At least he was Irish!

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I was going to kiss my boyfriend for the first time (we have only dated for a month and most people get their first kisses from their first couple of boyfriends at my school after a couple of weeks of going out) and I was at school outside for recess (private school) and I saw him playing basketball with his friends and I rushed up to him, turned him around with my eyes closed, and kissed him. I’d been practicing and was ready for my first kiss. It was only ten seconds into the kiss until I got a tap on the shoulder. I hoped it wasn’t a teacher telling us we couldn’t kiss on school property so I turned around ready to apologize to the teacher until I realized it was my boyfriend! I turned around and saw the boy I’d been kissing was this popular basketball player whom was enemies with my boyfriend! My boyfriend yelled at me asking me why I kissed him and I had to tell him it was an accident and I didn’t know. He didn’t believe me and broke up with me. I’ll always know my first kiss was with an unliked person. Oh well…at least he was Irish.