He Found My Panties

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One day after school, i took off my leggings and my panties. i left my panties in the leggings tucked in. the next morning i just wore the same leggings, with the panties tucked in my my ankle. although, i didn’t realize the panties were there. by the time it was my 2nd period i noticed there was something in my leggings, my panties. so i secretly took them off and threw it in my backpack. btw in my backpack i have a bag to keep tampons. the next day i stayed after school to go to a basketball game, so everyone had their backpacks. i was with my best friend, and a couple of guy friends at the top of the bleachers. my bff said she had to go to the bathroom, so of course i went with her, leaving my backpack with my guy friends. i came back and caught them going through my backpack, by the time i went to the top of the bleachers they put my backpack back. i noticed something, the guys smelled like my purfume! i obviously knew they went into my tampon bag because i keep my perfume in it, embarrassing! once i got home i decided to clean out my backpack. i took my tampon bag and found it open, proof they saw my tampons. then i realized that my parties were in there.. they probably saw that too! and it just so happened i had period blood on those panties. awkward.


The Worst Magic Trick Ever

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Before we get started you must know a few things 1) I get extremely embarrassed about my body showing, even with a bikini on 2)I have had a crush on “Marshall” for three years 3)I have and average weight but large DD breasts 4)I live truth or dare… oh and I’ll go by Elena

One day my friend “Kaitlyn” told me that “Ava” was having a sleepover and I was invited. I gleefully accepted.

At the sleepover, we all had on our pjs mostly a tee and shorts. We all got bored so we ordered pizza then played truth or dare until the delivery guy came.

“Hey Elena, I dare you to answer the door without a shirt on when the pizza’s here!” Kaitlyn said. I immediately refused.

“Well then I guess we’ll have to make you!” Ava said as she tickled me while Kaitlyn cut off my shirt with scissors and chops my tee into pieces. It took me a second to realize the top of one of my bra straps had been cut in the process, I was freaking out.

“Well I guess we have to make it even,” Kaitlyn said as she snipped away both straps, me struggling know that a bra without straps would sag down my breasts, but she managed to cut them free.

Ding, dong! “Hello pizza delivery fo-” the Pizza Guy stopped mid-sentence looking down at my cleavage and boobs as I trembled in embarrassment. I just nodded and took the pizza and receipt and shove a five in his hand then shut the door before my bra slid down, which it did as I set the pizza on the table, luckily my back was toward my friends.

“Okay now you get to dare someone,” Ava informed me upon. Kaitlyn then smirked and said since her and Ava had to take off my shirt it didn’t count and it was still her turn to give someone a dare.

“I choose Elena!” she announced. I told her I already went and then she reminded me it didn’t count, I just begged her to show me some mercy on this dare and she just said ‘Okay, let’s do a magic trick!’

She cuffed me to a tree while I was helpless and a couple other girls walked across the street to invite Marshall over. Kaitlyn first snipped off my shorts, then my bra exposing my nipples, then my panties showing my cleans shaven vagina to the whole block and Marshall. She even left me completely nude all night!


Walked in on

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I was at a staff party for the public school I work at. I teach grades 2/3. We were at the grade 4 teachers house. All the staff brought their kids with them. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I didn’t lock the door. The family always left the door closed so you would only know if anyone was in there if the door was locked. Suddenly one of the kids came in while I was pulling up my yellow thong. He was embarrassed and left quickly all the while staring at my panties. It’s been sometime since that’s happened and I think he’s must have forgot about it but I still remember the shaky feeling I had


My first night as a girl. Forced feminization. Trick or treat!

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One Halloween while I was living with 4 college-aged girls (I was 30) when one of them got the idea that my costume for the night should be to be made up as a girl. I protested at first, but eventually gave in to their badgering and cajoling, to their delight. So they all got to work on various aspects of getting me dressed and made up, gathering this and that, making preparations, checking for sizing, etc. Hair, tweezed brows, nails, makeup, panties, bra, skirt, stockings (with freshly smooth legs, of course), a proper garter belt, stiletto heels, jewelry, the works. All the while they were getting more and more excited, and giggling like crazy, buzzing around from room to room.

