I FARTED in class

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Well, I FARTED in class one day and I had to go poo but I couldn’t so I pooped my pants and my pants fell down. And the fart absolutely STUNK and the whole class eventually noticed that I had pooped my More


I nearly drowned in poo

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I was I think 10-11 years old I was visiting my home country which is quite poor I must admit. So I was at my Grandparents house and I felt like exploring the back garden because I was always the curious type anyway I was walking and I wasn’t looking down and was just walking straight. I fell into the manhole and I was up to my neck in poo I managed to not literally drown in the poo because I had quick reflexes and saved myself. I quickly jumped out ran back inside the house and my brothers saw and they couldn’t stop laughing which attracted my uncle whom also couldn’t stop laughing his head off. I quickly ran into the bathroom before anyone else could see what had happened.


Piss in ASDA

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Well, last year when I was 10 nearly 11 something really embarrassing happened to me!
I was at my friends Chantelle’s with my friend Chloe. We went up to Asda to get some sweets as you would for a sleepover, anyway we went to get some sweets. I was bursting for the loo but all the toilet’s were fully up with people using them so I had to wait it wasn’t until I realised my other friends Milo Jamie Catlin the other Chloe and Annie walked in. We started talking and stuff then I needed the loo X2 more badly! I was wearing light blue shorts aswell. So I rushed to the toilet’s I had to wait about 15 minutes because of the Que. Well I bet you are guessing what happened? I rushed into the middle of Asda to tell my friends I was bursting for the loo! They said ” If you need the loo that bad go in the bush” Well I said no because I was not going to pee in a bush! So I waited. When it got dark everyone had finsihed in the toilet and there was a male cleaner waiting. I went into the toilet’s and just as I pulled my pants and shorts down I pissed myself! All my pants and shorts were wet! My shorts were light blue but now they were dark blue!

I went to my friends and they said why do you have wet shorts? I was so scared, I shat myself! It went everywhere! So I took my shorts off I threw my pants and shorts away and ran home! My mum said ” Brooke why don’t you have any undies or shorts on?” I said “I wet and shit myself” My mum sat there laughing and I ran up to my room sat on my bed then realised I didn’t wipe my ass so I sat on the toilet for a hour trying to wipe the poo off! Once I did that I sat on my bed and laughed until I realised they took a video of me shitting myself in Asda! And they posted it on Facebook and youtube and everywhere. That was the most embarrassing moment for me!


i got caught shitting

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one day i needed a poo so i went into the bathroom and sat on the chilling porcelin seat. as it came out my sister barged in and started doingher hair in the mirror. when she saw me she cried out in fear at mystrained face and ran out of the room.

i still have trouble sleeping!!!!,>!!!!!



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i needed a poo on a school trip couch and the trip was 2 and a half hours and i went in my pants and so the teacher said come to the front and she handed me a nappy from the gas stasion she pointed too the back were there happened to be a toilet and all day a walked round in a pampers nappy and the teacher even stoped me use the toliet and made me go in the nappy!!! every time i did i had too get chaged by sarah konfort ( my worst enimy) who treated me like a baby the hole trip she even spanked me and fed me ( the teacher did not tell her to) shs calles me wawa and say guchy gucht goo every time she sees me!!!



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i had a dare to dress like a baby, wet and poo myself i did then thay took a pic of my bum and the poo and then a pic of me in just a nappy and and dummy and i cried like a baby when thay did a presentasion in class with the pics thay called the presentasion wawawa this is him ( pointed at me)!!!


Love Hurts

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My friend was round my house for dinner and at 6pm she went home, but before that she really needed a poo, so I told her just go and do it in my loo, so she did.
But after she left my brothers fit friends came in to watch TV, and the whole house smelled of my friends poo, but all my brothers fit friends thought it was me :/


she did a poo, stinky

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I have a 5 year old boy, when his sister does a number 2 he and his friends think it’s funny to run around saying ‘Err, she did a poo, stinky’.
Over the summer we went camping and had to stay the night on a make-shift site with one stinky little portable toilet. I took my 2 year old with me and when we got into the booth she shouted ‘Oh mummy you did poo, tinky’ I had to come out and pass all the waiting campers, she turned and said ‘mummy did poo, tinky’.

I grew up off the Kings Road in the 1980’s so there were punks everywhere. When I was 5 I saw a very wealthy old lady in the park, she had a purple rinse in her hair. I said ‘Mummy look a really old punk lady’.