Caught Masturbating on the Stairs

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It was 2 A.M. and I was feeling really lonely (and horny :P). The PC kept failing to start and I couldn’t sleep. So this weird idea just popped in mind – Why not go outside naked? Which i did ofcourse More


pantsing my brother…and his undies almost fall!!!

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I did this when some of my 8 year old brother Palmer’s friends were here in our front yard. Even a couple kids I didnt know and one of them was a girl! I think they were playing some kind of tag or More


Beach prank gone bad

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When I was 11, my parents took me and my big sister, 16, to the beach. I guess I was lucky to some extent that I had a big sister who didn’t mind from time to time playing with her annoying little brother. More


Some Interesting Events

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Sadly I have only had two of these golden moments in life. So far…
But they are interesting enough that I’d thought I’d share them with you people.

A little background I have just graduated from a high school in Texas. My hobbies include playing guitar in my not very well known band and writing.
This first story happened during my junior year.


During the cold month of January, 2010, near Fort Worth Texas, the strangest thing happened.
It snowed. 
School was mainly closed throughout the couple weeks of snow but the day we had school, a snowball fight was inevitable.
During lunch, in an outdoor courtyard, it was war.
Students, took the rare opportunity to lob snowballs at each other and the occasional teacher would be hit by a “stray” snowball.
Anyways, on to the good part.
There was this girl, who I didn’t know very well, who was wearing this shirt. Now let me describe it.
The neckline was modestly high, the sleeves were hardly existant, it was somewhat tight, had some kind of design on the back, wings or flowers or something but the front was plain white. (foreshadow)
Anyway after being hit with a snowball in the shoulder her skin was quite visible.
After alerting a few friends to the phenomenon, she became a prime target.
Oh, and apparently she wasn’t a fan of bras.
After a few minutes and several direct hits to her chest her shirt was transparent and plastered to her breasts.
Now let me describe what she actually looked like.
Average build, definitely not overweight but not unnaturally skinny, Longish brunette hair draped a little past her shoulders, brownish-grey eyes, kind of on the short side, if I had to guess, I’d say around 5 ft. 
All in all, fucking amazing to look at.
Continuing this series of fortunate events, her predicament had gotten the attention of several other students, herself still clueless.
Her being practically naked from the waist up wasn’t exactly laugh worthy, but the situation was enough to get my friends and I struggling to keep from laughing. 
The sight of her tits recoiling when she threw another snowball was enough to cause us to lose our reserve.
The laughter and combined stares of several new onlookers was enough to get her attention. 
On her face was the look of severe confusion, until one of her friends saw what was going on and informed her that her chest was clearly visible.
Horrified, she covered her breasts with her hands but from the looks of it she had no idea what to do next.
Helpless she looked around frantically, and her eyes locked momentarily with mine, but there was no help to be found in me.
She stood there hands to tits until her friend started pulling her to the safety of the nearest building and inside of that, restroom.
The embarrassment was too much for her, mortified she had frozen not knowing what to do.
It was at that moment I realized how sad she would be, she would most definitely cry, possibly skip school for a couple days, maybe even leave altogether.
One thing was for sure, she would hate the people who did this terrible thing to her. Hint, hint, me.
Then I remembered, I didn’t care about her feelings, so I continued to laugh as she broke out into a run to the restroom.
Now you might say that I’m a terrible person or whatever, but I ask what would you do in that situation?

That’s what I thought.
Besides it wasn’t like she was terrifyingly unattractive, she was beautiful to say the least and her confidence would eventually be revived.
Even if she never risked wearing a white shirt again, or decided to stop going topless under her shirt.
And it’s not like it was a bad experience for everyone, everyone else save for her more loyal friends seemed to enjoy it.

So ends one of the more interesting days of that school year.

This next event of epicness took place not days after graduation.

