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i lived with my girlfriend in a small house.
my girlfriend was between jobs so for a few weeks she was at home during the day.
lately she start complaining about our neighbour.
mark he was between our age she was 20 me 30 he 25 orso.
he was a short skinny guy with short legs and a big head.
he lived with his dog, a half size dog longhair and not a preticular ras.
his dog is very dominant to us, to him he listen very well.
he stated that it was because we where natural subs and he was a natural top.
he also was dominant to my girlfriend and was very paws to her.
sometimes he tryed to force her to summit to him by twisting her arm.
he pretent it was just a bit funwrestling but she start more and more behaving
submisive to him and his dog.
now she told me he came over almost every day when i was at work and grobbed her everywhere.
and laughed at her when his dog jumped her and dryride her.
pissed i walked out and saw him on the field in front of our house discussing with a few girls who played there.
it was a playfield and dogs where not aloud, but he walked there anyway.
he was very rude to the girls who where only 10/13 orso calling them slut and stuff like that.
he laughed at them for being pissed.
when i walked up and told him i needed to talk with him pretty angry, the girls laughed and cheered for me to kick his ass.
i’m not fighting, i calmly said.
than i told him he better stayed away from my girlfriend.
then his dog jumped at me and got me at my sleeve and wildly start pulling.
panicing i tackled myself and fell in the gras where the dog jumped ontop of me and hold me down.
laughing loud he stood next to us and rewarded the dog with a cookie.
the girls also walked to us and stood there surpriced and in disbelief.
i didn’t even deared to speak with the dog growling vo near my face.
than he told his dog to get of and i wanted to get up quickly.
but he stepped over me and pushed his knees at my shoulders and pushed me down in the gras sitting on my chest.
it didn’t took long before he grab my wrist and pushed them in the gras smilling down at me.
get off me, i snarled.
make me bitch, he said laughing, and moved himself higher on my chest till he sat on my neck and clutched my face between his tights.
embarrest hearing the comments from the girls and his sadistic smile above me i tryed to trow him of. but we only slide over the gras turning but he kept his position.
his tights block sound but i could hear the girls laughing very surpriced.
i wanted to get out of this humiliating position and very humble i ask him to let me go.
no fucking way looser, he said mockingly, i’m gonne sit her for awile, he said with an evil grim on his face.


Strip hypnosis

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It was my sweet sixteen birthday party! I was extremely excited and I invited a bunch of my friends over, guys and girls, to make it the best thing ever! We started to party a bit with music, and my parents had left the house to myself which was very nice of them. That’s when a guy approached me and asked me if I would be his hypnosis subject. He told me he wanted to see if he was any good at it, so I decided to give it a try in front of everyone! So I sat in a chair and everyone circled me and the guy. He told me that I should imagine myself soaring through the air with the wind passing through my hair and not to worry about anything. I closed my eyes and thought of that. He then told me that I’m now falling deeper and faster in a deep sleep until he chooses to bring me back, and to focus only on his voice.

I always thought hypnosis was just a ruse, but now I believed it! I felt extremely relaxed and calm. I only heard his voice clearly, all of the others were distorted and I couldn’t understand them. This is when he started to make the magic happen! He told me to started rubbing my cheeks gently with my palms and to imagine it being the boy of my dreams preparing to kiss me. As I was doing it, he told me that I feel very aroused, and even if he didn’t tell me that, I would have been aroused with something as suggestive as that! I started to feel my downstairs get more and more wet, and then the guy told me to imagine myself being caressed and barraged with kisses by my secret lover. I did and I felt my body reacting nervously as if I was getting kissed around the neck. That’s when I started to take off my shirt. If ever someone would kiss around my neck like that, it would be hard to not want them to go lower. That was where my concentration was heading: having the person go lower. You feel embarrassed but also aroused at your lover seeing you in such a state he then said.

