Beach embarrassement

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My first time at a nude beach I was walking around nude, my penis hangs at about 6 inches and flops around quite a bit so its quite noticeable. I came across a group of mostly young girls that were pointing and giggling at my penis. It started to rise immediately. It became fully erect and they were all staring. They all seemed to be impressed even a few guys. I really like the attention and felt so powerful standing there erect and on display like that. I stood there for 10 minutes or so fully erect admiring the attention and pretending not to notice when a group of older women 50 to 60 or so came up to me and yelled at me for being hard. I boldly told them that Im not putting it down and stayed on display for the young girls but the adrenaline from the conflict and the self consciousness was starting to set in. I could feel my penis start to soften. I wanted to show these older women that they did not bother me by ignoring them and staying erect but it fell flaccid within a minute or two. As soon as it became limp there was a roar of laughter from everyone. The embarrassment was so great that it began to shrivel up. I didnt notice it which is why I didnt cover myself up. After getting into a verbal exchange with these women, after all, I still had an impressive flaccid penis but I could no longer feel it flopping around and when I looked down at it only the head was sticking out. I was left with a little baby penis in front of everyone.


naked online

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When I broke up with my ex, she took our laptop to her new house.
She noticed that there were a couple of nude pics of both of us on it, and took revenge by posting naked photos of me online, accompanied with my full name, adress, facebook, telephone number, etc…
She submitted those photos to several different websites and blogs, so it’s impossible to get them all deleted.

Problem is, when somebody googles my full name, the links to those photos are shown in the top 10 results.
So far nobody noticed those photos. But I fear that pretty soon my friends, family and even my employer & colleagues will find out. It only takes 1 person to accidentally notice those photos, after that the rest will get notified in no time.
Those photos were meant to remain private, I don’t want to have my naked body publicly visible for the whole world to see. It’s embarrassing. And it would become even more embarrassing if everybody i know got to see those pics. Their jokes would never stop, and I’d get publicly embarrassed over and over for the rest of my life.
It would just be totally humiliating if my boss ever found out. The entire management would call me to their conference-room, and I’m sure they’ll print those photos out, watch everyone of them and pass them through amongst eachother while I’m in front of them.
Imagine standing in front of your bosses, trying to explain yourself while they’re watching photos of your exposed body at the same time… How much humiliating would that be?


A 13 year old girl made me strip nude and masturbate in front of her!

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A 13 year old girl made me strip nude and masturbate in front of her!

I knew as soon as I saw her beautiful blonde haired blue eyed face approaching that she was coming to watch me masturbate and cum. She said, ” I want you to take off your clothes right now.” So I stripped nude and my dick was hard already! Then she asked me, ” Can I watch you Masturbate?” As I began to masturbate she stood in front of me watching me masturbate. She was so gorgeous and sweet, she really let me take my time masturbating. I knew that she wanted to watch me cum and that she would stand there looking at me while I was masturbating for as long as it took for me to cum, so I took my time. My prick was so big and hard, I occasionally let go of it so that she could actually see it throbbing. I wanted her to know how much I loved masturbating in front of her so I looked at her and smiled while I was masturbating in front of her. Then I started cumming, I just couldn’t hold back any longer. When I came she saw my cum squirt out several times and she stood right there watching until I completely finished cumming. As I was cleaning up my cum she smiled and then walked away.


Chained up

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This happend when I was 17. I was changing out of the cheerleading clothes after practice when suddenly the other girls dared me to strip naked. I wasn’t the sort of person to turn down a challenge so i accepted it. But after i striped myself naked, the either girl grabbed me and tied me up as well as block my mouth. They snuck me to the boys locker room and hung me there. Later,the boys came in and saw me hung naked. They toached my chest and my pussy. I was so embarrassed!!!


Nude in pool…accidentally

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One day it was when I was swimming with my dad, brother, sister and her friend. With other unknown people because it was a public pool. Anyway our family always had competitions, one of them was best dive into the pool and when it was my turn I did a summersalt. Let’s stop there and get some background info. I’m 16 male, sister and her friend 21, brother 17 and dosent matter about my dad. But yeah this is just the first part of a really bad day, I did my dive and my trunks came off. No one in my family noticed but these 14 year old girls saw my penis out of my trunks. I quickly pulled them up tho. My sister and her friend say they only saw my bum. Long story Ik. Then about 30mins later my trunks had ripped and my whole junk was hanging out. Most of the people had gotten out including my brother and my dad, there was only like 12 people in the pool. Anyway I dunked my sister and her friend lots of times, playing different pool games. I was in there for at least 15min not noticing. They must of seen it a million times and them blushing should of been a sign. They kept going under water and going next to me and so on. I’m still a Virgin aswell. I noticed when I dunked my sister and her face went all along my penis and gave me a boner straight away. at first I panicked. i even got to the side pool and stood up where something like 5 girls who idk must of saw when I didn’t notice before. So after a while I thought they have seen it for ages so it doesn’t matter so then I let it go aha. We was in there for another 10min least. I swear they kept on touching it but I had raging boner at the end and it was time to get out. Si I got up and a fit lifeguard laughed and said get changed now. I knew what she laughed for but didn’t tell me. So we got in the changing room and lots of girls idk probably seen my dick at at this point. Anyway we got home and I was tired I went to sleep. There is another story i might post…


Bum spanked in public

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My girlfriend was fed up of arguing and not paying her enough compliments.
So she decided if I did any of those or even if she just felt like it, she would punish me in public.
The first time she got me to bend over and pulled the back of my trousers down in the middle of the street. She then started whacking my bum hard with her metal hair brush. People cheered her on and took photos.
Once she finished, she pulled my trousers up.
Another time she started somrthing else she now does regulary.
She again pulled my trousers down at the back in another busy street. She gave me a few swats of her brush as people watched and took pics. She then spread my butt cheeks and exposed my anus to everyone. Then she took out yhe chewing gum she was chewing and shoved it into my anus. She then closed my legs and pulked up my jeans.
Luckily she never exposes my privates, just my butt and anus.


