Older Sister

Buying my sister’s pads

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My older sister was sick in bed with the flu. And it just happened it was her time of the month and she only had one pad left. She asked me, a guy, to go to the drug store and buy some for her. Mom was out of town on a business trip. Dad, a university professor, was busy finishing up a research paper and we were not to disturb him. Siss gal pals. . . . Well, sister said they would just buy her the wrong kind as a joke so she didnt trust them. The wrong kind? Arent all vaginas the same? So why would pads be different? OK, you can see the situation I am in.

I cant refuse to do my sister a favor. She is always there for me. We would go through hell for each other. But buying pads? Thats worse than hell. What if one of the guys sees me? Word will get around and I would be the target of all kinds of jokes.

But I am not going to let my sister down. So I came up with a plan. I would first buy a lot of guy stuff. You know, shaving cream, mens cologne, mens deodorant. Then I would get the pads and put them on the bottom of my basket. I would check out at the self-service kiosk.

So I am now standing in line at the kiosk when I hear a familiar voice behind me saying, Hi, Sam! Its Lorrie, a girl I know from school. We hang with the same crowd, so we are on friendly terms. She looks in my basket and sees the pads. Youre buying pads? People turn to look. I tell her they are for my sister who is sick in bed. Thats so nice of you. My brother would never go buy pads for me. More people look. OK, now everyone knows I am buying pads.

At least I helped out my sister. She can get pretty helpless when shes having her period. But the best part is that Lorrie now thinks Im a great guy and has said I should ask her out. I did. We are casually dating right now.


Wedding Revenge

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I have a bitch sister who is several years older than me, and we never got along well. As her little brother, I would always be bullied and humiliated by her. My earliest memories are of her bulling me.

I remember how she used to start every morning by going into my room and trashing my homework. It was no wonder that my grades were poor until I found places to hide my homework. I was always small for my age, even after reaching puberty early I did not grow in size. I could not defend myself. So my sister would bring her friends over and they would strip me naked just to humiliate me. When I started getting interested in girls, I learned not to bring them over to my house as if my sister was there I would be stripped for sure right in front of my would-be girlfriend. That killed a few potential relationships. Of course there were pantsing incidents in public and in front of others.

When I started Junior High, my sister started a rumor that I had made some off-color remarks to one of the Senior High cheerleaders. Her football player boyfriend tracked me down and punched me out. My sister thought it was funny when I came home with a bloody face.

For my 13th birthday, she told me she had an extra special surprise for my party. I knew it meant more humiliation, probably a pantsing or stripping. I told my Mom that if my sister was there, I did not want a party. She told me shes my sister, that she has a right to be there, and I should be happy to have her. I said then no party. She said the party would be held as planned. Well, before my friends arrived, I left the house and did not come back until hours later when I knew everyone would have gone home. All this just to avoid humiliation in front of my friends. Of course, my Mom made sure they took all the presents home.

When I turned 16, I finally grew big enough to defend myself. Unfortunately by this time my sister had moved out of the house. But I had a plan for revenge anyway. Before she moved out, I hacked into her computer. I found several photos she had taken of herself or others had taken for her. The ones I was interested in had her nude. Many showed her masturbating. Several showed her having sex with one of a few boyfriends, or more than one at once. I copied them all for future use. And the time for that use came about a year ago.

My sister was to be married. I acted like I wanted to use the occasion to make amends, as if I was to blame. I volunteered to put together a little slide show showing my sister and her fianc as little children growing up through their teens and into adulthood, and in the end showing them together. I would show it during the reception. My plan obviously was working. I got some great photos of my sisters fianc, and Mom helped me pick out photos of my sister.

So it was the reception after the ceremony at last. I started the slide show and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. First came the photos of the groom. Next came photos of my sister starting with her as a baby and then a little girl. Suddenly there was a photo of my sister as a teenager with a dildo! People gasped. I looked at my sister and saw her expression of shock and disbelief. Her fianc was also frozen. Good. I can continue the show. Next came my sister giving someone a blow job. Then photos of one guy eating her as she sucked another guys dick. Then came an old boyfriend fucking her, and so on and so on. At the end came a title card which read: For my loving sister from your little brother. Payment in full for all the shit you put me through.

When the lights came on, the groom got up and came after me. Fortunately, I was a faster runner. My sister no longer talks to me, which is great. We never talked much anyway after she moved out, and the less I have to do with her the better. My mother was furious at me and says she will never forgive me. Gee, mom, why werent you upset when sis was making my life a living hell? You never once protected me.

Some of my relatives were on my side. My grandpa told me he was glad to see I finally got a pair of balls and put my bitch sister in her place. He was always on my side. My cousin Andrea was a bridesmaid against her will. She had a few grudges against my sister as well, and helped me find a few porn sites where I could upload sisters photos. Revenge can be fun.


