Dolores and the neighbor girl

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Dolores said, “No, I want to see how long he’s erect with you. He became aroused from you touching his thigh, so I want to see how long he stays erect for you for my own reference. I’m counting on you More


pimples on my butt

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This one time I had 2 pimples on my butt cheek when I wore my short shorts to the mall. People were snickering and saying look at that guy (a more derogatory term was used) in short shorts with pimples More


puke at someone s face

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I’m a15 year old boy so there was that geek nerd girl in school who had a huge crush on me but I didn’t replay her the luv(ewwww) so when I was with some dudes jet skiing she came by and waved for me my buds started teasing me so all wat I had to do is face her and tell her that I don’t like her( I know That I would be so harsh but I got no choice) I just wish if u could see her in real life,(btw she keeps on stalking me ever since I told her hi ) anyways I after was on my way to the shore to tell her the truth so when I walked by she started giving me smiles,I then blurted out ,she went running screaming doing crazy stuff so all what I did is puke right at her face cuz she had many big pimples that covered her face she even didn’t shower at all she also had bad breath her hair she had a discusting yellow nails ewwww
I knw that was rude to puke at someone s face but whaa should I do I can’t control my puke, but thx to my puke she never talked to me !