So a pair of friends and myself were at the mall, our purchases consisted mainly of oversized pretzels and drinks.
My one friend wanted to buy some new clothes, he’s just kind of gay like that, so  we went with him to one of the department stores.
While browsing through the jean selection, I noticed a pair of girls in the women’s apparel section who I recognized from our school. 
I hadn’t known them well but enough that I could remember their names.
Anyways, other than a few waves and smiles we made no contact.
After what seemed like an eternity of shopping, my not so masculine friend was just about done shopping and was ready to leave.
My other friend, thank Zeus, saw something and with it, an opportunity.
The two girls from our school had went in to the changing room, both carried swimsuits, bikinis to be exact.
My friend explained to me why we should steal their clothes while they changed, leaving them naked in their respective rooms, he’s just kind of evil like that.
I agreed, what can I say, I’m not that different.
Fortunately my other friend wasn’t really gay so he too agreed.
The plan was in place.
It was a joint dressing room with stalls for customers to change in, so it wasn’t strange to see three guys walk in together.
Not too strange that is.
Of course the door were locked, but it was simple enough to reach over and grab shirts and pants and reach under and snatch panties and bras.
I had secured one of the girls bikinis but my evil friend only managed to grab the bikini bottoms of the other girl. 
The screaming ended quickly when they realized they would only attract more attention.
We told them if they wanted their clothes they would have to come outside and find them.
We then tossed their clothes on the floor outside of the dressing room.
Not to far, but far enough they were impossible to reach without being seen.
Their options were limited, run for their clothes being seen by us and a few others or scream for help and attract a much larger audience.
Which would probably have often us arrested, we hadn’t thought about that, thankfully that didn’t happen.
It was perfect they were in a cell, locked by their own self-consciousness.
Que evil music.
What we didn’t count on was them doing nothing. 
They waited, for a good ten minutes.
The partially clothed girl was complaining about being late for an interview, while the other just stood there silently.
It was late and the store would be closing soon, but they were intent on waiting.
Another 15 minutes passes.
Being as impatient as myself, I came up with an idea.
I told the completely nude one that I was tired of waiting and was going to give her clothes back.
She said to throw them over, I refused.
I said all she had to do was open the door and I would hand them to her.
Now of course I wasn’t gonna just give her clothes back but she apparently believed I would.
She reluctantly opened the door.
Description time.
Short black hair, brown eyes, nice body, breasts were a bit small but her face made up for it, and she was completely shaven or maybe waxed.
Not at all bad to look at.
Anyway, after realizing I wasn’t about to hand over the clothing she shut the door in anger and frustration.
Probably mad at herself for falling for a simple trick like that.
After a few cuss words her friend lost her patience. 
Rushing out from her stall, she ran for the nearest piece of clothing.
This had long blonde hair, not chubby but had more meat than her friend, larger breasts which bounced freely even when confined in her bikini top.
A very nice voluptuous ass and light colored trimmed and well kept pubic hair.
My evil  friend gave her a good spank on her cheek as she ran by him.
She grabbed a pair of jeans and put them on not bothering to find her underwear first and ran out of the store in just the jeans and bikini top.
Effectively stealing both items.
The other was a tad more shy.
The PDA system informed us that the store would be closing in fifteen minutes.
We had to do something.
We told her that we were bored and pretended to leave.
After hiding for several minutes, she gathered the courage to come out.
I was hiding in the far stall, while my buddies were outside.
I got a very nice view of her backside as she tried to sneak to hear clothes.
She had a very natural and round rear. She had barely gotten out of the dressing room before she jumped back inside and glued herself to the wall.
She was breathing heavily.
Some dude who I didn’t know walked in, gave her a strange look and went in to one of the stalls.
Followed by my friends, laughing their asses off.
I too came out of my stall.
The poor girl looked like she was about to cry quickly hid in another stall.
The dude left, giving us three a quick glance.
Only the fact that she started crying got us to give in. 
In fact I realized we were being a tad harsh, maybe it was the drinks we had or maybe we just hadn’t had sex in a while.
Whatever the reason we had a change of heart.
I tossed her clothes to her, and even offered to pay for her swimsuit.
She just said something about us being terrible people or something, oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

So ended the best shopping experience evar!

As you might have noticed I “failed” to mention any names or specific dates to uphold the anonymity of those involved, but I do love hearing what others think of my writing style (the second one was a little rushed)
So leave me some feedback why don’t ya.


