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Dancing on the club

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Me and my friends went to this club and had a dare not to wear a bra. I decided I better look good. So I grabbed a short black dress, and I really mean short. When we arrived, I saw a cute guy checking me out, so we stepped out of the cab and I closed the door, but my dress got stuck inside and I didn’t notice, so the cab sped off and my whole dress just ripped off, and I stood there dumb and embarrassed while my friends just stared at me. I decided to play cool and spent the night in the club wearing nothing but my panties. So I was dancing in the club while covering myself the entire night. And to make things worse, the string design on my underwear got stuck on something and it ripped. And now I was damn naked. My ‘friends’ took pictures of me and I got unbalanced so I fell to the guy that was checking me out earlier and I was so mortified! And my friends left me and then the club announced it was closing time, so I walked back home naked. The entire neighborhood, even my classmates, saw me naked! And so the next day there were hundreds of pictures of me naked around the school. I will never go to a club again! XD


my trousers slit from the waist the the middle bit underneath

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It was a Friday night, i was out with the folks from work we had gone to a night club called Millenium, it was in the Merry-Hill Centre in the West Midlands.

Well i had a bit to drink and there were podiums on stilts where you could climb up and dance, so i climbed up, i had on a small black tie top and some black trousers, i start to dance, well a song came on and i twisted my bootie to the floor.

Then aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh my trousers slit from the waist the the middle bit underneath so out come the moon, the bouncers was there laughing there heads off, with several other, so i decided to get down by climbing down the ladder with my bottom facing the ladders, but my top gets stuck on the ladder, i got helped off, but i went home red faced haha.