Little Sister Embarrassed Me

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I was sixteen years old and I had to stay alone with my twelve year old sister and one of her guy friends also twelve as their baby sitter. Since it was about nine, I told my sister that it was time for her to send her friend home and for her to go to bed. My sister said, “No,” and I began to grab her by the hand to drag her to take her to her room and asked her friend to leave. Her friend decided to say he didn’t want to leave and then tackled me and knocked me to the floor by surprise. Then my sister began to hold me down while he unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants and then my underpants leaving my thing exposed. Although I am taller than both of them, I have had a late development in puberty down there so I have a half inch penis when I’m not arouse. He laughed and so did my sister and then pulled down his own pants and underpants while I was still on the ground and showed me that his penis was about four inches long even though he wasn’t aroused. My sister then started teasing me about this, and he continued to as well and it was very embarrassing. She kept holding me down while he moved around and then began slapping my face with his penis. I didn’t know what to do, so all I said was that they could stay up late and he didn’t have to go. The then got off me and let me pull up my pants and then said that I should go to bed, but they’d wake me up when our parent got home. I was humiliated at being sent to bed by them, but they did get me up in time and I said they had been so well behaved. My sister still teases me about my size whenever our parent isn’t around. Particularly when we’re around people my age. It’s very embarrassing!


pants fell down

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I was at a bouncy house with my best friend at the time and we were going through a bouncy maze thing and you had to squeeze through this one thing and when i did it made my pants come down.. Like underwear and everything, in front of a little girl and her mom. I pulled up my pants real fast and then a little later i heard the little girl ask her mom “isnt that the girl whos pants fell down?” I DIED! 🙁 prolly top 3 most embarssing moments of my life.


Group tent

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So one time at my school camp I was in a group tent and I slept with no pants or underwear. When it was time to get up all of us started standing up and getting ready. Without remembering what I did I stood up and stretched exposing myself to not only the people in the tent but people who were looking through the tent’s front door. I quickly got back in my sleeping bag and hopped over to my bag to get my pants. While I was going there my tent buddies had a little fun by pushing me out the tent and then taking my sleeping back and zipping up the tent forcing me to stand there showing all of my school my penis. They let me back in and I got dressed but not before everybody had seen me naked


wardrobe malfunction

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i was performing a school Christmas concert, wearing loose baggy pants and no underwear. after the concert, (which was infront of maybe fifty or sixty people), we went to the side of the room, luckily hidden from the audience. my pants fell down infront of the girl. not all the way, but far enough for her to see it :/ she gasped, then yelled out I SAW YOUR DOODLE! for the whole audience to heat


Reverse pantsing

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This happened when I was 14. The story also involves my then BFF Ellie and my crush Brian.

At my school, the boys and girls of the same grade had their gym classes at the same time. Sometimes, as with volleyball or track, we would be co-ed. Other times, like for basketball, we would be separate. So this one time we were playing volleyball with boys and girls on the same teams. Brian was on my team.

Brian and I had been making eyes at each other all year. We were trying to find some way to break through to each other. We were both kind of shy. So Ellie gives me an idea. She says I should pants him during volleyball. My reaction was WTF! But Ellie said it would be funny, and although embarrassing to Brian it would break the tension between us. I said I was not going to expose my crush to the entire class, especially the girls. Ellie said to just pull down the back and expose his butt. Ellie said, I bet he has an incredibly cute butt. I dont know why this sounded like a good idea, but against my better judgment I agreed.

So the day of the pantsing came. We were halfway through our volleyball game, when Brian returned a serve. Thats when I struck. But I did not get a good grip on Brians shorts. I only got them about an inch down when he broke away. I remember the expression on his face. It was part surprise, part shock, partly the look of someone betrayed. But whatever he was really feeling, it did not stop him from reacting. He grabbed my shorts and gave them a good tug pulling them and my panties down below my knees. My bare butt and vaginal area was in full view of all. That included both the boys and girls coaches who called us both into their office.

I was crying out of embarrassment and wanted to die. But the coaches gave me no sympathy. They say I struck first, and I got yelled at because of that. Brian got yelled at for retaliating. We were then told to apologize to each other. I didnt feel like apologizing to anyone right then, but did so anyway. I think Brians apology was just as heartfelt at the time as mine. So then our parents were called to school, and we got yelled at some more. We were not suspended, but we did get detention.

After a few days, I wanted to really patch things up with Brian. I caught up with him after school and told him so. He said, Whatever. Sure. I knew he was flipping me off, so I told him I was the one who should be angry because I was the one exposed and humiliated. He asked me if it would have been better if he was humiliated by me, and that I should have learned my lesson.

A short time later I found out that Ellie had started dating Brian. She confirmed that not only did Brian have a cute butt, but he was also great in bed. Someday I will have my revenge on that slut-bitch Ellie.


