Embarrassing Bath Time


I was 12 years old. My mom told me it was bath time. I went into the bathroom to take a shower. I had just removed my underwear when she came into the bathroom. She saw me naked! She turned the bath faucets on and told me to climb into the tub. She told me to lean my head underneath the faucet. She wet my hair, poured a huge amount of shampoo into her hand and started washing my hair. At first, I was enjoying it because she gave me a scalp massage during the process. After about ten minutes of shampooing, she rinsed my hair, poured an insane amount of conditioner into her hands and worked that into me hair. Now, it gets embarrassing. She grabbed a loofah, poured an insane amount of body wash into it, foamed it up, and STARTED WASHING MY NAKED BODY! She washed everything, including my penis and my butt (including my butt crack)! After she washed me, she rinsed me off, washed the conditioner out of my hair, and dried me off. She then rubbed lotion on my back and left the bathroom. I finished with the lotion and went to bed.

That’s the only time my mom really embarrassed me. She saw me naked, she gave me a bath at 12 years old, and she touched my genitals. She specifically wanted to wash my hair because I wasn’t getting it clean enough and because I was already in the bathtub, she just decided to wash me there. I wish she could’ve washed my hair at the sink, asked me to put on a bathing suit, or inspect my hair after I got done with my shower. But that bath she gave me brought us closer together. My dad and sister don’t know about it, but mom and I have kept it secret for the past ten years. That was my most embarrassing moment!