Caught Naked in a Bathroom!

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This happened when I was 15.  My best friend Lisa was 13.  Her older brother Robert was my age and in several of my classes at school.  Robert and I were what you would call casual acquaintances.  He was a nice guy and I got along with him, but that was it.

So one Saturday, Lisa and I had plans.  We were going to spend the day at the community center pool watching guys, sunning and getting a little exercise.  That night we were going to a girls’ night out.  Another friend had a birthday, and a bunch of us were going to take her out for a movie and dinner.  Our plans were to go to Lisa’s after the pool to shower (since the center’s showers were a mess) and to change.

So we stayed a little longer at the pool than we planned.  Another friend, who was a bit older and could drive, was going to pick us up at Lisa’s.  Since we were short on time, Lisa suggested that while she showered upstairs I should shower in the basement bathroom.  They had a combo guest room/rec room down there.

Since we were all alone, I didn’t figure I had to be too modest.  I left the bathroom door open so it would not get too steamy and I could then use the mirror to put on my makeup.  So after my shower, I was putting on my makeup.  I was still naked.  That’s when I heard someone say, “Opps!”  It was Robert staring at me.

I screamed and tried to get something to cover myself with, although Robert had now seen everything.  He quickly grabbed the door and closed it.  I was still yelling.  Lisa came downstairs and entered the bathroom.  I was wrapped in a towel and so upset I was crying.  A guy I sit next to in class saw me nude!

Although I was upset, I still managed to dress myself.  On the way out, Robert tried to come up and apologize, but I ran to our waiting ride.  I did not want to see or talk to him.  I was miserable the rest of the night.

Monday in school, Robert again tried to talk to me and apologize.  I didn’t want to see or hear him.  I was too embarrassed still.  Tuesday was the same.  Wednesday after school, Lisa finds me and says Robert really feels bad about embarrassing me and wants badly to apologize.  I told her I didn’t want to talk to him.  Thursday I also stayed away.

So now we come to Friday after school.  I get home and my older sister is there with a rose in her hand.  She says, “This came for you,” and hands it too me.  There is a note attached from Robert.  I read it.  It says, “I’m sorry about embarrassing you by catching you naked in the bathroom.  I really did not mean to stare, but I couldn’t help it.  You were just so beautiful.  It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.  But still it was wrong of me to stare.  I only want to apologize to you in person.  Please let me do this.  I really feel badly for causing you any hurt.”

I was getting upset again.  I started crying and asked my sister what to do.  I was still too embarrassed to be seen by Robert.  She read the note and then asked me, “Did he burst in on you on purpose?”  No, it was an accident.  “Did he use the situation to purposely embarrass and humiliate you?”  No.  “Did he tell everyone at school what he saw?”  No.  “So all he did was send you a flower, tell you  you are beautiful, and that he is sorry to have embarrassed you.”  So, what do I do?  “You call him on the phone.  You thank him for the flower.  You tell him you appreciate him thinking you are beautiful, and then you accept his apology.”

I told my sister I was too embarrassed to do that.  She replied, “This guy sounds more like a gentleman than a 15 year old.  If you let this guy get away, I’ll never speak to you again!”

So I followed my sister’s advice.  I called and said what she wanted me to say.  And I didn’t let him get away.  Robert and I have been dating now for three years!  He is the perfect boyfriend!  My most embarrassing moment was the best thing that ever happened to me!


Staring at girl punishment

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A year when I was 14(boy) I was home alone with my older sister(19). It was in the afternoon and my sister had her friend over to come swimming in our pool. My sisters friend name was Heather and she was More


Worst Day

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I’m a boy and 15. I have a sister who is 18. So one time my parents were away for the weekend and left me to watch my sister. My sister and I like to play some pranks on each sometimes, but what she did More


family saw naked

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my family took a vacation to Florida. we had a condo right on the beach. i always wanted to try swimming naked in the ocean. i woke up early and went down to the water. i was just in my bathing suit. it More


had sex with my older sister!

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Around 1:00 AM when i was playing video games and i noticed some banging noises in my sister’s room. I went over to her door and listened. I was hearing moaning sounds. That’s when i realized she was More


The Unlucky One

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This happened at the movies when i went with my older sister the movies was about to start and i had the urge to use the restroom so i left all my stuff with my sister and rushed to the nearest restroom More


Skunked and Exposed

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So, this happened to me when I was 10 (i am a boy).  I was staying at my grandma and grandpa’s house over the summer with my older sister, younger brother, and younger sister, and I was hiking in the More


Horse Embarrassment

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So anyways, im 11 and a boy and this happened to me.  I was staying with my uncle for two months with my older sister while my parents were divorcing, but they didn’t tell me.  My uncle owned a horse More