Embarrassing My Brother

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I…….So I embarrassed my brother one day. Yeah…..Only I didn’t mean to really? You will see what I meant. So it was the 1st day of summer last year. Or 2 years ago? No, wait, it had to be last summer, Kenny was 8, and he is now 9. I think that is right. But anyway, that 1st day of summer Kenny wanted to play hockey, which was crazy. It was summer! And we had no place for playing hockey. You think it was street hockey he wanted? Nope, he wanted ice and the whole deal. It was hard to say no when those big fat blue eyes of his were looking at mine and saying pleeeease. I tell my mom that I think a bee stung Kenny’s eyes when he was born and that made them swell up. He has crazy big eyes and it makes him precious. But what choice did I have? No choice. I had to say no. No ice. No skates. No cold. No hockey.

So we went outside to play, and we got in on this dodgeball game with a load of kids from around where we live. And Kenny had this bright red belt he was wearing in his blue jeans, this belt that did not match jeans at all and looked silly. And in a miracle finish, Kenny won one of the rounds of dodgeball, and he wanted to take off his belt and wave it in the air. Every boy was doing it if he won, go figure why. I do not spend time figuring out boys. There was no reason even for wearing that belt. The pants were not loose. So Kenny kept on pulling at the buckle and it did not budge no matter what, and he was getting upset now. So he yelled for me to get it off him! He was getting mad and his face was bright. So I told him to get calm, and I started working at it, but that belt was stuck in a weird way! And Kenny kept yelling and he was getting to me for real, so I started pulling down on the belt to get it loose. Still nothing. Still more yelling. Do you have any idea how annoying that is to hear that by your good ear? My right ear gets clogged up with water. Anyway……..

So I kept pulling harder, and I was mad too, and then Kenny wished I had stopped. All at one time the belt buckle came loose and I pulled on his pants and oops, Kenny had his belt in my hand and his pants were sitting all quietly down on his feet. Yeah……and oops…..did I mention that his underwear was on his knees now? Yeah…….So Kenny starts screaming of course, and I had to help him pull up his underwear. Did you ever pull up your younger brother’s underwear? Do you know how much fun it is? Zero. He was naked of course. In front of every single dodgeballer. He was pretty much embarrassed to death. And now a summer later and they still will not let him forget it. They call him the little stripper. And it embarrasses Kenny to death! I felt sorry for him. I did not mean to do that to him. It was a weird little show. And lots of side stories came from it. Lots…….



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In school i used to bully m friend. One day i took his bag and i was holding it in the air so he couldn’t get. His sister comes over and says “give back or else” so i said “Try and take it” so her friends grabs my arms and his sister undoes my belt and pulls my pants down. I was there wearing spiderman pants. His sister pulls them down. I was embarrassed. Everyone saw my penis.


Pantsing brings criminal charges

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This happened the summer I was 16. Me and my friends Alicia (age 17) and Millie (age 18) were all bored. There was a part near where I lived, and to show you how bored we girls were, we decided to go over there to see what was going on. We saw several kids there playing with no adults in sight.

Alicia says she had a great idea to have some fun. We pick some little boy and totally pants him exposing his butt and little thingy to everyone there. It would be fun to see how embarrassed the boys would be, plus the girls there would enjoy it. Millie was at first not so keen on the idea, but I said why not? So she went along.

We picked out one little boy about 9 or 10. I got his attention while Alicia went behind him and pulled his pants and underpants to the ground. Everyone laughed as the boys face went totally red trying to pull his pants back up. Millie suggested we do another one. Some of the boys tried to move away, but I caught one, and Alicia yanked his pants and undies down with the same result.

But we werent finished. One boy started to leave, but Millie pointed him out to us. (For someone not so keen on the idea of pantsing, she was really getting into it.) Millie blocked his way. The boy pleaded, Please, not me! This time Alicia grabbed and held him. He started screaming, No! No! No! But he was too little to fight back. I grabbed his shorts and undies and pulled them right off, then throwing them aside. The boy just stood there and cried as everyone watched. The little girls who witnessed all this laughed.

But then some lady butts in and yells at us, What the hell are you doing? She tries to comfort the boy. She asks for his pants, but no one knows where they are. So she takes off her jacket and wraps it around him asking where he lives.

Well, this lady was certainly a buzz kill. We girls had enough and left. But it was not over.

That night after dinner, two cops came by. One was a man and the other a woman. They wanted to talk to me. I was very uneasy about being questioned by the police in front of my parents, brother and sister. They asked me about the pantsings. I said we were only having some fun. Do you realize youve confessed to child endangerment and sexual assault?, the lady cop asked. My parents immediately said they did not want them to talk to me without an attorney. The man cop said I was a minor and different rules apply. He also said the mother of the crying boy was pressing charges. I was not arrested then, but my parents were told they would be notified if I had to appear in juvenile court.