Finally I was done, and that’s when the real kicker came (for all of us) when they stepped back and gathered around after the last bit of makeup was applied, completing my “outfit” and transformation.

Now, all along one or two had been in the room, with others coming and going, getting this or that, staring in wide-eyed curiosity and wonder, or just poking fun at their new girlfriend housemate, but about the time my makeover was done the one doing it shouted for everyone to come see, that they HAD to SEE. They all came in and were virtually transfixed. Each of them looking me up and down slowly, taking it all in approvingly, and squirming at the same time. I myself was more embarrassed than words can ever do justice to, but they were all STUNNED, I mean seriously stunned, some with their mouths agape in shock, but ALL now looking at me with these eyes of astonishment or adoration.

Now, I’m an attractive man, so I’m told, but this was a whole other order of magnitude altogether. You could tell that they had no idea I would be so gorgeous, so feminine, and apparently so attractive. This was when I had only medium length long blonde hair, I might add. Nowadays, I have much longer mid-back length hair, so wonder what they might have done or thought about me now, with it all coiffed up properly! Probably would have been sensory overload for all of us, and we would never have even left the house for Halloween festivities. More on that in a minute. But getting back, I was at once confused by their shock, admiring/approving eyes, giggles, etc. As well as by the face of the girl now looking back at me in the mirror. I had to admit to myself that I liked it, and all the attention/help getting there, as I hadn’t told them I had always loved wearing panties, stockings, and being hairless. For me, there’s something very erotic and exciting about standing there as a girl in a man’s body, in panties, stockings, a short skirt and all. Along with the makeup that really brings out one’s eyes.

Eventually they got around to asking me what I thought. I was nearly tongue tied, but then one of them noticed I was fully erect and said “hey look, he LIKES IT, he REALLY likes it!!” The giggling taking on a different tone and intensity. She then came up to me, reached under my skirt, and boldly felt my shaft through the thin fabric of my panties, which instantly throbbed deeply in her hand as she squeezed it firmly, while also pulling up the skirt so all the others could plainly see it (and my subsequent humiliation and embarrassment). I went beet red, and tried to stammer some protest, but my body told the truth, that I did secretly like it. In fact, I LOVED it and was awash in all these intense feelings. There I was, with my hair done up in pig tails and ribbons, eyeliner and mascara over enough foundation to hide my facial hair, wearing earrings, with bright red pouty lips, a neck choker to help obscure and hide my Adam’s Apple, a cute little white school-girl-type blouse (through which you could clearly see my padded black lace bra and underbust corset, which helped give me a little cleavage and a girlish waist), a short black skirt, with freshly shaven legs swathed in sheer thigh nylon stocking, wearing a black lace garter belt, and 5″ black patent heels with a dainty little ankle straps.

It was then that a camera flash went off, as one of them began snapping pics of my tormented, erect state. And I was in torment, with my cock throbbing hard. Painfully even. Alexandra, the one with camera then said, “these pics were just to insure that others get to see our hot new housemate tonight, one way or the other. Whether you join us in going to our parties, or if we have to post them online for all to see how you clearly enjoy being a girl, to help convince you”. Ugh.

Eventually we were all ready to go out to a few parties they had been invited to, even if I was still a bit wobbly like a baby in my heels. Part of me excited, part of me dreading what might be ahead. And out we went into the cool Santa Barbara night.

Arriving at the first party we made our way inside with more than a few stares directed at me since I appeared to be the only one out of costume, mostly from males who shocked me with their stares and unmistakable lust for what appeared to be a hot girl, but as we approached the front door and their friend the host, my destiny for the night became very clear, as anytime I walked, or really even moved, the caress and exquisite feel of the sheer stockings and silky pink panties would give me an immediate erection. This, along with the coolness of having my silk covered butt and privates out in brisk October air was a massive turn on, no matter how I tried to not think sexual thoughts. Add to this that as I walked I just got harder and harder from all the stimulation and the fact that I was the center of a LOT of attention, and you had a recipe for my hard on to be noticed if I moved the right, or should I say wrong way.

