One thing that I most regret.

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My name is Julie and I am an 14 year old girl. I have very small boobs so I wear a padded bra. One day, me and 2 of my friends Susie and Jenny went for a swim in the woods. I couldn’t find my bikini top so I wore a normal bra on the top and wore a white t shirt over it.
When we got to the river, we jumped in and I guess Jenny thought that it would be funny if she untied my bra. So me and Susie had a competition of who could hold their breath longer and while I was underwater, Susie held me down while Jenny unhooked my bra.
When I resurfaced, I was completely unaware that my shirt was transparent when wet and my small boobs were showing. I soon caught on and ran away to hide in a bush, crying. A while later, Jenny and Susie found me and dragged me out of the bush where my crush Jason and his two friends Josh and John was waiting.
Jenny and Susie took some scissors that she told the guys to bring and cut my shirt off, exposing my small boobs!
Then they cut my bottoms off too, exposing my pussy! Then I was forced to walk all the way to the park where apparently the entire grade had gathered. I was tied to a tree and they laughed and took nudes as I stood there crying.
Jenny told me that I couldn’t tell anyone or the nudes would be on the internet.
Luckily, a month later, our family had to move far away because of my dad’s job. I later found out that they had post my nudes on the internet anyway.


I Was Caught Peeping

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My name is Jenny. I am 14 years old and this is a story of how I was humiliated naked by a group of boys in front of the whole school. I’m a brunette, I am petite, and I have really small breasts, although they are more like small bumps. In order to hide my small breasts, I wear padded bras that make my breasts look like somewhere between B and C Cups. I am not very popular and I get bullied a lot by more popular girls.
One day, I was bullied again and I ran inside a janitor’s closet and started to cry. When I was crying, I heard some male voices. Strangely, they were coming from the floor. While I was looking around, I saw a loose ceiling tile.
When I looked through it, I saw the boy’s change room. My nipples got hard as boys entered the changeroom, stripped, and began to shower. I watched for a while and left. This continued for a couple of weeks until one day, when I got careless.
So one day, I re-entered the janitor’s closet and I started watching them again. I got so aroused that I stripped down to my underwear and started to rub my pussy. I eventually got naked and stripped down naked and started to masturbate.
During this, the floor tile slid over and I fell halfway through it. I was hanging there, as the boys saw my vagina. I scrambled back up and I heard a voice saying “Hey, there’s a chick spying on us!” I quickly got redressed and ran out of the room when I saw three of the boys “Well, well, so you are the one spying on us!” the leader said. “No! Please! I’m sorry!” I said.
They dragged me to the change room. “Alright, now strip!” the leader ordered. I cried as I took my shirt off, and then my jeans, revealing my wet panties. “Look at that! The little baby wet her panties! I think you deserve a punishment!” They pulled my panties off of me and took turns spanking me. I cried as each slap came down on my butt.
They then made me take of my bra and shower, scrubbing everywhere “Including inside of your vagina!” As soon as I inserted my finger into my vagina, I started to orgasm and collapsed on the floor, moaning. Meanwhile, the boys were laughing their heads off while taping all this.
They carried me outside and taped me to the front wall of the school. Everyone came and they touch my vagina and breasts. On boy even inserted his finger into my vagina, making me orgasm again.
They finally let me go and I switched schools after.


The Whole School Saw Me Naked! Pt 2

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Last time, I got suspended for being naked at school. Now that the whole school had seen me naked, I had to do something so much worse! One day, when I was at my swimming pool, I was forced to do something so embarrassing in the change room. I had strip down and walk into the boy’s change room and strike a revealing pose or my nudes would be posted all over the school!
So I reluctantly stripped, covered myself and walked out of the change room. Then, 3 of the girls taped my hands behind my back and dragged me out through the side entrance and then they taped me to the window of the swimming pool!
I saw everyone looking at me through the window and some laughing. One of the supervisors came and got me off the window. As soon as I got down, I ran away as fast as I could back home naked. I then realized that my keys were at the pool and that no one was home. So I found an open window, climbed in.
Thankfully, that summer, I moved schools so I wasn’t teased anymore.


The Whole School Saw Me Naked! Pt1

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One day, when I was 14, my mom finally allowed me to wear bikinis instead of a one piece swimsuit. At that time, I wasn’t developed and my chest was pretty much flat and no hair on my pussy. The girls at my school make fun of people with small boobs so I wear bras that are padded. When I went to buy my bikini, I bought one with a padded top.
Anyway, one weekend, there was a pool party at one of my friends house and I decided to go. As we were swimming, one of my friends dared me to jump off the diving board so I did. as I dived off the board, my friend untied my top as a joke! So when I got out of the water, I was topless!
I covered my chest as they laughed at my flat chest. One of the boys threw my top up and it caught on the edge of the diving board so I had to expose my chest as I climbed up to get it.
When I got to the top, someone pushed me off the board and my bottoms got caught leaving me naked! When I got out, I started to run to the bathroom, but they taped me to the wall and started to take nudes of me! They told me that I had to strip down at school during lunch and just walk around without covering myself or they would post my nudes on the internet!
So the next day, I stripped and walked around when the principal caught me and there was an entire assembly where I had to stand on the stage naked while kids took pictures of me!
As a result, I got suspended for a week. The good thing was that they didn’t post my nudes on the internet.
The part two of my story is coming up…


I got embarrassed so much!

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I am an undeveloped 14 year old girl. I have a flat chest and no hair on my pussy. I wear a bra that makes it look as though I have big boobs. Our school’s mascot was a Tiger and I was a substitute for the mascot. One day, at a sports game that was held at our school, the person who usually wore the costume was sick so I was asked to replace him.
So I stripped down to my bra and panties and prepared to get in there. It was really hot inside the costume so I pulled my bra AND panties off so I was naked in the costume.
At the end of the game, when I went into the change room, I saw in horror that the other cheerleaders had noticed my outfit and underwear and was saying that someone was naked. When they saw my name sewn to the back of the outfit, they ran after me and unzipped the back. I kept running and realized that I was completely naked! I jumped into an empty closet and locked the door. I remembered that I was supposed to walk home!
As I sneaked outside, I saw the other cheerleaders with some scissors. As I got closer, I realized that they had ripped all of my clothes! At that moment, one of the girls saw me and she took some pictures.
The other girls told me that I would have to pose for them or they would post my nudes on the internet.
As I stood there, standing in poses that revealed my chest and my pussy, I started to cry. The girls made fun of my flat chest and finally tied my hands behind my back and let me go home. As I ran fast as possible home, I’m sure that a lot of people saw me.
The next day, one of the girls told me to look up a website. On the website were my nudes! For the rest my high school year, I was forced to strip down and do embarrassing things.


My Mom saw my nudes

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one day my mom herd my convo that i had on the phone with my girlfriend, then she took my cell and looked at the pictures on it. she saw all the nudes that i have of girls and me.i was groundid for like 2 i have prental control on my computer and my mom always takes my phone and looks threw it.