Kicked in the …..

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I’m a girl im 11.

One Friday at recess all the girls were gossiping and the boys were playing dodgeball. I was watching my crush, Oliver play. It was boring so I went back to talking with my friends. Then More


No Pants

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I was in the sixth grade and it was picture day. So I took pictures but still had my pink long skirt on. And my white shirt. During recess at the end of the day, we played basketball. I was on a team with More


My bf..

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Ok and him were at school right? and he was holding my hand outside at recess and this girl panced me infront of the whole 5th grade! it was so imbarissing..we are still together though and that More


The most embarrassing moment of my life

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Once, I was wearing my new low rise jeans that I just recently got. They were really low, so I decided it would be best if I didn’t wear underwear. That was a big mistake. Well, when I got to school, my jeans had already started to slide down a little and just barely showed my buttcrack. I usually got to school early, so I sat down on a nearby bench, starting to show my buttcrack. Later, during recess, we all decided to play a game of four square. I had my shirt pulled down over my buttcrack, so I didn’t feel any air. Once we started playing the game, I was concentrating on the game and didn’t know my shirt was rising, making it so my buttcrack showed. When I was out, I tolled the other kids I would get the ball. When I turned to get the ball, they started to giggle. I didn’t know why, but I just assumed they were giggling about normal everyday stuff. When I bent down, more then half my buttcrack was exposed! It was then my friend realized I didn’t know what was going on and ran over to tell me. I was beat red and pulled up my jeans and pulled down my shirt!


Worst Day w/ Redemption

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When I was 11 i was hanging out with my girlfriend and a bunch of other people when she says, “I’m breaking up with you.” kinda loud and next thing I know everyone is looking at me and her. So I didn’t even ask why i said, “OK then ill see you later.” So I later asked her why and again kinda loud she says, “I don’t think its working out so see you.” around, but by then everyone was around us again. So I looked at the ground in embarrassment and walked away while on the way two of my friends came up and said, “What happened.” So I told them and we went to the store at lunch. And when we went back to school after lunch she says loudly, “I want to get back together with you.” and you get the point so everyone again surrounded us. So I said, “OK” and she says, “Psyche.” So I just run to a spot of the school that you have to be a beginner at park-our to get to and loose everyone. When my friend goes through it with ease after me and says, “Forget it.” So I leave that spot to the school playground at Recess. To get beat up by two guys and later just avoid them. Then one of them catches up to me and taps me on the shoulder, I turn around and he swings at me i duck and he hits my old GF and knocks her out. So I go to her and wake her up and she doesn’t remember anything. Well my brother had taught me Kickboxing and BJJ. So I could take on one guy but not two. So I turn around and to my surprise he swings at me I duck again and same thing. So I wake her up again and this time she yells, “We are through to him.” So hes mad, and next thing I know me and him are surrounded and im dodging every punch, kick, and elbow hes throwing. So after 5 mins of that, hes tired and I just kick him followed by three quick jabs and he falls so i get my GF back and all ends well.


Pantsed For Payback

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It was def my 5th grade class picnic. The whole class got to go out and play games and eat lunch at a park that day, but not all the girls remembered to dress for the kinds of running games we were playing. A couple of them were wearing skirts, but they didn’t want to get left out so they played anyway. When we were playing freeze tag I got a little wild and when I was twisting so someone couldn’t tag me, I knocked real hard into one of the girls named Shannon who was wearing a skirt, and she went falling down hard. Her skirt went flying WAY up so we could see all of her underwear easy! I kind of tried to say sorry but it was really funny to me too so maybe I laughed a little, but Shannon was really, really badly embarrassed being seen by everyone in her underwear and she pulled her skirt back down and and ran off around the side of the lunch place with a few of her friends. I think she was trying not to cry. Well, I didn’t mean to make her cry! But I was lucky the teachers didn’t see what I accidentally did to her, since I was being kind of wild before I knocked her down.

