REVERSE: My mom embarrassed me instead!

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I’m seventeen and my thirty five year old mom and I were getting ready to walk to the swimming pool in our swimming suits which was half a block away. I was wearing my trunks and she was wearing a bikini. As we stepped out of our house, I decided to do something funny while she was locking the door. I reached to her back and untied her bikini top and then took it off her. There weren’t any people outside in the street, but it was the daylight hours of midmorning, so there was a chance that someone could come out, or possibly just look out their window. My mom turned around and yelled for me to give back her bikini top while covering her exposed top, but I stood there and danced around with it in front of her. Since she could see I was playful, she reached a couple of times for the bikini top, but I kept moving the dangling top out of her reach as a keep away. I wanted to get her away from the door and then pinch her nipples, and then I would give it back to her. She then had to decide whether she would come after me, or go in the house, or do something else. She then dove towards my waist and ended up pulling my own swimming trunks off and then with them in her hand, she ran towards the house door and unlocked it and ran in, but I pushed myself in before she was able to close the door. So we both ended up in the house, her with her top off, but me, with nothing on.

Now that we were inside we got to see each other’s position a little more clearly. My mom doesn’t have big breasts. I would say she’s a small B, and now that we were inside, she said, that I had given her a good idea and that she might go topless like guys do in the house from now on since she almost had a guy’s chest, so she didn’t get embarrassed at all by my prank except for the initial reaction due to us being outside even though her breasts were small. She had turned the situation into something positive for her. On the other hand, since we had showered before leaving for the pool, I was small and flaccid down there, although we could both see that I was starting to get aroused from her being topless, even though she was my mother! She said that it looked like my little thing was getting excited, and then told me to give her the bikini top and I wouldn’t get in trouble and that I should give her the top first since I had taken it off her first. I got embarrassed by the comment about my arousing little thing, but tried to laugh it off as I handed her the bikini top. She then said, she wanted to see if I would get aroused before she would give me my bottom and even though I had given her the bikini top, she didn’t put it on yet, but held it in her hand with my trunks. I felt mortified by this, but she said I should have thought about that before I took her top off. She then used the finger of her other hand and stroked it across my chest and we both saw that I got fully stiff, she then said that was fast and now we were both going to sit down and see how long it took me to get down without any stimulation of it by either me or her. She put her top back on and we silently waited for an hour until I began to go back down. I truly learned what the term “blue balls” meant by this, because it was aching the whole time and for a long time afterwards, but when it did go down she gave me back my trunks with a smirk and said that she might occasionally walk around the house topless and I’d have to get used to having no release from it and that my “blue balls” would be a reminder of all of this since we both knew that she could arouse me very quickly. I never did get to pinch her nipples though and over the next few days she did walk around topless, which left me in a continual aroused position, but unable to do anything to release it.