I will never forget underpants


This was last year summer. One day I woke up in morning and was getting late and even was drowsy so I got up to not get late for job which I joined two days I ago.
In too much drowsy nature I wore my pants and shirt and forgot underpants. This I realized when I was pulling my pants over hips. So was not in mood to pull them down again and wear underwear and pulled them up again. Then fixed my pants and closed the zipper
“Ouch” “no” my foreskin of people is was stuck in zipper. I tried to make it free but I couldn’t succeed although increased pain
Then I decided to call a friend who was a nurse. 10 min after she came I looped a towel around my waist to answer the door. And after that I removed it to show to her my problem. She got angry. Then I calmed her. “This is impossible, I have never seen such issue , many of my friends don’t wear underpants then also they are safe and they also have got bigger dicks then you” She taunted me. Then she let me out with it. When she was working , I was praying”god please save me this time , I promise I will never wear pants without underwear.”
After she was done she told me to circumcise for better healing. As I was not in situations to wear underwear I took my shorts and wore them till hospital as she was not trained for cicumcise yet. The shorts we’re rubbing my skin which hurted me a lot.
At hospital we met my girlfriend and that friend told every thing to her saying “she deserves to know”
So I was circumcised in front of two girls