Okay, now that’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to Shannon! Here is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me, at the same picnic, and it was all because of Shannon’s skirt going up. A little later a bunch of us were playing the game on the monkey bars where two people swing to the middle and try pulling each other off the monkey bars with their legs and feet. You know that game? It was the boys vs. the girls, which wasn’t real good for us since the girls practiced this game a lot at recess. Well when my turn came I saw Shannon’s friend Sandy take the place of the girl who was going to go against me. Sandy is like, the best one of all the girl players, so I was just hoping she wouldn’t beat me too bad. It should’ve seemed strange to me why they switched at the last second, but I didn’t know this was the idea of Shannon and her friends to get back at me for making her skirt go up before.

We started climbing to the middle of the monkey bars, Sandy going more of the way across than me, and then I tried to knock her off. Both our sides were cheering for us loud. Real quick she got my body in a hold between her legs and I grabbed on tight to the bars to hold on when she pulled, but she didn’t just pull. She was still fooling around trying to get a better grip on me with her feet, and I was thinking she didn’t need it because she had me almost beat already. My fingers weren’t very strong. But she wasn’t trying to just win. She was getting a good grip on my shorts, and she was such a good player at all the tricks of the game that she pulled down fast and… I stayed up but my shorts went down, down all the way to my ankles.

But Sandy didn’t even know how good she was at this trick. You can guess my face was burning hot red when I saw that she had gotten such a good hold with her feet around my waist that she’d pulled my plaid boxer shorts down too, and they were just sitting in my shorts down at my ankles. For a sec I just was hanging there half naked on the monkey bars, since I’d expected to get pulled off by Sandy, plus I was so shocked by what was happening to me!

Then I dropped like a rock off those monkey bars, with my shorts and boxer shorts still laying around my ankles, and boy did I pull them up as fast as I could! Everyone watching was laughing and talking like crazy to each other, and I heard lots of them saying Did you just SEE that?! And a lot more were saying things like Terry must be sooooooo embarrassed!

Well I WAS soooooo embarrassed, you probably could guess. Sandy dropped down from the monkey bars and she looked real surprised at first by the awful way she had embarrassed me, but then she got a little smile on her face and she whispered to me that getting my pants pulled down was my just desserts for flipping Shannon’s skirt up before. Then she whispered something like Nice undies, but you really shouldn’t wear them down at your ankles, you’ll embarrass yourself that way, which made my face turn even more red.

Sandy told me later on that she wasn’t trying to get my boxer shorts to go down when she embarrassed me at the picnic, she was only trying to pants me, so I’d know how embarrassed Shannon felt when we all saw her underwear. Sandy said my boxer shorts going down was just a surprise bonus. Ha ha, very funny, I said, and my face got red hot again. But she even said she was sorry later on for embarrassing me so badly. It def wasn’t near as funny when she pulled my shorts down as it was when Shannon’s skirt went up, but Shannon only had her underwear get seen. She didn’t lose them in front of everyone the way I did, and that was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me.


Embarrassing Diaper Doctor Appointment

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I wear diapers at night cause I’m a bed wetter. Every month I have a doctors appointment and they check my diapers and privates. The doctor was checking my eyes, mouth, ears, and other normal stuff. Then he took my pants off and took my diaper off. He started feeling my vagina. I thought that it couldn’t get worse, but I guess I was wrong. The window from the room I was in, to the waiting room was clearly open and everyone could see my vagina! The doctor put baby powder on me and everyone in the waiting room was staring and laughing. A popular girl from my school was in the waiting room and she was shocked and took a video and a bunch of pictures. She showed everyone in school and I was so humiliated. Everyone knows that I’m a bed wetter. Everyone teased me and calls me names. At recess, someone took me and everyone followed I didn’t know what was happening. He took my pants off and started feeling my vagina! He had gloves. Everyone was laughing like crazy. I started crying. After they were done, I covered my vagina and ran as far as I could, embarrassed, and crying.