The worst day of my life

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The worst day of my life

During a neighborhood sponsored; cook-out, slash, day at the beach that my mother helped organize when I was eleven-and-a-half I was having a great time with my friends. Practically everyone we knew was there. Some of the little kids wanted to bury one of the fathers in the sand and so he laid down for them. Then one of my friends or somebody said we should have a contest by burying two of us standing up, if we could dig holes that deep in the sand to do it, then see which one can escape first. It sounded like fun so I volunteered to be one of the two. This kid named Joseph something volunteered to be the other buried kid. It turned out to be too difficult to dig a hole that deep without making it uber-wide so we finally decided that me and Joseph would kneel in the hole, with both of our arms down by our sides, and our hands down inside our swim trunks like if we had pockets. To make it more difficult, (and more fun) the kids burying us used a lot of wet sand that they formed sort of bucket brigades to bring up from the water’s edge. It took quite a while but finally Joseph and me were buried in pretty solid, wet sand, up to half-way between our armpits and the tops of our shoulders. We wanted to do it up to our necks but the adults said no because if we did it too high the wet sand might not let us breath right if it took too much struggling to escape.

I wasn’t so keen on the adults butting in but at least it was for our safety. But then the adults decided that the winner would get to make any kind of four-scoop, ice-cream sundae at this ice-cream shop that was there! That changed my mind about the adults butting in pretty good! The loser would get to make any three-scoop sundae he wanted, since it would’ve been pretty lame for him otherwise. Everyone else were going to get to make two-scoopers. Neither Joseph nor I really doubted it would take a whole lot of effort to escape, but we were wrong!

It took me almost five whole minutes just to get my hands out from inside my swim trunks and work at getting them to finally poke out of the sand at all! Joseph wasn’t doing much better either. Also, the more I tried to move my legs to try and make a little room around them to permit me more movement to use in squirming my way upwards, it seemed all I did was get nowhere, sinking as much as rising!

My muscles were starting to ache and so were Joseph’s. Him and I talked it over finally because we had pretty much figured out we weren’t going to be able to escape, and we both agreed to forfeit the four-scoop sundae and both only take three-scoopers. So a tie was declared and our friends came up to help get us out of the sand.

Their hands, where they grabbed hold of my arms hurt when they pulled, partly because the sand was making suction around me making them have to pull uber-hard, but also because the sand between their hands and my skin acted almost like sandpaper. Joseph was yanked out just before I was, like only a few seconds, but as soon as they got him out past his hips someone, a girl I think, shouted: “OMG! Look! His suit’s half-off! I can see his butt!”

Just as everyone was turning to look at Joseph the kids helping me yanked uber-hard and I came right out of the sand all at once. My best friend, Jimmy Barnes, one of the kids who had just pulled me out was standing right in front of me, between where I was on all fours, and Joseph. I grabbed Jimmy’s hand and stood up to see Joseph. Not that I’m gay. I’m straight, but still it’s hard to pass up a chance to get a laugh like that. I figured I’d be too late to see his butt of course but all I really wanted to see was the look on his face anyway. As I got to my feet  and went to try and peek around behind Jimmy, he suddenly got this really weird smile and said something, but  the was so much laughing and screaming going on I couldn’t hear what he said.. The next thing that happened was Cassie Miller, one of the hottest girls in my class, if not the hottest, just appeared beside Jimmy, hip-shoved him aside and aimed her cell phone at me! I thought: “What the…?” Did I look all stupid or something, with like sand clinging to me so bad I looked like some kind of sand-monster or something? So I looked down.

There wasn’t much sand on me at all, really. The lower parts of my legs had the most, but even then not enough to really cover anything. It took a whole other second for my brain to  transfer the real reason Cassie had her cell phone clicking away in my direction. An abundance of sand wasn’t the only thing that wasn’t covering anything. My swim-trunks weren’t covering anything either. They weren’t even on me! All at once the horrible realization hit me that when I’d been yanked out of the sand, my trunks had come completely off!

