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Little Kid’s Pants Fell Down

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I was doing a sleepover with my friend Rachael when we were both 10. Early that night her dad took us out to a store to buy a few things we wanted for that night. Even a new gaming system! Yes, I knew it was very cool. Rachael’s little brother Matt, who was 9, came with us. Her mom was at a get away for the weekend, so that is why he had to come with us.

As soon as we went inside, Matt ran off to check out the sports stuff, his dad didn’t like him running off by himself but it was just easier to not try and keep him under control. So I went off with Rachael to look at the game systems first. After we looked awhile, Rachael stayed there and I went to grab us a bag of the chips we like best. And well, on the way there I passed by the sports stuff, and Matt was still in there.

But his blue jeans were down on his ankles! And he was just standing there! His brown hair was messed up like always, his little blue eyes looked scared, and he was blushing. I asked him what he was doing and told him to pull up his pants! Matt said he was afraid to. He said his pants fell down when there was a couple of girls in the isle, and he was afraid that with his shirt being short, if he tried to pull his pants up they might see something! Then he looked at me and he blushed even more, and he told me he was not wearing any underwear! I said Matt, you little dummy! Pull your pants up anyway! You can’t just stand here in the middle of a store with your pants down! It’s even worse if you don’t have underwear on!

Well then a girl and her mom turned into the isle, and the girl saw first that Matt had his pants down. She looked close to my age. And even I was afraid that he was going to get himself exposed for being dumb and not putting on underwear! Serves him right for wearing pants loose enough to fall down at the same time! When the mom saw she looked mad, like it was Matt’s fault his pants were down in front of her daughter, and I just went over for Matt and I pulled his jeans back up. And I told him to keep them up this time! I don’t know if anyone saw anything when Matt’s pants were down. He begged me to not tell Rachael but I did of course. And we were laughing about that the rest of the night! It embarrassed Matt.


Shorts and Boxers Take a Tumble…

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I was eleven, and a lot of us were out by the playground for recess. My friends Pam, David, Angela, and Mike and Alex were teasing me a little, saying all day that I liked this girl named Kelly from my class. I guess I did like her, but I wasn’t going to tell them if they were going to make fun of me! I was always playing a lot of jokes on my friends to embarrass them around school and our houses, so they liked to try to embarrass me back when they thought they could. So Kelly was a little ways away talking to her friends, and it was hot outside so we didn’t want to run around, and Angela was just piggyback riding on me, wrapping her legs tight around my waist to hold on (I’m the smallest one of all of us, so I’m not sure why I was the one who would carry her and Pam around like that!). We just walked back and forth like that, and then one time around she climbed on in front of me, wrapped her legs around my waist, and we walked like that.
Well, after a little bit of walking I could feel my khaki cargo shorts starting to come down because of her legs wrapped around my waist, pulling them down. I didn’t know how to say it, cause I didn’t want everyone to know that my shorts were falling. So I whispered to her, Angela, you’re pulling my pants down! She just looked at me and bursted out laughing, and she said guys, come over quick, you got to see this! Something priceless is about to happen to Aaron, and he’s going to be totally embarrassed! She didn’t look like she was getting off me, and I couldn’t believe she was going to embarrass me like this!
Well, everyone ran over, and even Kelly and her friends came up to see what was going on! Angela wasn’t just hanging on tight with her legs anymore, she was playfully twisting her body around, and it was making my shorts come down even faster now. My face was turning beet red, and I couldn’t believe she would do something so embarrassing to me, especially with Kelly standing there watching and smiling shyly at me! I’m like, Come on Angela, don’t! Don’t pull my pants down! And then Pam said, laughing the whole time, OMG, I can see Aaron’s boxer shorts now! His shorts really are coming down! And my face went redder.
But then the most embarrassing thing of all happened. I felt my boxer shorts starting to slip down on my body! Yep, Angela’s legs were wrapped around my waist, and her twisting around and pulling down with her feet was actually pulling my boxers down with the khaki shorts! I screamed of embarrassment, and I said Angela please, PLEASE don’t pull down my shorts in front of everyone! She didn’t know my boxers were coming down too, so she’s like, What? Pretending she didn’t know about my shorts falling down.
My khaki shorts and boxers were both slid down to just higher then the bottom of my shirt, so the shirt was the only thing covering me from the worst embarrassment I can think of! Angela kept twisting, and laughing with everyone else (by now everyone could tell that my khaki shorts were falling down fast, and Kelly was actually sort of blushing in embarrassment for me), and I’m like Angela, PLEASE don’t, you’re going to humiliate me, my…MY BOXERS ARE COMING DOWN! I screamed, just as my shorts and my boxers both slipped down to my ankles, and everyone screamed when they saw my underpants sitting there around my ankles! I can’t even describe my embarrassment, but it was the most embarrassing moment of my life by a lot!


pants and underwear pulled down by a girl

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In 5th grade there was a named Jessica who I think maybe liked me, but anyway she would always come up behind me at recess and times like that and she’d try to pull down my pants in front of everyone! She didn’t ever actually get them down, since I could usually tell she was there just before she started pulling, but a couple times she came close by getting them down almost to the bottom of my shirt, which was still a little embarrassing cause everyone knew she almost depantsed me, and they laughed.