I felt my cheeks getting more red but also myself feeling more turned on than ever before! You no longer want to hide anything from the man of your dreams, you will show him everything you have to hide he continued. I started to take off my pants, and then my bra, and then I finally took off my panties. I felt a calm breeze pass by my naked body as I felt amazing and aroused in this hypnotic state. The guy seemed a little surprised for some reason for the next few commands. There were a few pauses in between his next few replies, but it didn’t seem to matter for me. The feeling was so great I could afford to wait. He finally told me that my lover was now exploring my body with his hands and that I was helping him move them around the most wonderful spots. I started to slowly and calmly run my hands around my hips, to my waist and around my belly, still imagining the initial hand touch came from my secret crush. That’s when things became a lot more erotic… The hand sensation started to go on my breasts as I felt them getting fondled. The feeling was so amazing and great that I never wanted to be separated from it. My hypnotist sounded more nervous, but still continued with his ritual. He told me to bring my lover’s grip to the most sensitive region of my physical body. I had one of my hands still rubbing my breasts, but my other one went much lower. I felt my legs spread as I started to rub around my downstairs! He then told me that I am feeling extremely aroused, so much so that I will begin to moan as the action intensifies. I moaned silently and cutely at first, but as the hands started to fondle my regions faster, my moan got louder but still as cute.

I could feel it: I was the most wet I had ever been in my life, in such a relaxed and good feeling state! He then told me to started kissing my lover’s lips as it got close enough. I imagined the face of my crush right in front of me, still with his hands fondling my private regions. I started to move my lips and tongue as if I was kissing him while still having his hands fondle me. After a few moments of that, my hypnotist told me to imagine my lover kissing me goodbye as he leaves only to come back another day. I slowly stopped fondling my body and kissing the air and I sat straight up. Then he said… “I will count from one to five, and as I do so, you will start to feel more and more awake, until, at five, you will wake up with an amazing feeling coursing through your body. One… two…” I started to hear not only his voice, but the voices of people around me. They said similar things like “Oh my gosh!” and “That was cute!” from some of my female friends. “Three… four…” I slowly started to feel my eyes wanting to reopen and see the light again. I took a deep breath and he then said “… Five. You are now fully awake.” There was some nervousness in his voice. But I managed to open my eyes. My hypnotist was looking at me with a stressed smile. “H-How do you feel?” He asked me.

I told him that I felt wonderful after the experience. But then I looked around to see everyone looking at me with surprised. That’s when I looked down. I was so caught up in the amazing feeling that I forgot that it wasn’t a mythical dream, it was reality! I had been hypnotized to strip and fondle myself in front of all my friends, thinking that my lover was doing it to me privately! I quickly covered myself as my hypnotist apologized continuously. He told me that he was still an amateur and he didn’t believe that it was going to go that far. He didn’t know when to end the session and he would understand if I hated him for all eternity. I told him that it was an honest accident, and that I’m not mad at him, just extremely humiliated that everyone there saw me naked and fondling myself. I quickly picked up my clothes, secluded myself in my room to change as my best friends asked me if I was doing okay. I told them that, during that moment, I had the best feeling of my life, and that I was quite sad that, not only did I do all of those things in front of so many people ( including boys AND my crush who was at the party… ) but that it was only an illusion and not the real deal. But I remember everything that happened that day, including the huge humiliation I felt when I opened my eyes only to notice that I had pretty much masturbated in front of my whole group of friends!


Told it to the wrong person!

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One time I was talking to one of my female friends and she asked me, “Which girl that you know in real life would you not mind or even like to show your naked body to?” It was very an awkward question, but she was my best female friend. The both of us knew that we’d never go out together because we’re only friends, not matter how hot we think each other are! I told her the name one of my female friends that has the most perfect pair of breasts on the most perfect body. I think she understood why I chose her, but she didn’t say much. We left the conversation at that. After school, the girl that I named text-ed me and told me to meet her in the woods near her street after school. I went there and there she was, wearing her white slightly see through tank top and tight booty shorts. She looked so sexy and showed so much cleavage like it was nothing. Then she told me “What are you waiting for? You want me to see you naked… then get naked!” I tried to be innocent about it but she told me that my friend told her the whole thing and that there was no more denying or hiding it. I was a bit nervous, not only being naked in front of her but also doing it outside in the woods alone. I still did it. I took off my shirt, then my jeans and I was left in my undies. She was like “Are you shy? Come on! I want to see if you’re of a good size!” I was in the middle of a killer erection and I couldn’t handle it any longer. I took off my undies and showed her my 8’3 inch penis. She got closer to me and started to feel it. She then took pictures of it and my naked body, which made me feel like she was going to show it to her friends. But she told me she’d keep it between the two of us, which I was happy with. But she said on one condition… “When I ask you to get naked when we’re both alone, you do it!” And I just had to agree. When I went to her house to do homework or hang out in her room with her, i’d have to be naked and she’d always feel and rub my cock for fun. It’s so weird for her to do that when we’re not even a couple, but despite it being embarrassing, I like it because if someone that hot and sexy rubs your cock… who wouldn’t like it?


