Caught naked

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I was 12 at the time so had a little fuzz around my penis. Was staying at my aunts and uncles place a few days. They had a nice hot tub in the basement. They told me since I was staying with them I could use it anytime. So after dinner I went down to relax in the hot tub. My aunt showed me day before how to turn it on so it heats up and all that. I took my clothes off and step up the step and get in felt really nice on my nude body. I was relaxing.  I stood up and got out. At that moment my aunt decided to come down as laundry room is down stairs and she was going to put a load in I looked and the towel rack was empty she looked right at me and could see my bare naked body I put hands over penis and she said “Don’t be shy” “I see your uncles all the time. I stood nervous but I removed my hand and let her get a view of it. She said you will have no problem with girls with that. I smiled and went off to the bedroom to get some pants on. The End.


Caught skinny dipping

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I was 13. Staying at my grandparents lake cabin with them. One summer night weather was very humid and hot. Once it got dark and my grandparents went to sleep, I decided it would be fun to go skinny dipping. My bedroom was on side of the lake so I took my clothes off in the bedroom and just tip toed out to back yard and down to the lake. A house next store to my grandparents looked dark, so I assumed everyone was sleeping as well. I get in the water and it felt amazing on my body the feeling of the water and my naked body. I swam around some. Then house next door the back light came out. A young woman walked out on her deck and must of heard me or something. I got out and started walking up to the house it was dark so I felt I was safe. Little did I know she had a bright flashlight she turned it on and pointed it in my direction she said what are you doing this time of night then pointed flash like and could see I was naked. I put hands over my penis but she could see my butt.  She giggled and said well nice butt I ran to the house where my grandma happen to be sitting at the kitchen table. I walk in naked I put hands over my penis and, she said don’t be shy I have seen what you have. I said sorry I just wanted to see what it was like to swim nude. She said its ok your grandfather and I did it when we were young and still do. I said woman next door seen me. She said well sure she seen what you have before. She then gave my butt a friendly pat and told me to get some sleep. So I went off to bed.


Pantsed By My Hot Friend and her Hot sister at Beach

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I was never looked at the same anymore at school after this story! This one weekend, me and my friend went to the beach, and her older sister was working as a lifeguard there (but we were on the far side of the beach where she could not see us easily). Even though this friend of mine was a girl, I could not stop myself from being incredibly hard when starring at her HUGE boobs in her tight bikini, as well as her nice butt. She kept on giggling, saying I want to see it.I was like, what the hell, no! She kept on trying to pull my shorts down, and I was running away from her, while she was chasing me. My **** got even harder as I saw her boobs bounce up and down as we ran. She kept on laughing, saying, come on, just show me its size and Ill stop! We kept on running, but then her sister whose boobs was even bigger than her sister and also wearing a small bikini told us that her shift was over and that it was time to go. Just then, she saw me running from her sister, and yelled out, is he hard?! She laughed, and her sister told her to help her chase me down in order to see it, and she said of course, I want to see how this one compares to the last I saw! They were both chasing me, until they finally caught up to me and pinned me down what could I do it was two girls that were more athletic than me chasing me down. My friend grabbed me by the arms, as her sister went in front of me. She said, ok, 3, 2, 1! She pulled my swimming trunks down! They were both laughing, saying I thought it was supposed to be big when hard! Her sister said that maybe we could make it harder, and she took off her top, which made my boy down under even harder, but not bigger! They kept on laughing, wondering why it stayed at barely one inch! Just then, out of nowhere, I just shot out some *** out of my **** on to the sand! They laughed even harder, omg are you a premature ejac? Since she was laughing so hard, my friend dropped me to the ground, and I tried to run to the changing tent, while all these other women kept on laughing their heads off when seeing me! On our drive back home, my friend and her sister kept on calling me a baby in the car, and talking about how they think I have a smaller one than their baby brother! It was so embarrassing, and my friend told everybody at school about it.


Pantsed At Beach!!!