The parents of the other two boys also decided to press charges as well, and me and Alicia got summons to juvenile court. Millie being 18 was an adult. She was arrested and faced trial in criminal court. Alicia and I got off lucky. The sexual assault charge was reduced to assault. We were found guilty on that and child endangerment, but we were given suspended sentences. The judge said if we got into any more trouble, we would go to wherever they put juvenile delinquents. If we did not get into any more trouble, when we are 21 we can have our records expunged. Even so, with this on my record it did make it hard to get a summer job. I wanted a job working at a summer kids camp, but they checked into my background and said no. I ended up working as a cashier at a gas station. Shitty job that.

Millie got the worst of it. She really did not do much more than cheer us on, but she got locked up for 30 days and is now a registered sex offender. No shit! This is all true! Her life is screwed.

Anyway, until I turn 21 this is the greatest embarrassment of my life having a juvenile criminal record just for having a little fun.


Triple Pantsing

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Im a high school girl. This happened when I was 15. One Saturday morning, my then 9 year old brother Adam wanted to go to the community center swimming pool. Mom told me to take him since she was busy and she did not want him to go alone. I had nothing else to do, and sometime you meet cute guys at the pool, so I said sure. Just in case the pool scene was dead that day, I called my BFF Faye to meet us there. So Adam and I put on our swim suits and then our shorts and t-shirts over them, and then rode our bikes to the community center. Faye was already there waiting.

After an hour, Faye dares me to pants Adam. I really like my little brother and would do nothing to hurt him, but I am not one to back down from a dare either. Still I hesitated. Faye said it would be funny to have his cute bottom and little thingy exposed to the world, and it would do him no harm. So I agreed to do the deed. When Adam was standing at the side of the pool, in full view of others, including some girls he knew, I snuck up from behind and yanked his trunks down below his knees. Adam shrieked loudly, and everyone looked and laughed. Adam struggled to get his trunks back up, which made people laugh even more. Then he started crying. He got his trunks up part way covering his front, but his butt was still exposed. He tried to run away while pulling up his trunks the rest of the way, but he fell down. Adam then got up, crying even harder, and ran.

This was not fun like Faye said it would be. I had been mean to Adam just to fulfill a dare. I really hated myself then. I ran off to find my brother. I saw a man coming out of the mens locker room and asked if he saw a little boy running and crying. He said he did and that he was in the locker room crying his eyes out. I asked if there was anyone else in the locker room, and he said no. So I carefully entered. There was Adam crying hard and sitting on a bench. I went up to him and apologized, but he moved away. I noticed his knee was bleeding from his fall, so I went and got some wet paper towels to clean it off. As I did that, I told Adam I wanted to make it up to him, but Adam would not answer. I finally said, If I let you pants me, would we be even? Would you forgive me then? I guess so, he answered. Fine. I told him that is what we would do, out there by the pool where all could see. Yes, I knew my neatly trimmed pussy and my bare ass would be exposed, but it was worth it to get Adam to forgive me. Besides, I did expose his little penis and butt to the world.

So we left the locker room and went out by the pool where all could see us. Adam was hesitant, but I told him it was OK. So he grabbed my bikini bottoms and gave a tug. I gave a little shriek to make sure I was seen. I got a lot of whoops and whistles from the guys. The girls just laughed. Jerry, a guy I knew from school, shouted out, Hey look! Blond pussy!

So Adam and I were even, but the score was not yet settled.

I went up to Faye who could not believe I let myself get exposed. I told her it was nothing compared to my little brother being mad at me. Faye did not ask why I had one hand hidden behind my back. She also did not see Adam come up behind her. Fayes bottoms were tied together with string. Adam grabbed the strings on both side and gave them a pull. The with one yank, he had Fayes bottoms! Faye began screaming, not thinking to cover her shaved pussy or her rear. And why was my hand behind my back? Because I had my cell phone camera. As everyone gathered to view Fayes nakedness, I walked around her taking photos from every angle. Later I downloaded them into my computer and sent them to a few guys from school asking them to pass them around to others. Adam send them to a few kids in his class who had older brothers in junior and senior high. By Monday morning, everyone in school knew what Faye looked like naked below the waist.

Needless to say, Faye and I are no longer BFFs. Thats OK. Adam may have forgiven me, but I will not forgive Faye for making me hurt my little brother.


Defended by my girlfriend

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I was 15 at the time, and Geri was 14. We had been going together for a short time, and on this particular day we were hanging out with some friends. One of Geri’s friends sneaks around me and grabs my pants trying to pull them down. They wouldn’t budge very far, when Geri turned around and pushed her friend away. Then she delivered a punch to the jaw and her friend went down hard.

Now Geri is quite smaller than me. While I am grateful to her for protecting my dignity, it is kind of embarrassing to have a girl defend you. Of course, I was not going to tell her that. We are still together, and I certainly have taken care not to make Geri mad — not after seeing her land a punch!