Humiliating Day at Mom’s Friend House


Once ihad a dayat school and i woke up late so i didnt have time toeven take ashower so i wore my uniform and while leaving my mom told me that she will spend the day at Dona her friend so after school i went to Dona’s and found that mom and Dona were wearing thier swimsuits as it was a realy hot day and dona had a poolat her home so when i arrived i was too sweeting from the hot so dona invited me to get in the pool for awhile but mom saidthat she forgot my swimsuit so dona lend me a towel abd toldme to strip and put the towel and lend her the clothes to put it in the dryer till she look for some of her husband’s swimsuits i was ok with that as i had the towel around me so i stripped naked while putting the towel and gave dona all my clothes so she took them to put in the dryer and while i was waiting suddenly her daughter annie came from the home wearing her swimsuitshe (16yo same age as me , perfect body) so i felt abit embarrassed but ignored it after a while Dona cam back and said that she didnt find any swimsuits so i said it was fine i can wear my clothes again and go home to take shower but she said that she already put my clothes in the dryer and i have to wait maybe hours till it dry off and iwas like ” oh shit !! ihave to wait naked with them wearing only this towel ” then DOna said while laughing ” U can go Naked in the pool Hahahahah there isnt anyone strange in here hhhhhh” and they all laughed but i didnt so dona said “it was funny btw” and suddenly came behind me and stole the towel and pushed me in the pool i shouted at her to give me the towel back so i took it and get out of the pool from the far corner not to make them see me and put the towel round me i was going to stay at the house passing next to dona and mom sitting on the beach chairs they have DOna stole the towel again but this time she hold it away from me behind her back i was trying to cover myself in front of them while they were laughing so i was bending to reach her back while she was sitting there with one hand and covering with the other hand i couldnt balance myself but i could stand like i was gonna falland they were all laughing with answering me that they wont give it to me and suddenly then annie came behind me and pinched by bare butt  and pushed me against Dona and mom so i fell on thier Knees i was so exhausted that day so they could hold me tight that icouldnt even move so my butt was exposed for everyone now and i shouted at them to Let me but they were laughing Hard and while shouting suddenly i Felt Dona’s Hand Slapped my Bare butt veryHard SMACK SMACK i said”OUCH!!!” They laughed more and then annie went to get her phone and filmed what happened so DOna kept spanking me harder while her daughter was Filmin then Dona replaced her spot with Annie very fast i could even move while they were replcaing then Dona Filmed ANnie Spanking me as annie’shand were smaller so it was abit harder and faster so i shouted in pain and they laughed harder. and the more i shout the more the spank and laugh even my mom was laughing with them leting them do this to me then Dona get near to my butt with the Phone camera and annie put her hand in my asscrack and opened it wide theycould film my anus and then theyall laughed even harder then annie put her finger in her mouth and told her mom” SHould i put my finger” DOna answerd “He is all yours honey hahahaha ” i shouted ” Please no Please stop” but annie put her finger anyway and took it out then put it again but this time was Even Deeper and Deeper in my asshole till i was about to cry so they filmed me crying and left me then i ran and took a toweland stayed at the house and could hear them laughing without stop.