As we approached the door the host welcomed us, and I was introduced as Tori. My male name is Troy, btw, so it was easy for me to remember to respond to “Tori” all night long. I tried to keep my voice as feminine as possible, which apparently made it soft, husky, and sexual sounding. This would be a huge turn on for any men within earshot, as it turned out, to my distress, as it made even more men rivet me with their eyes. I could FEEL them looking me over, head to toe. Double ugh, since though I AM bisexual, I was not ready to add THAT to the mix this night! This being the center of much male, AND female attention, would be the norm for the whole night. It’s really amazing how many women were drawn to me, almost without exception, for some reason. It’s almost as if a part of them could see or sense the maleness, yet not.

Finally towards the end of the night we were all a little tipsy, which helped me relax considerably, when one male got up the courage to approach our group, and me in particular. As he came past behind me in the crowd I clearly felt his hard cock rub over my butt through my skirt, till he paused, feigning like we were in a crowded subway or elevator, pausing to rub his harness right between my cheeks! Though part of me was in shock and tensed, another part nearly swooned at the headiness of it all (no pun intended;), the whole of me feeling so sexual, so desired. I pushed back against him, wiggling my butt just a little, to tease him, then up and down ever so slightly so no one would notice but us. As I did I felt his right hand gently come up under my skirt to feel my buttock through the soft silkiness of my panty, and stroked me for just that split second. I nearly went weak in the knees and fell forward. Ever sharp Alexandra saw this and smiled at me big time, and quickly came to my side of the circle to intercept him before he said anything or moved on past us. She stopped him, winked at him, took his hand and brought him and it around in front of me as she raised my skirt and place his hand on my crotch. I felt the jolt of shock hit him, and can remember it like it was yesterday, though he instantly softened and relaxed. Seeing as how it was very dark where we were, this all went unnoticed by even those right next to us and our group. Only the three of knew of this little exchange thankfully, since my cock instantly began throbbing at being touched. He paused long enough to stroke it a little and I began to pulse even more. I could feel a bead of precum forming at the tip of my head, and so did HE! He then leaned in and with a whisper of “you are SO beautiful, honey” placed a light kiss just below my right ear. I nearly passed out, it was so dizzying for me. Alexa, seeing this, smiled a wicked and knowing smile as she caught my arm just to be safe, steadying me. Apparently this was one of her little desires for me and this night. That is, to tease and be teased, like a true girl. She called it “an initiation”, bringing me more fully to know my inner feminine side. And right she was, as I instinctively swiveled my ass towards his crotch, pressed back against him, and gave him a little milking motion in kind.

It may sound like it took place over a minute or minutes, but it was all over in seconds, with him smiling at Alexa and I as he moved away. Which made part of me relieved, and another part to ache like a woman to be taken somewhere where I could help satisfy him, and possibly even be penetrated by him, or bred like his girlfriend.

The only other incidents were when a couple guys really began coming on to me, and who clearly hadn’t a clue I was male. Alexa, each time interjected herself again like a Mistress/Dominatrix and quickly and discreetly lifted the front of my skirt so they could get an eyeful of my cock and panties, with each time ending in winks, knowing looks of recognition, and broad smiles rather than some ugly homophobic slur. So that made the evening a LOT easier to endure and navigate.

By the time we got home my balls were aching terribly, after having had so much stimulation all night long, and I was simply going to head up to my apartment. I said goodnights and many thanks all around, with lots of giggles, stories being relayed back to me of social exchanges at the parties, of various looks and admirers who I hadn’t seen, but which the various girls had, and began to head to bed when Kiana, one of my housemates, asked if I would care to join her for a nightcap. I couldn’t refuse. Plus it gave me another few minutes to relax in my female attire, fully made up still, which was still a very heady experience, and an incredibly exciting one once I calmed down.