Stripped by girls at school

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My story is about a totally humiliating experience that happened when I was 14 at school one summer. I will try to be brief.

The incident happened at lunch break on the school playing fields. My friends ganged up on me and tried to get my trousers down, there was a gang of girls that gathered round to watch. The girls were really into it and were all shouting and egging the boys on to give them a flash. I was terrified of being exposed in front of a load of girls, it was something that happened to boys from time to time at my school and I always dreaded it happening to me.

I really struggled hard to stop them humiliating me in front of the girls and fought them off with all my strength, I remember curling up on the ground and they couldn’t get my trousers or belt undone. After a few minutes or so, they gave up and moved on. I lay on the grass on my back panting, trying to catch my breath, the struggle had left me exhausted.

Before I had chance to recover, some the girls that had come to watch were all over me. One sat on my chest while others pinned my arms and legs down. There were about seven of them to start with, two from my year, the rest older girls. I was powerless, I couldn’t move a muscle. They said that they were going to finish the job and strip me naked.

The girl on my chest, the ringleader, obscured my view of what was happening below, but I felt my shoes and socks come off, then I could feel fingers fiddling with my trouser belt and zip. I frantically tried to wriggle free but they really had me pinned down. I felt sick as I realized how powerless I was, struggling for breath, begging them to get off me. There was a lot of laughing and giggling from my attackers and more girls gathered round for the show. I felt my trousers slowly being pulled down, I tried to twist my body to stop what was happening, but it was hopeless and I just prayed that a teacher would come by and it would stop.

No teachers came by. My heart was pounding and I was gasping for breath as another girl sat on me to make sure I couldn’t escape. I felt fingers pulling at my underpants and I begged them not to do it, I desperately tried to move but just couldn’t. I could feel my undies slowly coming down and the sudden, unfamiliar feeling of fresh air around my private parts. A loud cheer went up to mark the moment of my humiliation they removed my trousers and underwear, I was naked from the waist down and all the girls could see my privates.

I am not particularly well-endowed, and at 14 I was definitely underdeveloped. It was my worst nightmare. I felt like my face was on fire, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life, utter humiliation. The girls were laughing, some of them started to chant: ‘we can see his little willy, we can see his little willy’. There was a crowd of girls that had gathered round now. One of the girls who was sat on my chest was ordering her mates to touch me. I was suddenly grabbed down below, it was like being tickled, but worse. I was squirming and choking and started to laugh uncontrollably, the same thing that happens when being tickled, as an unseen hand fiddled and jiggled my balls. The more I reacted, the more I was abused. It really started to hurt in the pit of my stomach just like I’d been kicked in the nuts. To make it all worse I got an erection which was just so embarrassing.

Suddenly the pressure seemed to ease, I heard someone shout that there was a teacher coming. The girls pinning me down quickly let go and the crowd quickly dispersed. But too late for me. Loads of the girls has seen my little willy and watched, laughing while I was tickled in my balls.

I was shaking, humiliated and devastated by what had just happened. I shakily put my clothes back on, the teacher had turned back as the girls ran off, probably thinking that they were just smoking or something. I sat and tried to catch my breath. When I got up, I still had a dull pain in my gut and I started to walk back to school, the pain in my stomach making me feel like puking. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t tell anyone, though the story was going round that I had been stripped on the fields, so loads of kids knew what had happened.

It was the most embarrassing and humiliating moment of my life. Some of the girls had taken photos and video on their phones and these were all over the school in no time.

It took ages for me to get over it, I didn’t dare tell anyone, I was so scared the girls would get me again.


