassment and the guys put water everywhere I lay down on the cushion and Lucas puts dog food on me! But he put way more dogfood on my vagina and boobs! Lucas called Sammy (the dog) in and Sammy licked my body like it was heaven. The boys laughed and whistled as Sammy licked. When I was done I ran upstairs to take a shower and the boys slapped my butt. Jon thought it would be funny to rip down the shower curtain and put a sack over my head. They put Lucas’s moms bikkini on me. It was SUPER BIG on me. The boys told me to go run around the block or else they would post the dog food video online. So as I got outside I passed a house that had a lot of kids in it all from school! They obviously told more kids to come out because well you can guess. As I made it back to the house the bikkini top came undone and dropped same with the bottom! Now I was completely naked infront of everyone!!! They whitsled catcalled me and they ran over to slap my butt! I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassed. I went inside and told the guys I wanted to leave they said I coudn’t and they slapped my naked butt. When I got on the bus the next day every boy whitsled and slapped my butt as I passed. Then as I sat down a boy even took my skirt and threw it out a window! I called him a jerk! This was the most embarrassing day of my life!


Ow! My balls!

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This happened about 6 months ago when I was playing games with my brother. We were playing Truth Or Dare, and my friend dared me to be naked for the rest of the game.
So it was my turn and I got dared to do a handstand (naked, of course). So I tried to but I couldn’t so my friend said, “Here, let me help you!” Of course he had a trick up his sleeve, but I didn’t think so yet.
There was I, upside-down, with my dick and balls dangling down like a punching bag, when he did it. He raised his hand up and before I could react, brought his hand down and smacked my balls as hard as he could. And there weren’t even clothes covering too!
I immediately crumpled up in pain, with a horrible feeling on my balls, while he just rolled over and laughed, saying, “Oh god I can’t believe you fell for it!”
But I had the last laugh. When he was taking a shower, I wore a cup (come on, I don’t want to get a nutshot again) and quietly opened the shower curtain. Then I stood a video camera, aiming it at his privates.
My bro didn’t see me, so I got out my hiking boot I took from the shoe cupboard and used it to whack his balls! He sat down, cupping his balls, while I was all laughing at his face, because I smacked his balls a ton harder than he smacked mine! And I have a video! HAHAHA!!!