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So today in P.E. class, we were climbing ropes (we have two types of ropes at my school, beaded and skin, and there are 6 of each type), and my crush came over and asked me to show him how to do the beaded More


I won’t mess with my friend again

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So I’m a 15 year old boy. I live at this boarding school and have a roommate. So few weeks ago I woke up earlier than him like always. then I saw a big tent in his bed if you know what I mean. He had More


the bully in me dissapeared after they made tommy fuck me

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I was a complete bully and i even used to treat my friends as slaves.I was a hot girl( 15 years) with big boobs and huge ass(like a 19 year).I used to make my friends go naked in sleepovers and parties More


Camp Punishment

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So anyways, this happened to me when i was 11. I was really playful and jokey, but for some reason my parents could never understand that and always got mad at me. Well, i guess they must have understood me less then i thought.

My parents had mentioned sending me to this one camp for a month. They never told me any details, just that it would be unique and that it was boys only. Anyways, the night before when i was going to go to camp, my parents told me they were washing all my clothes before i went, so i had to sleep in the nude. Me, being gullible, bought it somehow, and went to sleep naked.

However, when i woke up, i was in the car, arriving at the camp. At first i thought it was a dream, but that soon went away. As the car stoped, i noticed i was still naked, but before i could say anything the car door opened and my mom dragged me out. She gave me a bag and told me to behave. I (finally) asked what was going on, and my parents said that i was at camp. The camp was boys only mainly because it was a nude camp (for children, damn councelors….).

Anyways, i quickly covered my….area….as a couuncelor came and grabbed my arms, releasing my cover and pulling me through the palce, telling me where and what everything was, and then put me in a cabin with 2 others.

Now, obviously i was new, and they had this thing with the new kids for the first week. They grabbed me by the arms, took me to the flagpole, and tied my arms behind me using the rope, forcing my hands to stay high in the air and everyone could see my areas. After about what seemed like 3 hours, someone finally untied me to eat.

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we sat down at this long table and were served. We had to keep arms on the table at all times too (apearently due to some incident or somthing). After lunch, we had swimming.

We swam in this large lake. We swam for about an hour before getting out. Right before we got to our towels though, one of the camp councelors took a picture of us. I went flaming red with embaressment. Thats when one of them snatched my towel, and another 2 grabbed my arms, and turned me around slightly so my butt was facing the councelor, and he said “Come on, make a pose!”. I was officially mortified.

I tried grabbing the camera, and accidentally knocked it out of his hand. Which apearently was against the rules (it wasnt even broken i think, at least not the memory card). Anyways, one of the councelors quickly grabbed me, and put me over his knee.

I already could tell what was comming. He spanked me till my bottom was good and red (it would have ended sooner, but it made me go to the bathroom…..yeah….i have CDD, Chronic Dislucky Disorder). Anyways, after the rest of camp, well, lets just say “Paybacks hell”. If anythign, now i tried to annoy them on purpose. I also wasnt that embaressed when my parents locked me out in the front yard naked after i walked down into her book club as such, completely disrupting it….

Im still thinking of something big to finally get even…….

Well, thats it. Bai.


naked in the Wood

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This happened when I was 12 years old. After school I wanted to go home. When I walked in the woods, I saw Niko and his two friends. Niko hates me. He loves to pull pranks whenever possible.
I was confused and had a little afraid of him so I said ok. He said I should come into the forest. After that we went 10 minutes in the middle of the forest. Suddenly they are around me and stripped me naked. I yelled but she just laughed. Niko then took some rope from his backpack. Then he tied my wrists and legs. I sad
I said, “Untie me”. Niko just laughed and took my underwear and some tape. He put my underwear in my mouth and gagged me with duct tape! I shouted, “mmmm”.
He just laughed and took out all her cellphone. Once they have taken some pictures of me Niko said: “Bye, see you tomorrow.” She laughed and left me lying there.
It was very humiliating. But I had a problem. How do I get home?
After a few minutes I managed to untie my legs. But I did not get my arms free. So I had to run naked home. And my arms were tied to the backs!
When I got home I hid behind the house. I waited an hour. Then I saw my little brother(10) just come home.
He saw me and had to laugh. I said: “Be quiet and open the door.” We went inside. After he then untied me, I ran into my room and got dressed.