One day I decided to try a trick, and so when Jessica came up behind me and I saw her, instead of grabbing my pants to keep them up I reached out and I pulled down HER pants, all the way to her ankles!!! I couldn’t believe it actually worked, and all the kids around us were real surprised by what I did and we could see Jessica’s underwear, and she screamed and turned red and pulled her pants up again with everyone around laughing at her. Later she whispered to me that she wouldn’t take it easy on me anymore since I humiliated her like that, but she never got me before so I wasn’t afraid.

Well, the next day at recess Jessica snuck up behind me SO quiet I didn’t hear her, and before I knew it she pulled my pants down to my ankles! Now it was ME who was standing there in front of everyone in my underwear, with everyone laughing at me. I reached down fast to pull up my pants, but I guess Jessica wasn’t done humiliating me, cause when I reached down she reached out and grabbed onto my BOXER SHORTS, and started pulling them down my legs!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I couldn’t BELIEVE what was happening to me, how humiliated I felt!!! I grabbed onto my sagging boxers to stop her but then Jessica grabbed my SHIRT and tried to lift it up, which woulda let EVERYONE see my privates, so I grabbed my shirt to stop her and she started pulling my underwear down again, and she kept switching between the two like that until she had my boxers all the way down to my ANKLES!!!!!! I felt like I was gonna faint from being embarrassed that whole time, my face was burning red in humiliation, and everyone else was standing around wondering if Jessica was going to show them everything I had! After my boxers were at my ankles she grabbed my shirt and tried to pull it up, and I was panicking trying to keep my private parts, well, private, and just when my hands were about to give away and my shirt fly up, Jessica stopped and smiled, and said to me You got what you deserved because I never REALLY tried to pull your pants down before, I was only teasing then. Now you’re feeling REALLY embarrassed like you made me yesterday. You should remember that I pulled down your pants and your shorts in front of the whole grade, and remember that I coulda pulled up your shirt easy and let them see you naked if I wanted. I could still do it, too. She pretended she was going to, but she didn’t. And she walked away and let me pull up my pants and underwear, feeling TOTALLY humiliated. That day was my most embarrassing moment ever. I still get red when I think about it!


More than pants down

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Last year when I was in 5th grade I was at my sister’s birthday party. She was in 4th grade then, and a whole bunch of her friends came over to our house for the party. I was hanging around the house and they were playing games and chasing each other, and I pulled a little trick on my sister’s friend Arielle. With all her friends watching I pretended like I pulled a walnut out of her ear (I can do it pretty good since my dad taught me the trick). Then I pretended to pull a few more walnuts out of her ear, then a penny, then a pair of girl’s underwear (I got them from my sister’s drawer!). I had picked Arielle to do the trick with because I knew I’d get a good embarrassed reaction from her, and when I pulled out the underwear I said “Oops! I guess I reached a little too far down!” The other girls were laughing but Arielle looked embarrassed and mad, and she said “I can do that too!” I laughed and said “Ha, sorry kid, you don’t know magic”. Well, Arielle stood right up next to me and yelled “No, but I know how to pull your pants down!” Before I could even react she reached over and yanked my pants down all the way to my ankles in the middle of that room of girls!!! My sister’s friends screamed really loud, and I looked down in horror to see that my striped plaid boxer shorts had come down most of the way too, they were actually hanging lower than my knees! All those girls were screaming and staring at my newly exposed privates parts, and I snatched up my boxers around my waist, then raised my pants back into place. Oh boy, my face must of been glowing bright red, I felt SO embarrassed by what she did to me. They all kept clapping and whispering and giggling and laughing at me during the party, and it was SO embarrassing to know they all saw me like that, with my pants and boxer shorts yanked down by a girl who’s a year younger than me. Arielle really knew how to get me back BIG TIME for pulling my embarrassing little trick on her. I guess she thought if I was going to tell the other girls that I was showing them her underwear, then she was going to make it so that all of them got to see me in MY underwear, but it was MUCH more embarrassing than that because she actually pulled down my boxer shorts in front of them, too! I think it was actually an accident, I think Arielle was just trying to pull down my pants to get back at me by letting them see my underwear and embarrass me, but the big smile on her face afterward made me think she wasn’t really sorry about getting the boxers down too. My sister seemed to have fun seeing my embarrassment too, because she was embarrassed that the underwear I had used for the trick came from her drawer. That night she told me she was glad to see Arielle embarrass me so much, because I deserved it. That night was my most embarrassing moment ever!