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I hate talking about this story because of how embarrassing it is. So on this one day, me and my friend (who was a girl) went to the beach. Even though we were friends and this was technically just a hangout, I was really into her, so of course by boy down under became super hard after seeing her step out of the changing room with her HUGE boobs and amazing body covered by her tight bikini. She obviously notice, and asked if she could touch it. I was like, “WHat the hell? No!” But that didn’t stop her, because a couple of minutes later while we were in the water, she pointed behind me to an upcoming wave. I turned to see how big it was, but then she pulled my trunks down and pushed me into the water!! She ran back to shore, and I was there yelling to her to give them back. She kept on saying, “Well if you come out and show me your boy down under then MAYBE I will!” Since it was the middle of the day at around 1 PM, and it was technically a school day but it was cancelled today, there were barely anybody at the beach, and the only person was the lifeguard on the other side (get to that person in a bit). Since there were barely any people, I went to her with my hands hiding my dick. She told me to raise them, and I refused, pleading her to give me them back. She threatened to throw my shorts on to the top of the changing room tent, and just when she was about to throw them, I raised my hands to stop her. She glanced down, and died of laughter. “I thought that when it was hard, it was supposed to be longer than half an inch!” She threw my shorts on to the top of the tent! And they were too high for me to reach! Just then the really hot older lifeguard women came and was like “What’s with all the noise here-” She saw my willy and was like, “DAMN, that is small!” And began to laugh. My friend fell to the ground of laughter, and the lifeguard was laughing really hard too! I ran for my life and grabbed my bag with my change of clothes and ran to another tent to change, and all I heard was the lifeguard yelling, “Hey, that’s a pretty good butt you’ve got there!” After awhile, I ran into my friend who asked “Are you a premature ejac?” I was so like NO! She said that here and the lifeguard noticed that I was leaving a trail of cum behind as I ran. I was so embarrassed, and my friend continued to call me baby from then on out.


Rigged spin the bottle game

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So about 5 years ago when I was 15, I had a nice gig babysitting around the neighborhood.

One time I was doing one of the most expensive jobs I’ve taken, since I had to babysit one 12 year old girl called Jamie with three of her friends, and all the parents were paying me to sit this one night, so it was four times the pay.

The girls were gathered around Jamie’s new iPad, it had been out for about a year at that point, and they were all gathered around it and fiddling with it, I was pretty okay with that, since that meant I could just ignore everyone and relax with my own phone.

suddenly I heard Jamie


Stripped and orgasm

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I was at my friend Ainslee’s house along with my other friend Meghan and Ainslee’s neighbor Trevor. Ainslee has a pool at her place so the three of us hung out there a lot during the summer (we’re all in 10th grade btw). I had a huge crush on Trevor and Ainslee knew this, so she often tried to embarrass me in front of him. So we had just finished swimming and dried off and were sitting by the pool relaxing. We were chatting a while, and Ainslee kept trying to say embarrassing stuff about me in front of Trevor. I kept laughing it off, until Ainslee said “Hey Trevor, did you know Alison (my name’s Alison btw) has a hairy pussy?” Everyone got silent and looked at me. My face turned bright red, but then I immediately shot back “No I don’t!” Alison then looked at Trevor and said “Don’t believe me? Watch this!”
And she grabbed my legs and pinned them down. I was going to push her off, but then Meghan grabbed my arms and had them pinned down. I was now completely helpless. Ainslee then said”Go ahead and see for yourself Trev!”
After hesitating for a moment, Trevor reached down and grabbed my bikini bottom. I screamed at them to stop but it was no use. He ripped my bikini bottom off in one quick motion, and my unshaved pussy was on display for everyone to see. Everyone burst out laughing at my embarrassment. Ainslee then told Trevor to go inside her house and grab the roll of duct tape on the kitchen counter. When he came back, they taped my arms and legs to the concrete poolside. Meghan then unhooked my top and exposed my average sized tits to everyone.
“This isn’t funny!” I yelled at them.
“Oh yeah?” Ainslee said. “We’re not done yet.”
She then whispered something to Trevor and Meghan, and they all laughed. Then, Trevor got down on his knees next to my waist and starting to finger my hairy pussy! I immediately started to moan, causing more laughter from everyone else. While Trevor continued to finger me, Meghan started to grope my tits, causing me to become even more aroused. My nipples were hard as a rock and my pussy was already starting to get wet. After a while of this, my moaning grew louder and louder and I was about to squirt. They must have sensed this, because they untaped my legs and spread them apart. Trevor continued to rub my pussy and I finally had an orgasm. I squirted all over the poolside, with my so called “friends” in hysterics. Needless to say, I’m no longer friends with them.