Alexa took me aside real quick to let the lugnut in me know that Kiana REALLY liked me, since I sometimes miss women’s signals. This news kind of jolted me, but was still very welcome.

The short story of which is that her and I quickly fell into bed together as she told me of turned on she was by me, and that the seeing “Tori” ratcheted that up off the chart. Ha! Who knew!?! Gotta love that. Anyway, it wasn’t long before she had her hands inside my blouse pinching my nipples, and then up under my skirt feeling my cock through my panties, and the growing wet spot of precum. With a flick of her wrist they were around my ankles, as she pushed up the waist of my skirt so she could better help me gain relief for my poor aching testicles. It didn’t take long with all the night’s “foreplay” through walking and simply moving, and almost no sooner than she wrapped her lips around me and began stroking the head of my shaft with the small of her throat I was unleashing stream after stream of cum deep down her throat in a torrent. I had been so full of cum that even when I pulled back to let her have some to taste (she loves and needs that) in her mouth a veritable stream continued to pump out of me and onto her lips, chin and chest. No wonder I had been aching so much. I had never seen so much semen come out of me.

Getting back to being dressed as a girl, or should I say gurl. It still makes me hard as a rock to think of it. And it always had. Even before that night.

See, I had always LOVED wearing panties, stockings, g-strings, slinky dresses or skirts, corsets, the occasional pantyhose, or anything very feminine or sensual. I had found this little truth out when I was just 10 years old, having found my older sister’s panty drawer, and getting my first erection after I quickly and without hesitation slipped on the sexiest, silkiest pair.

I had dabbled in wearing panties and other stuff over the years, on rare occasions, or when the urge struck me. And it always did. No matter how I tried to deny it. I guess it fulfilled a deep need in me, or felt familiar and welcome, as if perhaps a hangover from a past life as a girl. Who knows. What I do know is that I’ve read enough on that subject to know that it seems that the human soul generally prefers one gender over the other, regardless of which one you might presently be (it seems we change back and forth as we reincarnate). But enough esoteric-type talk. All that really matters is that we enjoy and be ourselves in this life, today, as much as possible.

What I realize now, looking back on that night, is that I was and had lived the dream of many transsexual or transgender/pan-gender men, or even just closeted panty lovers who occasionally might be drawn to wear perhaps more, in that I had a bunch of giddy and enthusiastic girls actually urge and force me into it all! Seems that’s a HUGE fantasy of a LOT of men and boys.

In recent months I have decided to more fully embrace all of who, what, and how I am on much more permanent basis. Which in this life is both masculine and feminine, sensitive and tough, strong yet gentle, but with a decidedly girly aspect 😉 Part of which finds me writing this in, and daily wearing skimpy panties and g-strings, even out in public under my clothes, like many men. More than most women know.

Call me a sissy, if you like. I can own that.



Flashing my class

Flashing my class

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So I’m a 36 grade 10 math teacher. This year my whole class was an all boys class. They were all goons and didn’t want to be at school and goofed around the whole time (I’m sure you know the type). So the talent show was scheduled for that day and my class was before it. I was performing in it too, I helped out in the vocal group and all the kids in it had to be dressed nicely so to show that it was not just them that had to dress up I wore an black argyle sweater and a black skirt. I didn’t know that one of my buttons came loose and during my lesson my skirt fell down when I had my back to the class. I gasped, my worst high school nightmare came true! I froze as the rowdy boys in my class got out see my white panties. I collected myself and pulled my skirt back up and acted normal as if nothing happened. The talent show went accident free. To make it worst one of the knuckleheads in that class got a quick picture if me before I covered myself back up and sent it to a lot of the kids. Even the principle found the picture. It was not my day at all.