Worst party ever

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I am a girl im 15. I was invited to the meannest girl in the school party. Ireally dont want to go but my crush was going so i go to the party. I was wearing a casual dress. I go in to the house and there was no parents only teens. I was eating suddenly my enemy the girl i hate tied my hands and legs with some rope i tried to kick her but her boyfriend hit me. Then they push ne to the living room and they call everyone in to the living room. And then they open my dress but lucckily i was wearing a bra and panties. But then they open my bra and panties too. So i was naked until the party was close


A birthday to forget

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Okay so i had this one birthday when i was 12 with 8 of my friends. We had a sleepover party and my parents, after giving us cake and stuff, left to go to the neighbors house so we could enjoy our party. Anyways, this one guy at my party suggested that since this is a birthday party, we should be in our birthday suits. Everyone was much in agreement, and so we all stripped naked. Since it was all guys no one minded too much (that, or they didn’t want to look like chickens).

However soon after my friends decided to play a “birthday prank”. Awhile after we were all naked, one of them had found some rope and they overwhelmed me and tied me up. They then took me to the large tree in the yard and used it to hang my naked ass. Luckily, they weren’t really perverted and they didn’t do anything to my parts, at least not much, and not at first. Soon after though they decided to find out what it felt like to spank someone, and they spanked me really hard. But before they could remember to untie me they fell asleep watching TV, leaving me hanging out there, where i also fell asleep. I woke up when i hit the ground (as gravity eventually overcame the knot), and i was able to have my revenge.

Probably fueled by revenge, i took all of them and tied them all to seperate lamp posts and trees naked. From that point on, we have had a prank war. And i plan to have the last laugh…


The whole year saw me naked.

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I’m a 15-year old girl and it happend when I was about 13.

About two years ago our teachers had decided to do an “mini olypics” at our school. I tried my best to avoid the teachers signing people up for events as I was shy and hated sports. I was doing quite well until the last day when my form tutor spotted me and asked if I’d like to do the skipping tornament. I tried to make up excuses but she wouldn’t listen, so I gave in. Those few weeks I was so nervous, I knew I wouldn’t do well and I was petrified of getting up in the hall infront of my whole year. What was worse was that we were given outfits to “get us in the spirit”. The girls would have short dress-like outfits and the guys would have t-shit and shorts. The colour would depend on what team you were on.
So there I was, the big day, in a stupid bright yellow mini-dress that was way too big for me. It was almost falling down! I’d also forgotten to put on a bra that day so I was a little self concious about that, but I was sure It would be okay. I didn’t know I would later regret thinking this.
Anyway, it was soon my turn and I got up in front of the whole school to do a 30 second skip. As I started skipping a few people started giggling at the front. I looked down and realised my boobs were just about visable and my dress was falling down. I quickly paniced which caused me to loose consentrasion and trip on the rope.
I got up straight away, and my dress fell down. I don’t know what happend really, I think my nickers must of got caught on my dress and gone down with it. All I knew was that I was there, in front of the whole school, naked.
Your probably thinking what happend next? Well people started laughing, as you would guess. Loads got out of there seats and started taking pictures. I tried to get my clothes back on but i was in to much of a state. I was so embarrased that I pissed myself, right them and there. This caused more laughter, and by them alot of people were filming. People shouted “EWWW!” and then one person started up a chant of “HAHA YOUR NAKED”.
The teachers eventually got them to stop and told me to go to the nearest toilets to get cleaned up. I ran out the hall and quickly into one of the toilets. A teacher followed me and passed me my clothes under the toilet door. “There only joking, none of them will remember by next term” I remember her saying. I managed to whisper back a “yeah” as she went out the toilets.