Humiliating Beyond Belief Hs Freshman Girl Hanging Wedgie And Forced Public Nudity

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This is a 100% true story that happened to me when I was an HS freshman.

It was early to mid-October and I was wearing my class shirt, which gave away that I was a freshman. I was a pretty girl with bigger boobs than most of the seniors. I was going through a forested area and there were three senior girls sitting around a car. I didn’t realize at first that they were waiting for a freshman girl to wedgie, so I wasn’t worried. As a pretty girl with big boobs and butt, I was an ideal target.

One of them walked up to me and reached into my skirt and grabbed the back of my boyshort panties. Still carrying me by my panties, she dragged me over to a nearby tree where they had hung a rope. I said “please don’t”, but one of the other girls covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream. The third girl got some masking tape, taped my hands behind my back so I couldn’t resist them and taped my mouth shut so I couldn’t scream permanently.

The girls then took my skirt off completely and tied the back of my boyshorts to the tree with rope. I screamed as much as I could under my gag as they tied my underwear harder and harder and pulled me higher and higher. When they were done tying me up, they mockingly asked how I liked it. It was getting increasingly embarrassing because my butt was almost fully exposed to the girls with my wedgie and an increasing amount of my pubic hair and vaginal area was becoming exposed as my panties sunk deeper into me. It was physically painful too, but my abuse was far from over.

The girls then got out some itching powder and red ants and poured both of them into the front of my underwear. I couldn’t itch with my hands tied behind my back, which was torturous. They put some peanut butter in the front of my undies as well, which was sticky and also provided food for the ants to eat. Then the girls poured some toothpaste up my vagina hole.

Then they turned their attention to my butt. They put some peanut butter all over my butt cheeks and ice cream all over as well. Then they got some mini M&Ms and stuffed several right up my buttcrack. Then they turned their attention back to my vagina and put some ice cream on my vaginal area as well.

Once this was over, one of the girls got scissors and cut off my shirt and bra. I was now completely naked, except for my panties that were covering none of my butt and increasingly little of my pubic hair and vaginal area. The girls talked about how I must be proud that as a freshman, I had bigger boobs than all of the senior girls. I was normally proud of my big boob size, but this talk was making me embarrassed.

One of the girls had really thick nails and kept clawing my nipples really hard. Then a different girl got nipple clamps and put them on both of my nipples. That hurt far more than the girl clawing me did. They put other items like clothespins and paper clips on my boobs as well.

Last but not least of all, they started swinging me around the rope. Two of the girls swung me by spanking my butt, and the third girl was at the other end and volleyed me back by punching my boobs or vagina. Eventually they got in their car and left, taking my shirt and bra and skirt with them.

It wasn’t long after they left that my boyshorts tore and the wedgie was over. I went in the grass and peed from a combo of pain and embarrassment. Then of course I had to run home naked, wearing nothing but painful nipple clamps. There are few alleys where I live, so once I was out of the forested area there wasn’t much of any place to hide. My hands were still taped behind my back, so I couldn’t run as fast as I could or cover myself with my hands. The senior girls had made my embarrassment all the worse by writing the words “big boobed slutty girl” across my stomach with marker while they had been wedging me. Several cars honked at me and several people stared or yelled at me as I ran home nude. I recognized many of the people who saw me nude, which made it all the worse.

When I finally got home, I eventually managed to untape my hands and used my key to unlock the front door. My parents were still at work.