Dress Rehersal Flash!

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So I’m a drama freak in high school and on dress rehearsal night when a mom was helping me get dressed, my bra kept showing and getting in the way. The mom said, could you just take it off? I said, um, sure. I waited for her to leave, but she kept standing there. I took it off and waited for her to hand the costume over, but someone called her and she rushed off with my costume. I standed there half nude and then the stage manager (a male and my crush) rushed in with my costume and stopped dead in his tracks. I’m sure he was suspecting for me to be dressed. He came over slowly and handed me my costume, his hand bumping my breast, probably on purpose. I said thanks and he left, but he forgot to close the curtain. I walked over carefully, making sure the costume had my breasts covered when he can rushing back with my shoes and bag. He bumped right into me, his head squished to my breasts. He is short and I’m tall. I stumbled back and fell to the bench. He was on top of me and I saw his penis growing larger. I said wait here. I went and closed the curtain and can back over to him. I pulled my panties down and sat on his lap and said, do whatever you want. He started fingering my pussy and kissing me.  Shyly I pulled his pants down and his shirt off. He got up and stood in his boxers, looking at me naked. I got up and pulled down his boxers and took his penis and stroked it until it was fully hard. Then I layed down on the floor and he got on top of me and I guided his penis into my vagina. He rode me and then someone pulled the curtain open. A teacher stood there and said, did you foget people can see under the curtain? My crush got up and he stodd up covering his penis. I stood up without covering anything, I was too shocked. He said, come with me and led us naked out of my stall and said, you better face this punishment. Go out on the stage together and the come back without covering up. We stared at him in shock. I started walking toward the stage and pulled the curtain back. There were lots of students, teachers and parent volunteers. I said, are you ready? He nodded and we walked out and the room got quiet. We got to the end and stood there and some boy called out, hot boobs and ass! Someone else ran up to the stage and up to me. He pulled on my boobs and put his hand on my pussy. I ran off and hid in my dressing room. I got my costume on and finished the rehearsal with boys coming up to me asking if I could flash them. So that was pretty horrible