I guess the lucky thing is that when I got home I found out my dad had got a promotion so we had to move house anyway. Which meant I had to move school. I still remember that day but I guess these things happen.. I’m sure everyone has something like this. In a way, if I’m honest, It got me stronger. I’m not the shy pushover I used to be anymore, I can now stick up for myself and I won’t take any abuse from anyone.


Naked Truth or Dare

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I was at a friend’s party and we were playing truth or dare.I was the only girl.One of the boys dared me to strip so I started,but I was going very slowly.Another boy,called Tim,said that I was going too slowly and he rushed over and took off all my clothes.I thought he was going to stop there but he didn’t.He quickly reached behind my and tied my hands together with some rope.Then he also tied my feet together and gagged my mouth.I was burning red with embarrassment.Then all the boys started touching my boobs and vagina and took pictures with their mobiles.A boy,Denis,suggested that they could use body paint.Matt,the host of the party,had some body paint that didn’t come off for weeks.The boys painted my whole body and made my vagina and boobs stand out.One of the boys wrote’look at my boobs and vagina!’Then they hid my clothes and I had to walk home naked.My home is 1.5km from Matts and everyone was staring at me.To make things worse,they didnt free my hands so I could cover up my bits.One of the boys came with me and let people on the street touch me.Now sometimes they make me strip and they touch my privates and even put more body paint or make me walk outside naked otherwise they’ll post the pictures onto the internet.


Scout camp pantsing

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I’m a boy 13 years old, and my scout troop is always pantsing someone at our scout camps, but that’s only if someone starts it. I’ve never been pantsed at camp before, but Alex has tried before. Usualy he’s the one to start, pantsing someone like mark, but not this year. We where in the woods making one of two lean-too’s, and the leader went back to camp to get some rope, so it was just me and Alex. Alex had nothing better to do than just standing around, and at one point he was standing on a small log with his feet close to each other with his arms on his hips stareing off into the woods away from me, added that most people wear loose sweat pants at camp (including me), he was in the perfect position for me to pants him. So I did, and his pants came down to his feet, showing his red boxers. Of corse, when I pantsed him, there was no one around, I’m not brave enough to pants him around people, because he’s usually the one to do the pantsing. So the leader and the other kid helping out came back. And we continued to build like normal, except I kept one hand in my pocket, to prevent Alex from pantsing me. The only time I took my hand out was when I was asked to tye a knot. Of corse, Alex just had to take the small oppertunity, and pants me back. The difference being that there was two other people around, one of which was a leader, and in additon to pulling my pants down to my feet, he also slightly pulled down my underwear, luckily not enough. I quickly pulled them back up. Well, when we met mark coming up to the site, of corse alex had to brag about how he pantsed me, except he said that he pulled my underwear too, I had to correct him and then tell mark that I had already pantsed Alex first. Well, this being Alex, when he went back to camp he would attempt to pants other campers (i’m not sure if he got anyone) when the leaders weren’t around. This must of cought the eye of one leader, though. Anyways, later, after one of the leaders had finished teaching us some new knots, he went to help cook leaving us three (me, Alex, and mark) alone with the ropes. So we test each other to see how long it takes us to untie ourselves from another one tying us up. After a few rounds, mark asked me to tye his hands using two ropes. I do, and he gets up to walk around while he works at the knots. As he walked by, his dad (a leader) tried to pants him! They only came to his knees, but this made Alex get up and try to finish what mark’s dad had started. Soon to be follow’d by a group of 1st years who where investigating the commotion. So mark found the nearest chair and sat. I feel kinda bad, because part-way through his struggle he asked me for help, and I just stood there. Well, sitting down did help, they didn’t get his pants any lower than his knees when he finally undid the knots. Later I offered to tye up other’s hands. The only one to offer was an small 1st year who wasn’t there when mark was pantsed, so everybody cut him some slack, even Alex. I’m pretty certain that there where more pantsings that camp, I just can’t remember them. We should be having another scout camp soon, so I might have another story soon. 😉 also, for Christmas I got a camera, so, if where lucky I might have a YouTube link.

P.S. this happened during our fall camp.