Karate Kid


When I was 12, I had joined a local Karate summer camp. It had classes for stretching exercises and various types of kicks, punches and blocks. Two of my neighborhood friends, Roy and Shruti, had not been able to join that camp because they were taking tuition. Anyways, one evening we three were playing at Roy’s house when we started talking about Karate. Both of them were curious to know what they taught in the camp and asked me to demonstrate some moves. So I decided to show them some stretches and kicks.

In one of the stretches, one sits down with legs forward, then stretches the legs on respective side as far as possible and then lunge forward. While I was doing this stretch, both Shruti and Roy started laughing hysterically. They had been watching me closely so I was surprised at the sudden laughter. I saw they were looking between my legs. When I saw what, I was shocked to see that my small penis had slipped out of a hole in my pant. I was mortified! I had repeated that stretch three or four times and it must have slipped in and out each time and I did not even feel it. I got up at once and just stood there, too embarrassed to do anything. After laughing hard for some time, Shruti suggested me to go home and change, and I ran home at once.

Later I got to know that Roy had told all the kids in the neighborhood about the incident.

Even to this day, whenever I meet Shruti she always brings up this incident and has a good laugh.