After getting inside I then ungagged my mouth, took off the nipple clamps, and took the M&Ms out of my butt crack. Then I put clothes back on and went back to the forest to get my books and backpack I had left behind. (Previously I was unable to carry them with my hands taped.) I got all of this done before my parents got home and wasn’t planning on telling them what happened. However, my parents heard from neighbors about how I had been running home naked with nipple clamps on and “big boobed slut” written across my stomach


My roommate’s girlfriend

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I am a male in my low twenties with a female roommate. She has a twenty-one year old sister who was visiting. She is honestly pretty hot. They thought I was out, although I had come home early. I was watching television with the volume low, since it was late. The sister, we’ll call her Claire, came downstairs to get a drink, in just her towel, having just gotten out of the shower. She was a bit embarrassed when she realized I was there.

I thought she’d go back upstairs, but instead, came and sat next to me. She said, I saw her in her with just a towel, so it is her turn to see me. I refused, but she said if I didn’t, she’d tell my roommate I was being inappropriate with her. So I figured, who cared, why not. I took down my pants. This should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t.

She stood up, neither of us realizing, when I sat down after taking off my pants, I sat on the edge of her towel. She stood up but the towel stayed down and I got a full view of her completely nude. She grabbed her towel and covered herself, full of being embarrassed. Then said “show me now. It’s only fair.” I refused, but she grabbed my boxers and yanked them down.

I am sitting there with my massive boner exposed, trying to cover myself. She said no covering, dropped her towel, and I moved my hands. She placed my hand on her breast and started to stroke me. It felt so good.

After about 5-10 minutes, my roommate came down, but I was soooo close. Claire stopped and grabbed her towel to cover herself as soon as she saw her sister, but I was too close, and came all over myself and the coffee table.

Needless to say, I can’t look my roommate in the eyes and she made me pay for a new coffee table. Plus she hung a sign in the living room that says “explosion free zone.” Everytime guests ask about it, I get so embarrassed.


Pantsed at Beach by two female friends

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So this happened to me around two years ago. I was hanging out with my two female friends at the beach this one time, and it was just the three of us. There wasn’t a huge amount of people at the beach that day, but still enough that I got completely embarrassed.

So on the side we were staying at was mainly meant for girls, but guys were allowed there as well (even though I was pretty sure to be the only guy there). So after taking a long swim in the water, my trunks which were already a bit to big for me could easily fall off. Well, my two friends must’ve noticed that, because out of nowhere, one of them pantsed me, while the other pushed me down to the ground, and the other who had pansted had ran off with my shorts, telling all of the girls. I had stood up, only to realize that I was completely naked in front of a huge crowd of girls.

They were all pointing and laughing. I tried to cover myself, but they would all grab my arms, and my friend who had pushed me would come and flick my dick around, until the point I got a *****. They all began to laugh more, with them saying, “He has a b****!”. I soon then began to cum. Of course, they even laughed at me more, saying, “He’s cumming!” All of them were smacking my butt cheeks, while saying things like, “Why is it so small?” A lot of them began to take photos and videos on their phones. Eventually, I was able to make a run for it, while many of them ran after me until I finally hid from them. My two friends eventually came, taking another look at my penis, and giving back my shorts. Before we left, my friend said, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of! Even if it really is that small!”


naked online

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When I broke up with my ex, she took our laptop to her new house.
She noticed that there were a couple of nude pics of both of us on it, and took revenge by posting naked photos of me online, accompanied with my full name, adress, facebook, telephone number, etc…
She submitted those photos to several different websites and blogs, so it’s impossible to get them all deleted.

Problem is, when somebody googles my full name, the links to those photos are shown in the top 10 results.
So far nobody noticed those photos. But I fear that pretty soon my friends, family and even my employer & colleagues will find out. It only takes 1 person to accidentally notice those photos, after that the rest will get notified in no time.
Those photos were meant to remain private, I don’t want to have my naked body publicly visible for the whole world to see. It’s embarrassing. And it would become even more embarrassing if everybody i know got to see those pics. Their jokes would never stop, and I’d get publicly embarrassed over and over for the rest of my life.
It would just be totally humiliating if my boss ever found out. The entire management would call me to their conference-room, and I’m sure they’ll print those photos out, watch everyone of them and pass them through amongst eachother while I’m in front of them.
Imagine standing in front of your bosses, trying to explain yourself while they’re watching photos of your exposed body at the same time… How much humiliating would that be?