Lost my skirt in the office

Lost my skirt in the office

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On a Friday I decided to wear a black mini skirt. It wasn’t that short but short enough to be outside of my comfort zone. I wore it because I was feeling a little flirty. I am thirty eight years old and a brunette. So anyways, my office was is full of horny young men and the woman in my office have sticks up their buts and wear clothing to keep the men from ogling them. So you could imagine the looks I was getting from the men staring at my butt. I smiled uncomfortably at the ground as I walked to my cubicle. I was working on my computer when Elise, a coworker came and addressed me about my choice of clothing. We have had run ins before so I told her to shove off. Unfortunately she turned out to be right when there was around two hours and a half hours left I had stepped off the elevator to grab a bottled water. The elevator was jam packed and I was one of the last ones to get off. The elevator we have, the guard rail sticks out about an inch in front of the exit. I nearly but my hip off the rial, but I quickly moved my hip out of the way. I felt a tug on the back of my skirt. I looked back to see it caught on the guard rial. I couldn’t move because the guys that were in the elevator we checking out a funny video on the guys phone. To my horror the elevator door closed. My skirt was stretched really far. Despite my silent prayers, my skirt was pulled up by the elevator and was stretching beyond the limit. I knew if I would have asked for help the guys would probably make the situation worse. My skirt was stretched to the point where I felt myself being lifted. Then the group in front of my broke off and I got shuffled in the mix and the worst happened. My skirt completely tore off! I let out a small whimper and ran behind a big fake potted plant. I took off my blazer but then I remembered that my blazer was short sleeved. I couldn’t tie it around my waist. So I was left in my red hipster panties. I didn’t look to bad in them but I was embarrassed. I felt my face flushing red and I stepped away from the plant. I decided to run to my office with both hands in front of my crotch. I was becoming very wet and you could see my vagina. I managed to make it to my cubicle without being noticed. I sat down flustered. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I thought I would pass out. Just then I heard my boss coming! He would freak if he saw me! Although he was a cool guy, three weeks ago I made him a birthday cupcake. Everyone had brought hima vanilla cupcake but I knew chocolate was his favourite. If only my skirt was salvageable but the piece I could get was very small. He turned into my cubicle, I swung my chair around and put a file folder on my lap. He asked me how I was doing, I told him good. He was holding a box and asked me if I could complete the box over the weekend. I thought that when I leave I could hide my panties with the box. I gladly accepted. I swung around to grab the box but then I remembered I couldn’t let him see me so I stopped the chair but I flopped out of it. I let out a little scream and his face lit up. I crossed my legs and begged him not to tell anyone. He told me that he would have to report this because his business was expected to be professional. I tried to negotiate with him and he wouldn’t budge. To my surprise to unbuttoned my blouse and ripped away my white bra,revealing my breasts! I froze and he stopped talking and stared. He asked me to take my whole shirt off and I did. I stood up with my bra around the waistband of my red hipster panties and my bare breasts on for display. He said if I could make this any sexier he would never report this as long if I don’t report this either. Without thinking I slipped my hand into my panties and began masturbating my self. It felt amazing and helped my calm myself down. He got a hard on in no time at all and said get back to work and left. I quickly ripped my bra up and buttoned up my shirt. I sat down in my chair and worked in my computer for the rest of the day. I wore my blazer so no one would suspect anything. So the day finally ended I grabbed the box and ran down the hall. I held it in front of my crotch and I zipped past the other cubicles. Then I stopped no one was there! I breathed a sigh of relief. It was so quiet. I walked and thought I heard a clicking sound. I ran off again and pasted the door to my bosses office. I knocked on the door and he said come in. I stick my head in and told him I would finish the box right away. He asked me what box. I held up the box and he said thank you. I asked him if we were good he said yes. I asked him if he remembered what happened earlier he said no. I thanked him and he asked what for. I noticed a bottle of pills on his desk. I suddenly wondered if he had short term memory loss? I asked him if he remembered that I got him a cupcake. He said no but he wouldn’t be surprised if I did because I was so kind. Then I told him there were rumours around the office he had short term memory loss (I made that up). He sighed and told me he does and takes pills and asked me not to tell. I told him no worries. He thanked me and asked if is anted to join him for a fish supper. Brain food he said. I told him maybe another time and left hastily. I ran down the stairs and was so thankful how lucky I had been. I got to the floor to enter the parking building but forgot that there was a conference room on the floor. The door flew open and I saw several men leaving. Is screamed and sprinted as fast as I could. When I got to my car I tossed the box through the opened window and sped off. Then around eight o’clock when I was working on the box when I revived an instant message. There was no name and the message was you were so hot at work today with this picture.


Reverse pantsing

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This happened when I was 14. The story also involves my then BFF Ellie and my crush Brian.

At my school, the boys and girls of the same grade had their gym classes at the same time. Sometimes, as with volleyball or track, we would be co-ed. Other times, like for basketball, we would be separate. So this one time we were playing volleyball with boys and girls on the same teams. Brian was on my team.

Brian and I had been making eyes at each other all year. We were trying to find some way to break through to each other. We were both kind of shy. So Ellie gives me an idea. She says I should pants him during volleyball. My reaction was WTF! But Ellie said it would be funny, and although embarrassing to Brian it would break the tension between us. I said I was not going to expose my crush to the entire class, especially the girls. Ellie said to just pull down the back and expose his butt. Ellie said, “I bet he has an incredibly cute butt.” I don’t know why this sounded like a good idea, but against my better judgment I agreed.

So the day of the pantsing came. We were halfway through our volleyball game, when Brian returned a serve. That’s when I struck. But I did not get a good grip on Brian’s shorts. I only got them about an inch down when he broke away. I remember the expression on his face. It was part surprise, part shock, partly the look of someone betrayed. But whatever he was really feeling, it did not stop him from reacting. He grabbed my shorts and gave them a good tug pulling them and my panties down below my knees. My bare butt and vaginal area was in full view of all. That included both the boys’ and girls’ coaches who called us both into their office.

