naked online

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When I broke up with my ex, she took our laptop to her new house.
She noticed that there were a couple of nude pics of both of us on it, and took revenge by posting naked photos of me online, accompanied with my full name, adress, facebook, telephone number, etc…
She submitted those photos to several different websites and blogs, so it’s impossible to get them all deleted.

Problem is, when somebody googles my full name, the links to those photos are shown in the top 10 results.
So far nobody noticed those photos. But I fear that pretty soon my friends, family and even my employer & colleagues will find out. It only takes 1 person to accidentally notice those photos, after that the rest will get notified in no time.
Those photos were meant to remain private, I don’t want to have my naked body publicly visible for the whole world to see. It’s embarrassing. And it would become even more embarrassing if everybody i know got to see those pics. Their jokes would never stop, and I’d get publicly embarrassed over and over for the rest of my life.
It would just be totally humiliating if my boss ever found out. The entire management would call me to their conference-room, and I’m sure they’ll print those photos out, watch everyone of them and pass them through amongst eachother while I’m in front of them.
Imagine standing in front of your bosses, trying to explain yourself while they’re watching photos of your exposed body at the same time… How much humiliating would that be?


Passed out on toilet!

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So I was at this HUGE party for all the seniors in my high school. I am usually a very shy and polite person, but not afraid to drink. So I guess I did too much, and I passed out on the toilet!!! I wasn’t bent over, able to cover my privates, but instead leaned back with my legs spread apart! Basicly, I was in a way everybody could see my vagina without much trouble. So when I woke up to a bright flash and laughing, I kneecaps something was wrong. I was still dizzy by fainting. “Wha-?” I finally realized they were taking pictures of my vagina! When I recovered, I blocked the sight with my hands. I ran out of the bathroom and then out tog the house right away. And they actually took a video and now it’s online! I was super embarrassed!


Caught by friends and posted on Youtube for the world! (youtube link included)

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I was super horny so I kept going downstairs to masturbate at my friend’s. But my friends got supicious and came down and made a video and posted it on youtube!

They even go back and show my come on the floor!



I made a cocky bet and lost!

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I made a bet with someone (not a friend) who I was arguing with. I was SO sure I was right that I bet them, and said they could name their prize if they won. I never thought for a second I’d be wrong and lose the bet!

They chose to make me get totally naked on and masturbate for 50 people, asking them to take screenshots of it and spread it around online.

Lots of people made fun of me and laughed at me for a long time but then never took the pic, meaning I had to masturbate for more people to get to my #50. Also, lots of people took pics of the screen with their cellphone and held it up so I could see!

The worst part is that there is one more part of the bet. I have to come here and describe it and offer to send pics to anyone who comments with their email! How embarrassing and going to get worse!