That is so funny

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Oh my gosh! That is so funny Im sorry that Im laughing :’) Well I have some embarrassing moments
1) The usual :calling the teacher mom :)
2) Getting pushed by my friend and my head hit the wall as I fell I started crying because it hurt so bad and everyone kept looking I couldn’t keep in my tears my head felt so hot!
3) Oh and one time I was running to get to my class and I fall face down as I try to slow down nearing the door so I was half in class half not :)..
Luckily my school was only for girls! hehehe 😛


Flying tips in cheer?

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Ok, so this is my first year cheering and I m in high school, but I m small so I m a flyer. The stunts always go perfectly during practice, I stay tight and everything s fine, but once we perform on game days, I always fall or mess up.
Last night we had a basketball game and we went up in an extension and I fell back on my backspot and she hurt her neck really bad, and the crowd was just laughing. (Probably one of the most embarrassing moments ever) how should I prevent messing up in the air?? I really like flying but I feel like the team gets really upset everytime I mess up.


Naked Dare

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Hi, my name’s Emily and back when i was in 7th grade, me and my friends decided to have a dare competition where the whole group dares a person to do something. The only rule was that it couldn’t result in police showing up. So this is about my turn. MY friends had dared me to run through our school completely naked and wear a mask so i didn’t get in trouble. I was to start right after the last bell rang so i could get into my older sisters car before anyone chased after me. It was Friday so our teacher let us out 5 minuets early, so it gave me more time. Me and my friends went straight to the gym lockers rooms so i could strip. And just as the bell rang i threw the mask on and ran as fast as i could through the halls, out the door and into the parking lot. But there was one problem, MY SISTER WAS LATE!! So i was forced to duck around corners for a few minuets until she came. I almost killed her for it, and she also forgot a spare change of clothes so i had to ride home naked. And i know some people saw me even as i was ducking down in the seat. I also had to spend the rest of the night naked as part of the dare, but that was way easier.


Well , it goes like this

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Well , it goes like this- i was in higher kindergarten, it was school recess, and we were playing on a playground slide(fisal patti ) .
It was winters, so were wearing pants, and i think there was some nail or something on the slide, in which my pant got stuck .
Now, there was always a long queue on the slide , so as i was trying to free myself, someone from behind pushed me down the slide. The result-my pant tore down from my foot to upper part of thigh.
So i was basically stuck there, with half of school day to pass with my leg popping out from my uniform. The result was a dress like this


Do consider this that i am a BOY , was fat when i was a kid , so you can imagine the above pic now, but just imagine a fat little nervous boy instead of angelina jolie now.
Pretty Embarassing this is, i guess. Lets see if anyone else can top this.
P.s- i was in boys school too, so no one stayed back in making fun of me in ride back home.


Dare gone wrong

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At my birthday party I invited my entire class. We were playing truth or dare and everyone was giving the most embarrassing dares I had ever seen, One of them was someone had to wear nothing underneath his t-shirt and another was that you had to go outside only in your underpants, and surprisingly everyone did them. It finally got to me and some did a big one. They said “Now I dare the birthday boy tomorrow at school to get completely naked in the fog at lunchtime and stay like that until the end of lunchtime. Everybody oood and aaaad at that, I didn’t want to be a wimp and be brave like everybody else and accepted it. The next day everybody from my class came with me to the field to see if I was gonna do it. I took a deep breathe and got naked, I left all my clothes in a pile so I could easily retrieve them. I started to walk around the fog, and it wasn’t so bad It was like my own wonderland, when the bell went everybody went back to class, I where I put my pile of clothes and they were nowhere to be seen. I was shocked. I covered myself up and went into the non foggy parts of the school to look for them. I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I had to go back to class in nothing. Everybody knew what was happening when I came back to class, they all laughed at me and my teacher just looked at my shocked, she eventually shouted “WHY ARE YOU NAKED” to me and I tried to but couldn’t explain. She sent me to the principals office and boy, it was really embarrassing. I walked in the office naked, and the principal was shocked, I told her exactly what happened and she understood. She gave me some cloths to wear for the rest of the day. The next day we had an assembly about what happened and the principal forgot to keep me anonymous and used my real name, she told everyone what happened and why we shouldn’t do these sort of things, no one was paying attention, they were just pointing and laughing at me. The next day someone from my class messaged me a video on facebook. It was a video of them taking my cloths and filming me run naked. The person told me that one of my friends sent it to him. I later found out that one person who happened to be friends with most of the people at our school on facebook and shared the video. I wanted to die at that point. When I got back to school everyone was calling me names and making fun of me and I was walking past and someone said to one of the people who dared me that he didn’t get to see the video cause he doesn’t have facebook. He said he would let him see what happened and ran up to me, put my shirt over my head and pulled down my shorts and underwear. I ended up switching schools after that incident.


Baby Prostitute

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I was in 7th grade and I was sitting next to this one very hot sexy guy that made me wet when I would just think about him on the bus. My friend, also a guy, Sat behind us and keeper making comments like I see there is a sexual tension between you guys and C ( 1st letter of my name. Not giving out my name) is that a white puddle I see under you? I was already horny sitting next to that hot guy and now that kid that was behind us made me want to touch myself. (These guys are in 8th so… awsome). The guy right beside me ask me if I had any food. I had food but I haven’t eat anything since the last two days so I said no. He then told me that if I wouldn’t give me the food he would rape me. I liked this so I said that I would be happy if I did and I would give him a blow job. He then told me I was a prostitute (He was joking about everything)

After the bus I tested my friend about what had happen.