I was crying out of embarrassment and wanted to die. But the coaches gave me no sympathy. They say I struck first, and I got yelled at because of that. Brian got yelled at for retaliating. We were then told to apologize to each other. I didn’t feel like apologizing to anyone right then, but did so anyway. I think Brian’s apology was just as heartfelt at the time as mine. So then our parents were called to school, and we got yelled at some more. We were not suspended, but we did get detention.

After a few days, I wanted to really patch things up with Brian. I caught up with him after school and told him so. He said, “Whatever. Sure.” I knew he was flipping me off, so I told him I was the one who should be angry because I was the one exposed and humiliated. He asked me if it would have been better if he was humiliated by me, and that I should have learned my lesson.

A short time later I found out that Ellie had started dating Brian. She confirmed that not only did Brian have a cute butt, but he was also great in bed. Someday I will have my revenge on that slut-bitch Ellie.


My bet with my sister

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This just happened a few weeks ago. I’m a 17-year-old guy, and my sister is 15. One interest we both share is sports. Only my sister also likes to gamble on sports. She generally breaks even. Occasionally, she loses big, but pays for it with a lot of small wins. I’ve always worried about her, but she ignores my warnings. Our parents think it is just a phase.

So earlier this month, on Sunday, Jamie and I were planning to watch the Rangers-Angels game on TV. But Mom wanted us to run a few errands for her. No problem. We would just record the game on TV and watch it later. That meant keeping the radio in the car turned off so we don’t accidentally hear the score. So we made a few stops and then went to the mall for the final errand. Jamie wanted to then go look for a new top to wear to a friend’s party. I didn’t want to spend time watching Jamie shop, so I went elsewhere and told her to call me on my cell when she was ready to leave.

So I pass by an electronics score and the radio is on. I accidently hear part of the game. It is the top of the ninth, Texas already has a big lead and they are putting together yet another rally. Well, I guess the game is spoiled for me, but I get an idea on how to teach Jamie a lesson.   As we are driving home, I say to her that I would like to make a bet on the game. Jamie is surprised because I never gamble, but I am betting against her Angels, and she cannot pass up any bet. She asks how much, and I say no money. If Texas wins, she has to get naked in front of my friends, but if the Angels win I get naked in front of her friends. She immediately agrees.

So we start watching the recorded game. Texas takes an early lead, and by the middle innings it is clear how the game will turn out. From the middle innings on, Jamie says nothing. She just stares at the screen. When the final out is made, she takes the remote and turns off the set. Jamie turns to me and asks, “So, when do I put on the show?”

Now I have no intention of having my sister go naked in front of my friends. But I am trying to teach her a lesson, so I am going to make her squirm for a while. I note that next Sunday our parents will be gone for the entire day. I will invite my friends over to see the Clippers-Thunder playoff game. Jamie can do her little strip tease then.

All week Jamie is obviously thinking about Sunday. Sunday comes and she is helping me get a few snacks ready for the guys. She asks, “Do I do it before or after the game?” I decide she has enough, so I tell her to forget it. The bet is off. I thought Jamie would be relieved, but no. “I don’t welsh on a bet,” she says. I tell her it’s OK. It’s not welshing if I let her off the hook. She says she always pays her bets regardless. I finally confess the bet was rigged, but it makes no difference. “I took the bet willingly. I lost. I don’t welsh on my bets for any reason.” I do not like the way this is going.

By the time my friends arrive, I am pleading with Jamie not to undress. With everyone sitting waiting for the game, Jamie stands up and tells the guys about our bet, and that she is now delivering the payoff. My friends whoop and holler as Jamie begins to undress. When she gets down to her bra and panties, they call for more. So off comes the bra. The guys cheer. Down come the panties. More cheering. Someone asks her to turn around so they can see her ass. Jamie does what is requested. Finally she says the show is over and gets dressed. I am dying.

