Passed out on toilet!

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So I was at this HUGE party for all the seniors in my high school. I am usually a very shy and polite person, but not afraid to drink. So I guess I did too much, and I passed out on the toilet!!! I wasn’t bent over, able to cover my privates, but instead leaned back with my legs spread apart! Basicly, I was in a way everybody could see my vagina without much trouble. So when I woke up to a bright flash and laughing, I kneecaps something was wrong. I was still dizzy by fainting. “Wha-?” I finally realized they were taking pictures of my vagina! When I recovered, I blocked the sight with my hands. I ran out of the bathroom and then out tog the house right away. And they actually took a video and now it’s online! I was super embarrassed!


Never trust guys with Nair

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I decided to play a prank on one of my friends. We were on a swim team together. I put Nair in his speedo and loved every minute as he freaked out and wiped his pubic hair off his privates making him More


Naked in Front of Gym Teacher

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When I was in 9th grade I had the hottest PE teacher ever. She was so sexy. Well one day these jerk seniors stripped me butt naked and threw me in the girls locker room. There were no students because More


So I got this new Shampoo….

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I was taking a shower and I got this new shampoo that fights dandruff, but it makes your head feel so cold cause of the moisturizing stuff in it. Well I was washing my hair and I felt it start to get cold More


Bathed by Grandma

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So anyways, I’m a boy and this happened when I was 12. Anyways, I was out with my friends, my older brother, and my crush (I had invited her because I was trying to impress her and work up the nerve More


Pantsed during a fight

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I got into a fight (against my will) with another guy and the entire school surrounded us and lots of people were recording on their cell phones. I had my hands up trying to defend myself when this skater More


Pantsed in front of my crush

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One day when I was at school hanging out with my friends one of my friends dared me to talk to my crush hannah. So I went up to her and we starting talking an then one of my dick friends came in back og More


Completely Em-Bare-Ass-ed

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This happened when I was 11.  I’m a boy.  Anyways, I had this huge rash, so my mom, older , and older sister (because my mom picked them up too when picking me up) took me to see the doctor.  My doctor More


Pantsed at the pool..

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This just happened last summer but it was the most embarrassing moment of my whole life. I’m a 16 year old boy and I was at my friend, Anthony’s house in the pool and it was me, him, my best friend, More


Naked Death

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So one time,at school, i saw my crush and she knew

I liked her. She said “if u really like me then strip 

And let me touch ur privates.” I was like “no” 

She then called her friends that are girls and More