Scared straight by older brother

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The boys in my family develop early and quickly and big.  When I entered my first year of junior high, I could easily pass as a high school student.  My older brother was a high school senior, and could easily pass for an NFL lineman!

So anyway, I thought I would try asserting my size on my fellow students.  In other words, I would become a bully.  There were five guys in particular I used to pick on.  They were too ashamed to report it, except for one.  His parents came by our house to speak to my parents about it.  Mom and Dad were not so sure the stories were true.  They said I was not raised that way.  My brother overheard what was being said, and then entered the room telling all that he had heard the stories and they appear to be true.  He then told Mom and Dad that he would handle the problem.

So the next day, after school, I felt like having a bit of fund at the expense of a kid named Jerry.  I met him outside and “accidentally” bumped into him causing him to drop his books.  Then after giving the books a few kicks, I began to push Jerry around.  Then I heard a voice, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”  I turn around.  It’s my older brother.

Brother grabs me by the collar and throws me to the ground.   “I asked you a question,” he yells.  I answer nothin’.  “It doesn’t look like nothin’ to me!   What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”  I say nothing, but I try to stand up.  My brother hurls me to the ground again.  “Did I tell you to get up?”  No.  “Then you stay down there until I tell you to get up!”  He tells me to apologize to Jerry as I laid on the ground.  I say I’m sorry in a quiet voice.  “That’s not good enough!  Say it like you mean it!”  I try again.  “And?”  I don’t know what to say.  “Tell him you will never bully him again!”  I mumble my response.  “What the hell did you just say?  No one can understand you!  Speak louder!”  I promised I would never bully Jerry again.

My brother continues, “Do you think picking on kids who are weaker than you makes you a man?”  No response.  “Answer me, shithead!”  No.  “No what?”  No it does not make me a man.  “It makes you a wimp!”  Silence.  “Say it!  It makes you a wimp!”  I repeat what my brother said.  He tells me to get up and go home.  I walk off with everyone smirking at me.  I feel totally humiliated.

That night at home, my brother comes into my room.  He is talking in a calm voice now.  He sits down next to me.  “How did I make you feel this afternoon?  I really humiliated you, didn’t I?  How did it feel?”  Bad, I answered.  “How do you think it makes the guys you bully feel?  Do you think that’s right to make someone feel bad like that?”  I don’t answer.  My brother continues, “You’re my little brother and I love you.  I want what’s best for you.  And that means I want you to get along with people and for others to like you.  Do you think anyone in your class likes you right now?”  I guess not.

I  tell my brother I learned my lesson and will not bully anyone again.  He tells me that is not enough.  “What you have to do now is even tougher than what happened this afternoon.  You have to go to all the kids you bullied and apologize.”  And that’s what I did.  It was hard and humiliating, but I apologized to all.  The kids I bullied were willing to forgive me.  Eventually I became friends with them, and very, very good friends with two of them.  I was much happier the rest of the school year.  I can never repay my brother for scaring me straight.


Set up

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My name is Elsie 16 years old and this is story of what we did to the whimp boy of our class. I’m not going to mention his name, just that he was weak and always getting bullied. I almost felt guilty for planning with boys to strip him on his way home from school. But I went along because my girl friends thought it would be sexy to see him naked. He was so naive in going across the park with us. They pulled down his pants and underware down and got a hardon right in front of us. The funny thing was he din’t struggle at all and just stood still red faced and embarrassed, while girls watched his hard dick stuck up in the air. I got so turned on, I even felt embarrassed about it. I guess boys can’t help getting boners, even when they are stripped against their will. He now spends the day blushing in class, every time girls wink at him.


Do I LOOK ten to you???????