After the game, everyone leaves and I ask Jamie why she stripped when she didn’t have to. “You wanted to teach me a lesson?,” she says. “Well, I wanted to teach you a lesson. It was humiliating and embarrassing to go naked in front of your friends. But now it’s over. My embarrassment is done. Your friends will never mention this to me again. But they will mention it to you. They will tease you for months on end, and you will continue to be embarrassed.”

Jamie was right. From the next day on, whenever my friends see Jamie, they are also polite and nice to her. They say hi, or ask how she’s doing. It is just like before. No one mentions seeing her nude. But when it is just me, the guys bring it up constantly. It is now only going on three weeks about, so it hasn’t been months yet as Jamie predicted. But I am getting pretty sick of the ragging.


BTW, Jamie is still gambling. She lost a lot betting on the first two games of the Thunder-Spurs series. She hopes to make it up on the Magic-Pacers series. And I still worry.


My Brother and I — A Naked Wager

DownUp (+3 rating, 3 votes)

Hi to all! I’m a 16 year old girl. This adventure involves me and my 13 year old brother. We are not the ones who were embarrassed, but it is still a good story. Especially for my brother!

First let me tell you when I was 6 and he was 3, every night at bath time I would take him with me to the tub. Mom prepared the bath while I undressed and helped my brother Aaron to undress. We then got into the tub together. I would wash Aaron and then myself. It was fun for a while, until we decided we were old enough to bath by ourselves. Still we got used to the idea of being naked in front of each other. This was as normal to us as being fully clothed. Even in our teen years, we thought nothing of it. Although outside the family, Aaron was shy in front of other girls and I was just as shy in front of other guys.

Now for the story. Not too long ago, I was having three of my best friends (all girls) over for a sleepover. We know that other kids are not as open with nudity as Aaron and I are.  Aaron said if my friends saw me naked in front of him, they would totally freak. I said my friends were more mature than that, so Aaron challenged me to a bet with the loser treating the winner to a movie of the winner’s choice.

We set the whole thing up beforehand. My friends arrived. I told them to go up to my room to change into their jammies and nighties. I would be up soon as soon as I got the food ready. So after 10 minutes I went upstairs to my friends. I began getting undressed. Meanwhile, outside my room Aaron was waiting listening for our special code word. When I was in nothing more than my bra and panties, I said the word. Aaron knocked on the door and asked if he could come in. I said yes. My friends started shrieking, “Susie! You’re in your underwear!” Yeah, I know that. So what? Aaron entered under the guise of lending me some CD’s I asked to borrow. He started talking about one which was new and I haven’t heard yet. My friends were yelling at Aaron to get out because I was half naked. (They were in their pj’s and bathrobes.) But Aaron and I weren’t finished yet.

As Aaron talked, I undid my bra. The girls really lost it then. “He’s looking at your boobs!” Right. But he has seen them before. I then slipped off my panties, and my friends were in hysterics. As soon as I got my pajamas on, Aaron left. He had won the bet easy. I ended up taking him to an action flick which I hated, but he totally loved.

But I demanded a rematch. This time Aaron would invite his guy friends over. My bet was that they would freak just as bad as my friends did, or worse. We used the same scenario. When I heard the code word, I knocked on Aaron’s door. He told me to come in. He was in nothing but his briefs. I started talking about the CD’s he asked to borrow. Only one boy commented saying, “Cool. Put on a show for your sister.” Aaron slipped off his briefs, there was a comment or two, but no one really freaked or shouted. Aaron slipped on his pajama bottoms, and I left. They guys make a joke or two, but that was it. No yelling, freaking, just a remark or two.

I lost another bet. I had to treat Aaron to another crappy action movie. I have to find something to bet on where I can win. He’s two up on me!