“This one kid threading to rape me for food”

“What did u say after words” She tested me.

“I would be glad if he rape me and that I would give him a blow job” I went to hit send and then I got a text.

“Thxs I’ll keep you in mind” It was from my crush from 7th pd.

I returned to school the next day to find 18 guys had came to me with 3 dollars asking me to do it. I turned down all of them. I was wet for the whole day. Later on the bus there was that cute guy. I didn’t say anything to him but I was getting very tight from him that I crossed my legs a keeper squeezing it closed to try to get rid of my craving for sex so I won’t get really wet. I got home and masturbated slipping the end of my hair brush into my tight lady part pushing it in and pulling it out and shoving it in. I kept doing this till I started to bleed. The next day I was running late for school and took the brush to school forgetting it had blood and crum on it. All the guys notice and started asking me to do it with them for 30. I turned them down but now everyone knows about it and I’m called baby prostitute until I went to high school


Music Book Incident

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I’m a girl who plays the viola. Okay, so I was in my twice a week orchestra group, when we were about to play a song on our music books. The older boy behind me asked if he could borrow the extra book I have. I didn’t hear him though and smiled and said, “Oh, a dog ripped it.” That was because it was torn and dirty. It was so embarrasing! He kinda just rolled his eyes at me and repeated his question. My eyes widened and I gave him the book. It may not sound embarrassing, but…


Embarrassed in School

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I went to a private grade school. Although it was a coed school, it was run by a Head Mistress. You did not want to be sent to her office. The fist time was a lecture and warning. Any future trips to her meant a spanking. You were sent into a room with only a table where you waited. It had a glass panel so anyone in the office could see you and know why you were waiting. When she came in you took off your pants but left underpants on and stretched across the table. She spoke about what was coming. Only when she was about to spank did she close the curtain. Anyone in the office could hear the spanking. The girls said they had to lower their panties also. I don’t know.


Busted by Coach

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When I was growing up in rural southern Texas in the early 1980s, I had to deal with two big things: puberty started when I was just ten and I realized I was gay.

The new hair on my crotch was embarrassing as was the sudden almost overnight increase in the size of my junk. Then I discovered masturbation and became a preteen sex fiend behind bedroom and bathroom doors. Privacy was a big deal suddenly.

This would have been okay except I also started in grade school and that entailed mandatory showers after PE. Everything was unnerving for me as I was the sole white kid in my gym class and the coach was a hard-ass who seemed to enjoy making guys squirm. As we all shyly stripped down, he barked at us that we had to hurry up and stop being embarrassed. Then he noticed me as I got down to my underwear.

Coach came over and made me open my tighty whities so he could confirm his suspicion about my ample basket. Then he stepped back and barked out that I was becoming a man and needed to wear a jockstrap to gym. All the other guys were starring and ogling me as I had a head start on physical maturity– my junk was already close to full-size while everyone else was still sporting baby-sized, smooth genitalia.

I was so humiliated. Add to that at the end of gym we had to share the showers with older boys from another gym class or the football team when they had came in from practice and it was the perfect storm for humiliation and raging uncontrollable hormones.

The sight of older boys who’d hit puberty and who were comfortable walking and talking with everything bobbing and swinging around along with the sight of so many athletes and the aroma of raw sweat and testosterone coupled with my hair-trigger libido was too much to resist at times. For those moments I would shower as fast as possible and if I had the inevitable erection, I’d duck into the bathroom that was literally a step from the showers.

I would masturbate so I could have some much-needed relief and manage to hold onto what little dignity I had.

The bathroom was a spartan, cinder block affair like that rest of the old gym. There were no privacy, no stalls, nothing. If a guy had to piss he’d just step up to a wall-mounted trough and do his thing while shoulder to shoulder with everyone. If he had to take a dump, he pretty much better get over his modesty as the toilets were lined up in a row opposite the trough urinal with no stalls.

One fine day in late Spring I was indulging my sick little game of relief at the trough urinal and right as I shot a massive wad up to eye level on the wall in front of me, who should step up next to me but the Coach?! I stood there frozen in fear already figuring the massive, masculine-reeking cum stain that was slowly dribbling down the cinder block wall in front of us both couldn’t be overlooked but Coach just calmly took a piss and never said a thing! I hastily beat a retreat into the locker room to finish toweling off and got dressed at light speed that particular day!

From then on, I learned to put up with my raging hormones and tried hard not to masturbate when I couldn’t be in a locked, private place.

I’m still gay today too.


Humiliated in school

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I go to Catholic school where you can get spanked and hit with rulers for begin bad. I got caught cheating on a finals test in one of my classes and the teacher brought me to the front to make an example of me. She paddled me like 6 times on my butt then made me take my pants off, and then even my underwear right in front of everyone. I had to stand with my hands behind my head and get paddled on my naked butt right in front of everyone with my penis on full show. Everyone laughed at my small penis and after 5 minutes of getting spanked on the butt naked my dick started getting hard. Everyone was laughing and pointing and I was so embarrassed I tried to cover up but the teacher would not let me. She made me keep my hands behind my head and kept spanking me with my boner bobbing all around for all to see. The teacher got mad at me for getting a boner while getting punished so ordered me to jerk off and keep jerking off while she paddled me across the butt. Everyone laughed hysterically watching me get spanked while having to jerk off. I wound up squirting cum all over right in front of the whole class as they exploded in laughter at me. It was the most humiliating thing ever