I cast one pathetic look around me. All I saw was a crowd of faces, laughing or shouting or both, and cell phones. It seemed like for every face that was looking at me, there was a cell phone aimed at me too. Pictures and video, I thought, Oh God!

I dropped right down and kind of rocked myself to turn around to the hole, while all the while I had my arms wrapped around myself like it was gonna hide me or something. I only opened my eyes in the shortest possible peeks to find the hole. All I could think of was I had to find my trunks! But how? I was going to have to dig, and that meant I was going to have to unwrap my arms from around myself to do it. I tried to flatten myself out as much as I could, and started frantically digging in the sand. I know everyone was getting peeks at my  front privates and good long looks at my ass. I was fighting hard not to cry but I felt it coming. That horrible ticklish-itchy feeling you get when you’re about to start crying, not from pain, it mostly don’t happen if your about6 to cry ‘cause your hurt from falling or breaking your arm or something, the one you get when you’re about to start crying from something uber-embarrassing or humiliating, you know? I dug down more than a foot and still couldn’t find my trunks. Some girl’s voice right by my ear suddenly said: “Are you embarrassed, Billy? Is it embarrassing all of us can see your thing?”

I screamed something really, really bad at her and dug a little deeper, but found nothing. I pulled my hands out of spot I was digging and started digging just to the right of it, and that’s when I finally found my trunks. I knew it was going to be horrible trying to put them on in front of everyone. I knew they’d all get really good looks at my junk when I did it, but I had no choice. It seemed take forever, I kept falling over, like three times, and my foot wouldn’t go through the leg hole right, my toes kept getting caught in that stupid netting they put inside swim trunks. Everybody was still laughing and screaming and when at last I finally got them on over both my feet and pulled up enough so at least my junk was mostly covered I bolted off up the beach and to our van, which was locked of course.

Only a few kids ran after me, but only my friend Jimmy came right up and behind the van where I was hiding, covering my face in my hands and crying like a  baby. I knew it was him because I saw the tips of his beach-roamers, those things like rubber slippers a lot of people wear at the beach. He didn’t try and say anything. Just stood there.

The only other person who came all the way to where I was was my mom. She started trying to make me look at her. Like I was EVER going to be able to look at ANYONE ever again! I refused and said to just let me in the van and leave me alone. She wouldn’t give up though and started saying all this stupid shit about how it wasn’t really all that bad…

Was she kidding?

She said : “Honey, I think you’re making too much out of it, really. Just calm down. I’m sure that once they think about it, well, I don’t think anyone’s going to say anything…

Something let go inside me and all at once I was screaming at her at the top of my lungs: I’m making too much out of it? Calm down? Calm down! They all had they’re cell phones out taking video! Taking pictures! Don’t you get it? Are you stupid or something? I’m screwed! What do you think it’s going to be like to be me from now on, huh? What do you think it’s going to feel like going to School on Monday? I am totally, absolutely, permanently FUCKING SCREWED!!!

The look on my mother’s face changed when she heard me swear. I was instantly sorry for doing it but she didn’t look mad. She didn’t even look all that shocked or even hurt. What she looked most like was; it had suddenly sunk into her brain what how totally embarrassed and humiliated I really felt. I buried my face in my hands again.

I heard my mother’s keys jingle as she went to unlock the van for me. “Stay here with him Jimmy for me, please?” I heard her ask Jimmy. He mumbled he would. My mother opened the sliding side door and I practically leaped inside and curled up on the back seat covering my face. I heard Jimmy climb in and sit somewhere and then the door slid closed.

Neither of us said anything. No one came and bothered me, except my mom came and asked if I was feeling any better. When I didn’t answer her she actually asked if I wanted my sundae, can you believe it! I almost jerked up to give her the “Are you stupid or something” look but instead I just started crying again. I just couldn’t help it. I heard Jimmy say he didn’t want anything either and she left.

Needless to say, my family left pretty soon after that. Jimmy just put his hand on my shoulder and I think he was gonna say something until I lifted my face from hiding and looked at him, then he just seemed to change his mind about it and give my shoulder a squeeze before getting out and walking away. I’d a done the same thing if it was me, I mean, what could he say?

