Shaving with twin brother?

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This happened about 2 weeks ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, this one day in the middle of the summer it was burning hot out. it felt like 105 degrees outside. fortunately, we have a pool in our backyard. its a pretty big pool, perfect for a hot day. Let me give you a little backstory first. My name is Sam, and I’m a 14 year old guy. the only people in my family are me, my mom, and my twin brother, Jack. This week our mom was on a work trip, she wouldn’t be home for 2 more days. She said Jack and I can go swimming, but only if we were together, so we don’t die. when we got home from school, we agreed to go swimming right away. we took turns changing in the bathroom (we are both fit, but I am very self-conscious when it comes to nudity. we got in the pool and relaxed for a while. we got out later, and went on with our day. The next day, it was even HOTTER out. we wore tang-tops to school (we hate tang-tops, because they expose our new armpit hair, we don’t have much). Like every other day though, we did everything else normally. When we got home, we couldn’t wait. We didn’t even change in the bathroom, we just ran for our bathing suits and brought them outside. we took our tops off as quickly as we could, not saying anything. We got down to our underwear. we weren’t facing each other. when I’m in a bathing suit, I hop in the pool, but then I see Jack. he was already in the pool, but his bathing suit was still on the side. I was like, whatever, so I got naked and we laughed. we haven’t seen each other naked for years, but we didn’t care. after all, we are brothers. we swim around for at least an hour. the I get out, and dry off. Jack stayed in. He didn’t look at me changing though. he knows I am very self-conscious when it comes to nudity. I saw his from underwater, its the same size as mine. he isn’t gay, he is just curious, I know because I would have starred to. I went inside and got a drink. I came back outside and sat on a chair relaxing. then Jack started to get out. I didn’t care that he was naked anymore. The I saw something WEIRD. on his penis, he had ABSOLUTLY NO HAIR. our cocks were the same size and our testicles hung just as low, but he was hairless. Stupidly, I blurted out “omg, do you shave?” he said, “oh, yeah I do” I had no idea why he would shave. I asked him why he shaved. He said that he mostly does it because he is on the football team, and they have one big shower room. The other players said they shave every week, so I started to do it. He brought me inside and showed me his razor. he asked if I wanted to use it. I said ok. let me mention my pubic hair is at least 4 inches long and very dark. I have never taken pubic hair off in any way. He said to me in the bathroom “ok, get in the tub. we don’t want hair getting everywhere. he was still naked. I was only in my boxers though. he said to me, ok. get naked. I told him that we are dry now and not under water, so I wasn’t that comfortable with him seeing me naked. He tried to talk me into it, so after a while I gave in. I took them off, and he stared at my pubes far A WHILE. he said “what the hell why are they so long?” I told him that I don’t know and just give me the razor. he said he was doing it, since it was my first time. I said “you can see my naked, but I reallllly don’t want you touching it.”. he told me his friend did it to him his first time, it was hard to do. so I said fine and he started at the top, then did the sides. when he was don’t with that, he did my testicles, which he said hung even lower that his, and it would be harder. he did it though, and I looked brand new. he even showed me his shaved armpits, which are usually hairy. he said he just started doing them, so he did mine too.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

at first, it was REALLY embarrassing, but now we see each other naked all the time, never with pubes or pit hair.


We’ll laugh someday…

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I came home from work early on a Friday afternoon. I figured I was alone in the house because my 16 year old son is usually out on Fridays and we are the only ones that live together. So I figured it would be safe to walk around naked so I can take a shower. I went to my room and stripped myself of my clothes. I than walked down the hall towards the bathroom. The next thing I know I catch my son walking towards the bathroom who is naked as well and he sees me doing the same. We were both frozen in shock as we looked at each other. My son couldn’t help butstare at my breasts while I couldn’t help but stare at his penis (which is quite small for his age). “Hey mom…” My son said trying to break the ice as well trying hard not to stare. “Hi sweetie. I didn’t know you were home.” I said as I also was trying not to stare. “I was in my room listening to music, I had my headphones on. I thought you finished work later.” “I uh finished early. I was about to take a shower.” “Oh me too. Great minds think alike I suppose.” “Yeah, yeah I guess.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw that he was getting an erection. “Uh honey, your little peepee is well growing.” “I’m sorry mom. I mean you are …. well preserved for being a 45 year old woman.” He said in a way that wouldn’t sound too weird. “Thank you … sweetie. And you’re quite … hairy for someone your age.” I said trying not to hurt his feelings. I really wanted to say that he was small instead of hairy but he was both so it was all right. “Thanks mom. Hey you’re pretty hairy yourself.” he said as he was pointing to my crotch. “Yeah, I guess you get that from me.” We both laughed after I said that. “Look mom this shouldn’t really be awkward. I mean you have seen me naked before. And I’ll admit that I haven’t exactly grown where it counts since than.” He said in an almost annoyed but truthful tone. “You’re right sweetie, I mean sure it’s been a long timebut this is isn’t our first time being naked together.” “So we’ll put our clothes on and laugh about this when we’re older.” “Exactly.” We than went back in our rooms and put our clothes on in the hopes that we might actually laugh about the whole situation in the near future.



Her Little Boy…

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This happened when I was 17.

I was taking a shower in the upstairs bathroom. Since I thought I was alone in the house I didn’t bother bringing clothes in with me. So I dried myself off and went to the hall. And as I turned the corner, to my surprise my mom was walking towards me and saw me. I quickly covered myself and she had a slight look of surprise on her face.

“I’m sorry mom. I thought I was home alone.” I awkwardly said to her.

“That’s okay dear. And stop covering up, I have seen your penis before.” she said to me. I than uncovered my dick for her to see.

“Awww it’s so cute.” she said as I turned beat red.

“Cute?” I asked in dismay.

“I mean it’s so small and hairy, it’s just adorable.” she said as if it was a fact.

“You got to be kidding me” I said in disbelieve.

“Oh relax. There is no shame in having a small penis. Now go to your room.” she said to me. As I she walked pass she gave me a pinch in the ass.

From this day forth my mom calls me her “little boy”.






Niece masturbating made me horny

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My niece is 16 years old, so me and her sit down to watch a movie,she gets under a blanket,before i know it the blanket is moving so i look without letting her notice,she got her hand down below so i knew she was going to town on herself, i was sitting in the recliner with hard on, yes i knows it’s wrong but it happens, this must went on for least hour finally i popped a load of cum in my shorts, she gets up to make popcorn and ask me if i wanted some i told yes, omg the pussy smell that came from her fingers, she comes back in to hand me a bowl and omg the smell coming from her fingers, she looks to me and see’s the big wet spot on my shorts, i’m embarrassed to think what was going through her mind, finally i got up like a hour after and went to bed.


Embarrassing Laundromat Bathroom Moment

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I’m a 14 year old girl he was like
a guy between 30-40 years old
accidently went into the bathroom
at the laundromat and saw this
guy peeing i got turned on seeing
how big his penis was i grabbed More