A day with no underwear at school


When I was of 17, one day I decided to stop wear underwear (briefs) , as I thought that they restrict penis growth, and my penis was smaller than usual. I went to school next day. On the way, some seniors came and harass me, they began to take out my pants, as I could say them that I was naked underneath, they took it. Suddenly nearby people began to laugh and they noticed that I was naked. A girl from them said “Boy where’s your underwear!? Eew!” I said “I don’t wear them, you people embarrassed me!”. Then she said ” Oh no no no, this embarrassing was on you, it’s not our fault that you don’t wear underwear” other boy said “look at his penis ,it’s a tiny, that’s why he doesn’t wear underwear, to increase growth” . All began to laugh. The They showed my penis size about 4.7 inch erect and it should be 5.6 inch. I was really embarrassed that day.