Surprise Pants Pull

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This happened a couple years ago in school, when I was 8. A girl in my class there named Kelly did a special report in front of the class about a talent she had, and she decided to do a magic trick. She was good at it, and the trick looked real, and a bunch of us kept begging her to please show us another magic trick. I was the last one who kept on begging her at recess, and she kept saying No, I don’t have any more tricks with me. But I kept on asking and asking her to show us another trick until she got annoyed, but finally she got this sly look on her face, and said, Fine, I do have another trick I could show all of you. So a whole bunch of us from the classes got around to watch and she said since I was asking for it the most, I would have to be her assistant. She said, Are you all ready for a great trick, one you’ll remember forever? We were excited, and said, Yeah! I stood up front with Kelly by the playground in front of all the other kids, and Kelly told me to put my arms up in the air straight over my head. Okay, I said, putting my arms up, but what kind of trick can I-? All of a sudden, when I was still talking, Kelly reached over to me, and in front of everyone there she grabbed the front of my pants, and pulled them down to my ankles! I was so shocked I just gasped! She had almost got my boxer shorts down too, but they were still hanging up around my waist by just enough to keep them up. I’ve always been a skinny little guy though, and when my hips moved just a little bit, my BOXERS fell all the way down to my ankles, too! All the girls around there were screaming and pointing at me and saying OMG, and what could I do but reach down real quick and pull my pants and underwear back up again, my face all red like a beet? It was just SO embarrassing! I couldn’t believe Kelly had humiliated me like that, pulling down my boxer shorts and letting girls see my naked little winky!


Daydreaming a Embarrasing Moment n°2

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(a)You get up late, because yesterday you had a party, and you forgot that you had toi go to school. Well, as is so late just grab your bag and you put your shoes. You go very quickly and notes that people look at you in a strange way, but no pay attention. When you get to school and go to your classroom, you see the cutest boy is out of the classroom. He will look and starts to laugh, telling you that he din’t know that you were nudist. You don’t know why he say that and you look down and see for your horror that you went to school naked, and that your breasts and your vagina are visible to everyone. At the same moment the bell rings for recess and thousands of children leave their classrooms, just to see you in your birthday suit.


What goes up must come down…even pants

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In fifth grade last year, there was this girl named Mallory who always walked around at recess, and she’d walk up to a boy sometimes when he was out there not expecting anything, and from behind him she’d pull down his pants! It was always funny for the ones of us who it never happened to before. The kid’s face would get all red and he’d try to hide his underwear by pulling his pants up fast, but we all saw him in his underwear anyway, and he’d get so embarrassed! And I always laughed with everyone else even when it happened to my group of friends. They all said I’d be sorry when it happened to me because it was real embarrassing to have Mallory yank down your pants in front of everyone like that, but I knew she wouldn’t catch me because I was too careful to let it happen.
Once, I was playing catch with a baseball and glove with a bunch of other kids at school and I saw Mallory sneak up on my friend Randy. I knew she was gonna pants him, but she saw that I saw her, and she put her finger to her lips to ask me not to say anything. I didn’t say anything because I thought it’d would be funny to see her pants Randy. She even got Randy once before, so I didn’t know why she was trying for him again. Randy threw the ball really high, and I caught it, but when I threw it back to the next kid Mallory wasn’t there anymore. When Randy got the ball again he threw me a high one, and while I was waiting for it to come down Mallory came right up behind me and she yanked my pants down to the tops of my shoes!!! And for every kid before it had just been the pants that went down, but I don’t know why this time for me, my UNDERWEAR slipped down just as easy as my pants did! A kid shouted out loud for everyone to hear “oh my god Will lost his briefs!” and it was true, my pants and underwear were down on top of my shoes, and my shirt wasn’t exactly long so I knew everyone could see my really embarrassing uncovered parts as I was standing there. I took off the baseball glove fast as I can and threw it down because I couldn’t pull up my pants with it on my hand, then I quickly pulled up my underwear and my pants with the laughing, pointing girls and boys all around me. I was so so SOOO SO SO embarrassed by them all seeing me naked like that! It was WAY worse then any other time Mallory pulled down a boys pants to embarrass him, because hello, she made my underwear fall down, too! It was the first time my pants ever fell down in front of other people, and I never felt embarrassed like that before.