Told it to the wrong person!


One time I was talking to one of my female friends and she asked me, “Which girl that you know in real life would you not mind or even like to show your naked body to?” It was very an awkward question, but she was my best female friend. The both of us knew that we’d never go out together because we’re only friends, not matter how hot we think each other are! I told her the name one of my female friends that has the most perfect pair of breasts on the most perfect body. I think she understood why I chose her, but she didn’t say much. We left the conversation at that. After school, the girl that I named text-ed me and told me to meet her in the woods near her street after school. I went there and there she was, wearing her white slightly see through tank top and tight booty shorts. She looked so sexy and showed so much cleavage like it was nothing. Then she told me “What are you waiting for? You want me to see you naked… then get naked!” I tried to be innocent about it but she told me that my friend told her the whole thing and that there was no more denying or hiding it. I was a bit nervous, not only being naked in front of her but also doing it outside in the woods alone. I still did it. I took off my shirt, then my jeans and I was left in my undies. She was like “Are you shy? Come on! I want to see if you’re of a good size!” I was in the middle of a killer erection and I couldn’t handle it any longer. I took off my undies and showed her my 8’3 inch penis. She got closer to me and started to feel it. She then took pictures of it and my naked body, which made me feel like she was going to show it to her friends. But she told me she’d keep it between the two of us, which I was happy with. But she said on one condition… “When I ask you to get naked when we’re both alone, you do it!” And I just had to agree. When I went to her house to do homework or hang out in her room with her, i’d have to be naked and she’d always feel and rub my cock for fun. It’s so weird for her to do that when we’re not even a couple, but despite it being embarrassing, I like it because if someone that hot and sexy rubs your cock… who wouldn’t like it?