The Worst Magic Trick Ever

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Before we get started you must know a few things 1) I get extremely embarrassed about my body showing, even with a bikini on 2)I have had a crush on “Marshall” for three years 3)I have and average weight but large DD breasts 4)I live truth or dare… oh and I’ll go by Elena

One day my friend “Kaitlyn” told me that “Ava” was having a sleepover and I was invited. I gleefully accepted.

At the sleepover, we all had on our pjs mostly a tee and shorts. We all got bored so we ordered pizza then played truth or dare until the delivery guy came.

“Hey Elena, I dare you to answer the door without a shirt on when the pizza’s here!” Kaitlyn said. I immediately refused.

“Well then I guess we’ll have to make you!” Ava said as she tickled me while Kaitlyn cut off my shirt with scissors and chops my tee into pieces. It took me a second to realize the top of one of my bra straps had been cut in the process, I was freaking out.

“Well I guess we have to make it even,” Kaitlyn said as she snipped away both straps, me struggling know that a bra without straps would sag down my breasts, but she managed to cut them free.

Ding, dong! “Hello pizza delivery fo-” the Pizza Guy stopped mid-sentence looking down at my cleavage and boobs as I trembled in embarrassment. I just nodded and took the pizza and receipt and shove a five in his hand then shut the door before my bra slid down, which it did as I set the pizza on the table, luckily my back was toward my friends.

“Okay now you get to dare someone,” Ava informed me upon. Kaitlyn then smirked and said since her and Ava had to take off my shirt it didn’t count and it was still her turn to give someone a dare.

“I choose Elena!” she announced. I told her I already went and then she reminded me it didn’t count, I just begged her to show me some mercy on this dare and she just said ‘Okay, let’s do a magic trick!’

She cuffed me to a tree while I was helpless and a couple other girls walked across the street to invite Marshall over. Kaitlyn first snipped off my shorts, then my bra exposing my nipples, then my panties showing my cleans shaven vagina to the whole block and Marshall. She even left me completely nude all night!


Skinny Dipping With Cousins

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My name is Kelly and I’m a 16 year old girl. I’m really underdeveloped for my age and I have small boobs and very little hair on my pussy. One March Break, my cousins Susie, Jessica, and Jenny came for a visit. Susie is 15 and Jessica and Jenny(they are twins) are both 16 like me.
We were out for a walk in the woods and it was really hot. We came by a river that wasn’t too deep but not too shallow. Susie then had a idea to go skinny dipping. Jessica and Jenny agreed but I wasn’t too sure. They said that it would be fine because we are family and girls anyway. So we pulled off our clothes(we weren’t wearing anything under out shorts and t shirts) and went into the cold water.
We swam around for a while. Then, I heard voices coming near. We hid near some bushes that would cover us. Then I saw three popular girls from our school: Julia, Alice, and their leader, Felicia. I’m not exactly the most popular girl in my grade. They saw our clothes and threw them in the river and they all washed down stream away from us!
We tried to go after it when the three girls started to laugh. They came in the river in their bras and panties, pulled us out and got a rope from a old tire swing by the river and tied us to a tree!
Felicia told us that we had to stand and pose for them while they took pictures of us or they would not untie us so we agreed. They made us stand in positions that would expose our boobs and pussies while they took pictures. They also found out which school my cousins went to and sent the pictures to a friend of Julia’s who went to that school!
After a while, they let us go and we had to walk back home naked! Whenever a car or a person came by, we jumped into nearby bushes but I think a couple of people, including my crush Joshua saw us! When our parents asked us about our clothes, we said that we fell into the river and our clothes got swept off us.
When March Break ended, everyone in our schools had seen the pictures and constantly made fun of me. Thanks to that, I was once forced to walk around the neighborhood naked or they would post our nude pictures on the internet!
Now, me, Jessica, Jenny, and Susie only go skinny dipping or go naked when we are sure that no one would ever come by. I like being nude now and I even walk around my house nude when no one’s home.


want to be nude

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Naked in store

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I went to Oldham in Manchester. I bought a sandwich and a can of Coca Cola at a shop. I sat down on a bench and consumed them.

I decided to have a look round an Asian discount store. I picked up a screwdriver as I needed one. One staff member standing in the aisle saw me with it. He went away and after looking at the price, I put the screwdriver back.

A few minutes later, I was about to leave the shop when the two shopkeepers grabbed me and accused me of stealing.

They forcibly removed ALL my clothes and locked my arms to a post near the entrance using bicycle chains.

They also spread my legs and sat me so my anus as well as my penis and balls were visible and locked my legs to the post too. I could not cover anything.

They put a sign up above me saying “Thieves will be punished like this man”. I had an involuntrary erection so asked to at least cover my penis. They said no. I was loke that all day, people taking photos of me on their mobole phones or digital cameras. At the end of the day, they let me go and apologised as they had now checked my pockets and found nothing. As you can imagine, I was embarrassed.

A week later, I saw an A3 sized poster in their shop of me naked with an erection and anus showing. The poster said “Thieves will be punished in this way”. In big letters, it also said “Image posed by model.” So at least it was obvious I wasn’t a thieve. I asked them to take it down but they refused. So I asked them to at least put a sticker over my cock. But they said no. So now my privates ate on display for all the world to see.

I was told I could sue but they are a small business and I wasn’t actually harmed. So the poster will not be removed.