After she started the van and drove off, about when we were half-way home or something, I actually tried to think about what my mother said earlier, that maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I was thinking. I have to admit that I do get upset over things sometimes way more than necessary sometimes, and especially over things that are embarrassing. Like the time I little league when I was eight… I struck out with the bases loaded  at the top of the sixth inning and the other team won six-to four. I cried all the way home and tried to quit little league over it. Mom wouldn’t let me and I was surprised that even though the guys were not happy about it, no one really blamed me outright or even held it against me.

Just then I heard my cell phone ring. Someone was I M-ing me. I reached for it in the cup-holder I always left it in when we went to places like the beach, or other places where it could easily get lost or ruined in the sand or the water or something.

I didn’t recognize the caller, but I have tons of friends and I’m pretty lazy when it comes to adding people to my contact list so I answered.

Suddenly the screen changed. I saw myself standing totally naked in the middle of a whole bunch of pointing, laughing kids. I had this uber-stupid grin on my face and I was leaning to the side and stretching up to try and look at something. Then I saw me look down at myself and the look on my face slowly changed from stupid-grin to horror and fear. I also saw that my dick was about as short as it could get. It had felt kind of chilly buried in all that wet sand. It looked more like an acorn than a dick.



Embarrassing Dennis

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Me and my friend Dennis were at the park one day goofing around when we saw a bunch of girls playing on the monkey bars. I said lets go over and mess with them. There was about five girls swinging back and forth messing around. They saw us and asked us to join in. Dennis wanted to leave he is very shy around girls. But I talked him into staying. The girls were now sitting watching us go across. As we were going across I thought this would be great opportunity to show the girls how strong Dennis was. I said hey girls watch this. I grabbed onto Dennis shoulders.  But my plan backfired. I lost my grip and slid down his body taking his sweatpants and underwear with me. I hit the sand below leaving Dennis’s pants down around his ankles. He was afraid to let go. His tiny dick was in full view. He was screaming MY PANTS MY PANTS. The girls whom were all in their late teens were pointing and laughing. Dennis finally let go. But his pants were badly torn. He was SOOOO embarrassing. I couldnt help but laugh my ass off. Poor guy….hahahah Now all those girls know he has a tiny little dick.


Naked beach humiliation!

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When I was about 13 I was getting overweight. My mom was getting tired of buying new clothes all the time and she made me go on a diet. She said she wasn’t gonna buy another swimsuit for me that year and I had to wear the old one to the beach when we went.

It fit, but it was definitely too small! It was embarrassing to be seen in public in a swimsuit at all since I was fat, but having it be super small was even worse! People were laughing at me and making fun of me the whole time. But it got much, much worse!

Because it barely fit me, the arm straps kept falling down my shoulders. So a wave came and washed it right off and left me totally naked!

I was so self conscious about my body so being naked in public was my WORST NIGHTMARE!

My brother and his friends took pictures with their cellphones and everyone made fun of me. It was horrible!

Then when I went back to school on Monday, everyone there had seen the celllphone pics and they called me piggy after that. They’d show me the pic on their cellphone screen and wave it around and say, “I see you naked Piggy! Take off your clothes and jiggle your fat rolls!” Then sometimes they would pull up my shirt or pants me.

After all of that I finally had enough and went on a diet and lost all the weight. So I was totally humiliated but now at least I am fit!

What a lovely little girl

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My youngest son was all of four and had long brown hair (just past his shoulders). We were out for a walk one day and this little old lady, dressed in men’s clothing w/rather short hair, approached us and said,”What a lovely little girl.” Mind you, my son was dressed completely as a boy (little blue overalls w/Bob the Builder, matching checkered top, Bob the Builder sneakers, Bob the Builder socks and of course, Bob the Builder baseball cap). My son patiently stated,”I am not a girl but a boy.” Well, this woman kept insisting my son was a girl because he had long hair. Finally, my son argued,” Well then you must be a man because you are wearing men’s clothes and have short hair.” The last thing we heard as she stormed past us was, “Well, I never.”