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Hi again! This is the same girl from “Farting in fourth grade!” Hope you like this one!!
Okay, so I’m twelve years old (twelve and a half today!!!:D) and for my brothers ninth birthday in November we went to go have dinner at Olive Garden. Now, their kids menus say, “Ages 10 and under” written in fine print. And our waitress gave me a kids menu. Me. A twelve year old. I was so mad at that woman!!!!! I’m two inches taller than my mom!!! Even though my mom IS short, you are not a little kid if you are taller than your mom. Period. I wanted to go stand up to that woman and say, “Do I LOOK ten to you?” But instead, I just sat there humiliated as the waitress gives me a kids coloring paper and crayons. And on the coloring paper it had a section where it said, “Draw yourself here.” And I drew myself looking furious!!! 😀
By the way, I did NOT order a kids meal (psh no way!). I got a lasagna!!! For a self respecting twelve year old like me.


bad dates

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I cheated on my boy friend and he found out about it. He made me take off my clothes and then dragged me naked to the back yard where all his friends were having a BBQ. I’ve never felt so naked and humiliated in my life.


Tied Up And Humiliated

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Once I was at a sleepover and I needed to go to the bathroom. I came back to the room and everyone was standing there giving me that grin that makes you feel nervous. I asked them what the hell they were thinking and they said they were going to strip me.
So they stripped me and I got mad and yelled at them. That pissed them off and they decided to humiliate me and videotape it. So they tied me up, completely naked, and started playing around with my dick. It soon got hard and I cummed. They were all laughing and then they grabbed a boot from somewhere and kicked my nuts until it hurt so much I begged for them to stop.
They decided to do one more thing and painted my cock and balls green with some paint that won’t wash off for a few days. When they let me go they hid my clothes so I had to go through the night naked, and every 10 minutes the others would make fun of me, like saying my dick was really small.
The worst part was that they had everything on video and every time I went over to their houses they would always show me the video and tell me to show my dick to them so they won’t post it on the web. It was so embarrassing since I had such a small dick.



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i never did this before with anyone else but my g/f gets really turned on if i wear panties. she says the thought of me wearing panties under my jeans or a suit gets her crazy. so i do it for her . i figure if no one else knows or sees me in them and it gets her hot why not do it ? she regularly buys me panties to wear . a few months ago we went out on a sat nite to meet a bunch of her g/f’s at a really popular club that’s in a big hotel. the place was packed . my g/f gets a little wild when she drinks . anyway it was a hot summer nite so i was dressed very casual just a pair of comfortable pants and a dress tee shirt. we were standing by the dance floor and drinking a lot . lots of shots she was pretty drunk and so was i . suddenly my g/f comes up behind me and yanks my pants down around my ankles . i bend over to pull them up and she pushes me forward . being as drunk as i was i fell flat on my face on the dance floor at which point she grabbed my pants by my ankles and completely pulled them off then took off running. i staggered to my feet and there i was in the middle of this packed club wearing only a tee shirt , my shoes . socks and a hot pink zebra striped thong . needless to say EVERYBODY in the place was going hysterical . people were clapping and cheering , girls were whistling. everyone was pointing and laughing . i didn’t know what to do so i just kind of stood there frozen. my g/f was no where to be found and either were my pants.two security guards came over and told me i have to leave . they escorted me out the front entrance of the club . there was a long line of people waiting to get in . they started laughing and howling too. i was escorted to the lobby .like i said this is a huge hotel very popular and it was about 11 PM on a sat nite . off the lobby is another bar / lounge it was packed and also a well known restaurant. there are also two ball rooms there and seeing how it was sat nite there were two weddings going on . one wedding was just getting out as they escorted me thru the lobby. there must have been 200 hundred people there. seeing how it was a wedding lots of them had cameras . again every one was pointing and laughing and taking pics with their cameras and cell phones . they finally escorted me out of the main lobby to the driveway where there was a huge crowd of people waiting to get their cars from valet parking. the people out there were all laughing and pointing as well i was so embarrassed i was sweating . all i could do was stand there trying to cover the front of my thong with my hands . i couldn’t even get my car . i had no wallet , no ticket for my car , no pants . just when i thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse , a cop car pulls up , out gets two female police officers one of which was smoking hot . they heard my story then they started laughing at me . they told me that if I didn’t find something to cover myself they were going to arrest me for causing a public disturbance. at that moment my g/f finally appeared with my pants . i put them back on . the cops left . she wanted to go back into the club i told her no way was i going back in there to see those people again ,.i have never been more humiliated in my life . i didn’t talk to her for two days . even today her friends still call me pinky and zebra boy .